Old Lake County Road 441 through Tavares and Mount Dora, and Orange County Road 500A north of Tangerine, represent an original alignment of U.S. 441 bypassed by a four to six-lane highway to the north and east. CR 500A is unmarked, while Old CR 441 appears sporadically along a series of streets following the periphery of Lake Dora. The FDOT Federal Aid Report inventories the 7.30 mile portion of Old CR 441 as CR 500A.

The western extent of CR 500A is state maintained and posted as SR 500A. The 0.308 segment links Old CR 441 and SR 19 north with U.S. 441 north and U.S. 441 south with SR 19 south to Howey-in-the-Hills and Old CR 441 south into Downtown Tavares.

Through Downtown Tavares, the alignment of Old CR 441 along Alfred Street was reconfigured during the Alfred - Caroline One-Way Project started in September 2013. Road work converted Caroline Street west from Disston Avenue into a westbound street with on-street parking, 6 foot wide sidewalks and landscaping improvements. A similar redesign of Alfred Street was also completed, with it converted for one-way eastbound traffic. A short segment of Alfred Street west of Barrow Avenue was realigned as well.1

A Lake County construction project starting in late 2018 will convert the intersection joining Old CR 441, CR 19A and CR 44A (Eudora Road) into a roundabout. A $324,934 contact was awarded for the design of the roundabout by county commissioners in October 2016. Plans for the new traffic pattern originated in 2006.2

Old Lake County Road 441 North
A former U.S. 441 mileage sign posted north of 1st Street (CR 46) was removed during expansion of Highland Street to include turn lanes by 2011. 02/29/08
Old Lake County Road 441 follows Highland Street north to Fifth Avenue west to Downtown Mt. Dora. 02/29/08
5th Avenue (Old CR 441) west meets Grandview Street at a set of flashers. 02/29/08
Old Lake County Road 441 (5th Avenue) west enters Downtown Mount Dora beyond Baker Street. 02/29/08
Donnelly Street (CR 44B) north links 5th Avenue and Downtown with U.S. 441 at SR 44 east. Donnelly Street leads south to Elizabeth Evans Park and Mount Dora Marina. 02/29/08
Alexander Street meets Old Lake County Road 441 (5th Avenue) at the next westbound intersection. 02/29/08
Old CR 441 curves northwest from 5th Avenue at McDonald Street onto Old US Highway 441. 02/29/08
2 photos
2 photos
Leading away from Downtown, Old US Highway 441 runs alongside the Florida Central Railroad directly next to the east shore of Lake Dora. 02/29/08
Proceeding west by Mt. Dora Plaza shopping center, Old CR 441 splits with CR 19A at CR 44C (Eudora Road) north. 02/29/08
Old CR 441 remains parallel to the Florida Central Road west into the city of Tavares. CR 19A arcs northwest to connect with U.S. 441 and SR 19 (Bay Street) north to Downtown Eustis. CR 44A lines Eudora Road 1.4 miles north to Old Mt. Dora Road in southeast Eustis. 02/29/08
Confirming marker for Old Lake County Road 441 north posted after the separation with Lake County Road 19A. The two lane highway passes north of the Golden Isle and south of the Golden Heights Estates neighborhoods along the ensuing stretch. 02/29/08
Northbound Old CR 441 (Old US Highway 441) continues west southwest to Bay Road. Bay Road heads north from Lakeshore Drive (former CR 452) along Lake Dora to CR 19A east of Lake Saunders. 02/29/08
The Tavares city limits extend eastward along the Old US Highway 441 right of way to Bay Road. 02/29/08
Following Alfred Street south of Lake Tavares, Old CR 441 advances to intersect the western branch of CR 19A along Dora Avenue. 02/29/08
Lake County Road 19A angles northeast from Old US Highway 441 2.48 miles along Dora Avenue and Kurt Street to connect with U.S. 441 on the south side of Eustis. Dora Avenue south represents the western extend of former Lake County Road 452 from Lake Dora Drive. 02/29/08
Old CR 441 turns one block north onto Disston Avenue to continue west along Caroline Street as Alfred Street becomes one way eastbound. 10/15/17
Old CR 441 follows Caroline Street west from Disston Avenue through Downtown Tavares. Prior to 2013, when construction redesigned Alfred and Caroline Streets into a one way couplet, the county road followed all of Alfred Street. 10/15/17
St. Clair Abrams Avenue leads north from Ruby Street and Wooton Park off Lake Dora to U.S. 441. The collector route formerly was a branch of Lake County Road 452. 10/15/17
Sinclair Avenue intersects Caroline Street west at the succeeding signal. Sinclair Avenue heads north to U.S. 441 & SR 19 and south to the Lake County government offices at Main Street. 10/15/17
Caroline Street west combines with Alfred Street with two-way traffic along Gateway Drive. Gateway Drive curves Old CR 441 northwest to SR 19 (Duncan Drive) and SR 500A (Alfred Street). 10/15/17
SR 19 travels southwest from Tavaeras around Lake Dora and across Little Lake Harris to the town of Howey-in-the-Hills and Florida's Turnpike at U.S. 27. 10/15/17
SR 19 (Duncan Drive) constitutes a four lane arterial 1.7 miles south to Lake County Road 561, which branches east to Astatula. SR 19 north combines with U.S. 441 for 3.2 miles east to south Eustis. SR 500A connects Gateway Drive with U.S. 441 north to Leesburg. 10/15/17
Old Lake County Road 441 South
Old Lake County Road 441 angles southeast along Alfred Street from SR 19 (Duncan Drive) and SR 500A to the one way couplet with Caroline Street west through Downtown Taveras. 09/02/19
Alfred Street flows east through Taveras to Disston Avenue, where two way traffic resumes along Old CR 441. A reassurance marker stands at the intersection with St. Clair Abrams Avenue, a former branch of CR 452. 09/02/19
Advancing east across a Florida Central Railroad line, Old Lake County Road 441 (Alfred Street) approaches the western branch of Lake County Road 19A (Dora Avenue). 09/02/19
CR 19A arcs northeast 2.48 miles from Old CR 441 (Alfred Street) to U.S. 441 via Dora Avenue and Kurt Street. 09/02/19
Passing south of Lake Taveras, Old CR 441 (Alfred Street) continues five miles from CR 19A (Dora Avenue) to Mt. Dora. Orlando on this mileage sign alludes to the former alignment of U.S. 441 along this stretch. 09/02/19
Old CR 441 straddles the eastern shore of Lake Dora along Old U.S. Highway 441 to 5th Avenue and Downtown Mt. Dora. Donnelly Street (CR 44B) ties into 5th Avenue south from U.S. 441 and SR 44 ahead of this confirming marker. 09/02/19
5th Avenue takes Old CR 441 east from Downtown Mt. Dora to Highland Street south. 09/02/19
Proceeding south on Highland Street, Old CR 441 intersects the west end of CR 46 at 1st Avenue. 09/02/19
County Road 46 extends 0.60 miles west from the intersection of SR 46 and U.S. 441 along 1st Avenue in Mt. Dora. SR 46 travels from there to Sorrento, Sanford and U.S. 1 at Mims in Brevard County. 09/02/19
A set of flashers operate at the intersection of Old Lake County Road 441 (Highland Street) and Liberty Street in Mt. Dora. Liberty Street heads west to Tremain Street and Gilbert Park. 07/02/08
2 photos
2 photos
Spanning the Florida Central Railroad on Old Lake County Road 441 (Highland Street) southbound in Mt. Dora. 07/02/08
Another flasher operates along Old Lake County Road 441 (Highland Street) at Robie Avenue south of the railroad underpass. Robie Avenue links Highland Street with U.S. 441 to the east. 07/02/08
Old Lake County Road 441 transitions into unsigned Orange County Road 500A at the county line south of Mt. Dora. 07/02/08
Orange County Road 500A South
Unisigns posted along Orange County Road 500A at U.S. 441 were carbon copied in design from the brown U.S. 441 shields replaced in 2007. 07/02/08
Orange County Road 500A southbound merges onto U.S. 441 (SR 500) directly. Access to U.S. 441 north back into Lake County is also provided. 07/02/08

  1. "Alfred - Caroline One-Way Project Gets Underway." City of Tavares, newsletter. September/October 2013.
  2. "New roundabout planned for neck-craning Old 441, 19A and Eudora Road interchange." Orlando Sentinel (FL), October 17, 2016.

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