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County Road 485 follows Cobb Road for 4.45 miles between the west end of State Road 50A (Jefferson Street) at State Road 50 (Cortez Boulevard) in Brooksville to U.S. 98 near Simmons Prairie Lake. The two-lane roadway is generally rural, serving the Cemex Brooksville Plant and Quarry while doubling as the northern leg of the U.S. 98 truck route around Brooksville. The truck route takes SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) along the south side to complete its circumvention of the county seat.

County Road 485 North
SR 50 faces north at the south end of County Road 485 (Cobb Road). SR 50 turns west at the traffic light for Weeki Wachee while CR 485 heads north for U.S. 98. Photo taken 02/09/14.
One quarter mile north of SR 50 is the intersection with Hernando County Road 484 (Fort Dade Avenue). Fort Dade Avenue enters Brooksville to the east en route to U.S. 98 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard). Westward CR 484 continues by the Cemex mining site through a forested stretch to CR 491 (Citrus Way) and SR 50. Photo taken 02/09/14.
Hernando County Road 485 (Cobb Road) narrows to two lanes ahead of the four-way stop with Fort Dade Avenue. County Road 484 is discontinuous at U.S. 98, but otherwise routes through Downtown Brooksville en route to Mondon Hill Road east of U.S. 41 (Broad Street). Photo taken 02/09/14.
Cobb Road leaves Brooksville and becomes vastly more rural beyond County Road 484. Photo taken 02/09/14.
Yontz Road (former County Road 485B) west and Cement Plant Road east tie into County Road 485 ahead of this reassurance marker. Photo taken 02/09/14.
County Road 485 (Cobb Road) passes by Ernie Wever Youth Park and a middle school before curving northeast to end at U.S. 98 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard). Photo taken 02/09/14.
U.S. 98 (Ponce De Leon Boulevard) extends north from the ending CR 485 to Stafford and Sugarmill Woods in southern Citrus County. There the US highway combines with U.S. 19 north to Homosassa Springs and Crystal River. Photo taken 02/09/14.
County Road 485 South
The last reassurance marker for Hernando County Road 485 stands on the quarter mile stretch between County Road 484 (Fort Dade Avenue) and State Roads 50 and 50A. Photo taken 02/09/14.
Cobb Road expands into a four-lane arterial preceding the traffic light with SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) and 50A (Jefferson Street) east. The truck route for U.S. 98 extends southward onto Cortez Boulevard. Photo taken 02/09/14.
SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) enters Brooksville from Weeki Wachee and Spring Hill to the west. The state route bypasses Brooksville to the south side while SR 50A follows Jefferson Street) through Downtown along the old SR 50 alignment. Photo taken 02/09/14.
Trailblazers for the Suncoast Parkway are posted throughout Hernando County. SR 50 west meets SR 589 Toll at the first of three county wide interchanges south of U.S. 98. Photo taken 02/09/14.

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