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A 16.44 mile route, County Road 545 straddles western reaches of Orange County north from U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway) along Avalon Road to Horizon West and the city of Winter Garden. Orange County 545 is vastly unsigned, with just one confirming marker posted along northbound and three references along on southbound. The northernmost 0.226 miles line Tildenville School Road from SR 50 (West Colonial Drive) to CR 438 (Oakland Avenue) in the town of Oakland.

Outside Winter Garden, Avalon Road navigates along a vastly rural course with pockets of development. Long term expansion of Horizon West in 2015 called for an additional 60,000 homes along CR 545 (Avalon Road) and west of SR 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway). This will convert the majority of open space along Avalon Road for new housing.

Orange County 545 north
Approaching Seidel Road on CR 545 (Avalon Boulevard) north. Siedel Road leads east to an adjacent half diamond interchange with the Western Beltway (SR 429). Photo taken 10/09/08.
Beyond SR 429, Siedel Road curves northeast on a 2016-realignment by the Lakeshore Preserve development toward Huckleberry Lake. Photo taken 10/09/08.
Orange County 545 (Avalon Road) northbound passes under the Western Beltway for the first of two times ahead of Old YMCA Road and Orange County National Golf Center at Phil Ritson Way. Photo taken 10/09/08.
Avalon Road passes under the Western Beltway again just ahead of Porter Road Porter Road formerly was a two-lane road zigzagging southeast through orange groves to Lake Hancock Road. Construction starting in 2007 replaced much of the route with a four-lane parkways through the Summerlake and Hamlin Reserve developments. Photo taken 10/09/08.
New Independence Parkway begins and heads east from Avalon Road directly to a diamond interchange with the Western Beltway. East of the toll road, the arterial enters the Hamlin North retail area. Photo taken 10/09/08.
The lone northbound reassurance marker for Orange County 545 stands beyond New Independence Parkway. Photo taken 10/09/08.
Stoneybrook West Parkway extends from the Western Beltway frontage through the Stoneybrook development to Avalon Road at Marsh Road. Explosive development starting in 2014 along Marsh Road west converted former rural highway into a suburban route with three roundabouts. Photo taken 10/09/08.

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U.S. 192
Florida 50
Florida 429 - Western Beltway / Apopka Expwy / Wekiva Pkwy

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