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There are multiples branches of Polk County Road 542 assigned from Lakeland east to Dundee. The route originates along Allen K. Breed Highway from County Line Road between Plant City and Hillsborough. CR 542 parallels a CSX Railroad line and U.S. 92 (New Tampa Highway) to the south. East of SR 570 (Polk Parkway), CR 542 is Old Tampa Highway leading to Wabash Avenue in the city of Lakeland. The route is unmarked east from there along Olive Street, Central Avenue and Main Street into Downtown. CR 542 emerges from Lakeland along E Main Street, again paralleling U.S. 92 (Memorial Boulevard) to the south.

County Road 542 become K-Ville Avenue at Old Dixie Highway and Carter's Corner. Angling southeast across Polk Parkway, CR 542 connects Kossuthville with Jones Corner. The route ties into SR 655 (Recker Highway), where it dog legs south to Avenue G NW to Inwood and Winter Haven.

CR 542 encircles Lake Howard along N Lake Howard Drive east to Pope Avenue, which joins the route with U.S. 17 (6th Street NW) outside Downtown Winter Haven. Two blocks south of Pope Avenue from U.S. 17, an unmarked branch of CR 542 stems 0.38 miles east along Central Avenue to the intersection with SR 549 (1st Street N), where SR 542 takes over.

SR 542 travels 5.96 miles east from Winter Haven to U.S. 27 in the town of Dundee. CR 542 resumes along Dundee Road from SR 542 east 0.84 miles to SR 17 at Main and Center Streets in Downtown Dundee. The eastern leg of CR 542 separates from SR 17, 1.25 miles northward at Lake Hamilton. Following Lake Hatchineha Road, CR 542 spurs 10.35 miles to Perch Street at the Port Hatchineha community.

County Road 542 East - Allen K. Breed Highway
CR 542 stems east from County Line Road through an S-curve. Development in 2018/29 added a pair of distribution centers along the south side of the succeeding stretch. Photo taken 07/02/19.
A half diamond interchange joins CR 542 (Old Tampa Highway) with the tolled Polk Parkway eastbound. Photo taken 07/02/19.
SR 570 (Polk Parkway) encircles the city of Lakeland southward to U.S. 98 at Eaton Park before turning north back to I-4 via Auburndale. Photo taken 07/02/19.
Clark Road extends from the westbound off-ramp of SR 570 to U.S. 92 and Swindell Road north of I-4. Photo taken 07/02/19.
Reassurance shield posted east of SR 570 (Polk Parkway). Photo taken 07/02/19.
CR 542 (Old Tampa Highway) proceeds east into Lakeland across a tributary of Winston Creek. Photo taken 07/02/19.
Airport Road is unmarked as SR 572 along CR 542. The state road heads south to Polk Parkway and Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL) and north to U.S. 92 at N Galloway Road (CR 542A). Photo taken 07/02/19.
The reassurance marker for CR 542 posted after SR 572 (Airport Road) was removed by 2019. Photo taken 09/11/17.
CR 542 (Old Tampa Highway) branches northeast from Highland Street east of Wilkinson Road. The turn is not signed. Photo taken 07/02/19.
Unsigned CR 542 follows Olive Street east to Central Avenue north at this stop sign. Photo taken 09/10/19.
CR 542 makes a sharp turn from Central Avenue onto W Main Street adjacent to the CSX Railroad. Photo taken 09/10/19.
W Main Street intersects Sloan Avenue north and Lake Beulah Drive at this traffic light. Hodges Road links unsigned CR 542 with SR 548 (George Jenkins Boulevard). Photo taken 09/10/19.
Main Street between Sloan Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue (former SR 33) in Downtown Lakeland is a part of unsigned CR 600. Pictured here is the intersection with S Ohio Avenue. Photo taken 09/10/19.
A loop ramp connect SR 563 southbound with Dakota Avenue north from Lemon Street to W Main Street at this I-4 trailblazer. Photo taken 05/31/15.
W Main Street passes over the short expressway portion of SR 563 (Sikes Boulevard) between Dakota Avenue and Virginia Avenue. Photo taken 09/10/19.
Entering Downtown Lakeland, Main Street intersects Missouri Avenue at the first in a series of traffic lights. Photo taken 09/10/19.
Florida Avenue is a part of SR 37 leading south from Downtown Lakeland to Mulberry. Photo taken 09/10/19.
E Main Street at Tennessee Avenue and Munn Park. Photo taken 09/10/19.
E Main Street at Kentucky Avenue. Photo taken 09/10/19.
E Main Street dog legs north along Massachusetts Avenue (old SR 33) north one block to circumvent Lake Mirror. Photo taken 09/10/19.
County Road 542 East - Lake Hatchineha Road
Reassurance marker for CR 542 posted at the eastbound beginning of Lake Hatchineha Road. Photo taken 05/31/16.
Lake Hatchineha Road runs due east by a number of orange groves to the northeast of Dundee. Photo taken 05/31/16.
Eastbound CR 542 lowers from 194 feet at Alford Road to 109 feet above sea level at H.L. Smith Road. Photo taken 05/31/16.
Approaching Jennings Road on CR 542 east. Photo taken 05/31/16.
Jim Edwards Road north to W Lake Marion Road was formerly a part of CR 544. CR 544 lines Marion Road west from Grenelefe, 3.3 miles north of CR 542. Photo taken 05/31/16.
CR 542 (Lake Hatchineha Road) shifts southward en route to outer reaches of the Poinciana community. Photo taken 05/31/16.
Turning back to the east, CR 544 approaches Marigold Avenue, the main route through the unincorporated Poinciana area. Photo taken 05/31/16.
Marigold Avenue was formerly named Poinciana Parkway. Poinciana Parkway further north is a toll road (SR 538) joining Poinciana with U.S. 17/92. Photo taken 05/31/16.
County Road 542 West - Main Street
Sloan Avenue connects W Main Street (unsigned CR 600) with George Jenkins Boulevard to the north of the adjacent CSX Railroad. CR 542 continues along W Main Street to Central Avenue. Photo taken 05/31/15.
SR 548 follows George Jenkins Boulevard (old U.S. 92) west to U.S. 92 at Wabash Avenue. Wabash Avenue to Memorial Boulevard (SR 546) leads west to Interstate 4. Photo taken 05/31/15.
W Main Street curves south onto Central Avenue, three blocks from the turn of CR 542 onto Olive Street. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Central Avenue south at Olive Street. Photo taken 05/31/15.
2 photos
2 photos
Unsigned CR 542 proceeds one mile west along Olive Street to Wabash Avenue. Photos taken 05/31/15.
Wabash Avenue extends south from U.S. 92 and SR 548 (George Jenkins Boulevard) as a through road to Ariana Street. Photo taken 05/31/15.
The first reassurance marker for CR 542 posted along the westernmost branch stands along Old Tampa HIghway at Wabash Avenue. Photo taken 05/31/15.
CR 542 (Old Tampa Highway) shifts south from the adjacent CSX Railroad toward Highland Street. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Continuing west, CR 542 and Old Tampa Highway overtake Highland Street. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Turning south through an S-curve at Gay Road, CR 542 crosses a pair of CSX Railroad lines. Photo taken 05/31/15.
Resuming a westward heading, Old Tampa Highway enters the unmarked intersection with SR 572 at Airport Road. Photo taken 05/31/15.
CR 542 advances west from SR 572 by a pair of mobile home parks and a distribution center toward the Lakeland city line. Photo taken 05/31/15.
CR 542 meets SR 570 (Polk Parkway) at Clark Road and a half diamond interchange. Photo taken 05/31/15.
2 photos
2 photos
An entrance entrance ramp connects with SR 570 to Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL) and U.S. 98 east to Bartow. Photos taken 05/31/15.
Less than a mile of CR 542 remains west from Polk Parkway along Allen K. Breed Highway. Photo taken 05/31/15.
CR 542 (Allen K. Breed Highway) ends at County Line Road, which straddles the Hillsborough / Polk line north to I-4 and Swindell Road and south to SR 60. Photo taken 05/31/15.

Photo Credits:

05/31/15, 05/31/16, 09/11/17, 07/02/19, 09/10/19 by AARoads

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