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Hernando County Road 493 (Sunshine Grove Road) travels north from State Road 50 (Cortez Boulevard) in the Spring Lake area to County Road 476 (Centralia Road). Sunshine Grove Road constitutes a four-lane arterial (expanded from two to four lanes in 2011-12) south of Ken Austin Parkway and as a rural two-lane highway north from there to Royal Highlands. The FDOT Federal-Aid Road Report references only the northernmost 1.51 miles of Sunshine Grove Road as County Road 493, though pentagons are posted alongside the remainder of roadway.

A second County Road 493 follows T Street for 1.67 miles between U.S. 90 (Cerventes Street) in Pensacola and SR 295 (Fairfield Drive) near Brent. The Escambia County road is basically unsigned outside of pentagons posted on U.S. 90 at T Street.

County Road 493 North
The first shield for Hernando County Road 493 resides just north of SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard). Photo taken 02/15/14.
County Road 493 parallels a transmission corridor to Royal Highlands. Photo taken 02/15/14.
Montour Street heads west one mile from County Road 493 (Sunshine Grove Road) to Weeping Willow Street ahead of this northbound shield. Photo taken 02/15/14.
The $8-million project to expand County Road 493 was done in part to accommodate traffic to Ken Austin Parkway east to a trio of schools. The western end of the parkway was slightly realigned to end opposite Star Road.1 Photo taken 02/15/14.
County Road 493 reduces to two lanes ahead of Sweet Gum Road beyond Ken Austin Parkway. Photo taken 02/15/14.
Passing by an electric substation ahead of Moon Road. County Road 493 travels through a wide area of rural streets to Hexam Road. Photo taken 02/15/14.
Sunshine Grove Road turns west and then north again at Hexam Road. Hexam Road leads due west 2.5 miles to U.S. 19 (Commercial Way). Photo taken 02/15/14.
Resuming a northward heading, County Road 493 becomes even more rural to the east of Royal Highlands. Photo taken 02/15/14.
Hernando County Road 476 (Centralia Road) heads three miles east from U.S. 19 at Annutteliga Hammock Preserve to intersect the north end of CR 493. CR 476 continues east below the Suncoast Parkway to a brief overlap with CR 491 (Citrus Way) and an exit of the county at Nobleton. Photo taken 02/15/14.
County Road 493 South
Southbound reassurance marker posted after the intersection with Montour Street. One mile of County Road 493 remains to SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard). Photo taken 02/15/14.

  1. "Tortoises drive up Sunshine Grove Road widening costs." Hernando Today (Tampa Tribune), July 20, 2011.

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U.S. 90
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