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Two branches of CR 540A are posted in Polk County. The 6.15 mile long western leg lines Central Barn Road east from SR 37 (Florida Avenue), south of Lakeland, to U.S. 98 at Highland City.

The eastern section of County Road 540A runs through residential areas south of Lake Eloise, Lake Winterset and Lake Ruby across the south side of Winter Haven and Lake Wales. The western half of the 7.00 mile long route follows Lake Eloise Loop Road between CR 655 (Rifle Range Road) and Lake Ruby Drive. The remainder follows Thompson Nursery Road between Lake Bess and Lake Ashton to U.S. 27 at CR 17A (Chalet Suzanne Road).

County Road 540a East - Central Barn Road
CR 540A extends east from Ewell Road at SR 37 between Christina Lake and Christina Park. Photo taken 05/31/16.
Central Barn Road continues east between an array of subdivisions to County Road 37A (Scott Lake Road) north and Carter Road south. Photo taken 05/31/16.
CR 37A follows Scott Lake Road north onto Cleveland Heights Boulevard into the city of Lakeland. The route measures 3.11 miles from CR 540A to Westover Street. Photo taken 05/31/16.
The traffic signals at Malcomb Drive north and Gladman Road south serve adjacent Scott Lake Elementary school. Photo taken 05/31/16.
CR 37B stems north from CR 540A along Lakeland Highlands Road. Photo taken 05/31/16.
County Road 37B constitutes a four lane suburban boulevard north four miles SR 570 (Polk Parkway) and Edgewood Drive (CR 33A) in Lakeland. Photo taken 05/31/16.
Confirming marker posted east of CR 37B (Lakeland Highlands Road). Photo taken 07/02/19.
CR 540 passes south of the athletic fields for George Jenkins High School east of CR 37B and west of the Hickory Ridge subdivision. Photo taken 07/02/19.
The signal at Pollard Road serves adjacent Valleyview Elementary school and subdivisions to the north. Photo taken 07/02/19.
Continuing toward Highland City, CR 540A (Central Barn Road) intersects Yarborough Road. Photo taken 07/02/19.
Crews Lake Road heads north to the Highland City street grid. Photo taken 07/02/19.
U.S. 98 angles southeast from Highland City to Bartow and northwest to Eaton Park and Lakeland. Photo taken 07/02/19.
U.S. 98 meets Polk Parkway 3.7 miles to the north of CR 540A. Photo taken 07/02/19.
County Road 540a West - Thompson Nursery Road
CR 540A (Thompson Nursery Road) leads west from a commercialized intersection with U.S. 27 and crosses the Peach Creek Drainage Canal on a 1976-built bridge. Photo taken 10/27/19.
CR 540A shifts northward ahead of the Lake Ashton Golf Club community. Photo taken 10/27/19.
A former branch of CR 540A, W Lake Ruby Drive encircles Lake Ruby north from CR 540A (Thompson Nursery Road) to SR 540 (Cypress Gardens Road). Photo taken 10/27/19.
CR 540A transitions onto Eloise Loop Road west from W Lake Ruby Drive. Photo taken 10/27/19.
County Road 653 spurs 2.68 miles south from CR 540A (Eloise Loop Road) to Old Bartow-Lake Wales Road. Photo taken 10/27/19.
CR 653 connects Winter Haven with West Scenic Park. The county road previously extended east along Old Bartow-Lake Wales Road to Old Bartow Road. Photo taken 10/27/19.
CR 540A navigates through an S-curve alongside Lake Reed northwest from Terranova Boulevard. Photo taken 10/27/19.
Helena Road threads between Lake Eloise and Lake Winterset north to SR 540 (Cypress Gardens Boulevard). Photo taken 10/27/19.
CR 540A arcs around a cove from Lake Winterset. Photo taken 10/27/19.
CR 540A (Eloise Loop Road) makes an unmarked turn north at Pollard Road. Eagle Lake Loop Road extends west to CR 655 (Rifle Range Road), Lake McLeod and the community of Eagle Lake. Photo taken 10/27/19.
Eagle Lake Loop Road west at CR 655 (Rifle Range Road). Photo taken 10/27/19.

Photo Credits:

  • 05/31/16 by AARoads.
  • 07/02/19 by AARoads and JP Nasiatka.
  • 10/27/19 by AARoads.

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