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County Road 547 joins U.S. 27 with the town of Davenport along Davenport Boulevard. The 8.79 mile long route turns north onto Lee Jackson Street and continues to CR 54 (Ronald Reagan Parkway) at Loughman. The route formerly extended further north from CR 54 along Old Kissimmee Road into Osceola County.

County Road 547 East
CR 547 (Davenport Boulevard) heads east from the intersection of U.S. 27 and Sanders Road through suburban development built in place of former orange groves. Photo taken 02/27/16.
The Davenport city limits extend west along CR 547 to U.S. 27. Photo taken 02/27/16.
Entering the Davenport street grid along Bay Street, CR 547 approaches U.S. 17/92. The three routes do not formally meet, as CR 547 turns north onto Lee Jackson Street just ahead of the CSX Railroad line. Photo taken 02/27/16.
Bay Street intersects U.S. 17/92 just across the CSX Railroad. U.S. 17/92 overlap southward into Haines City and northeast to Kissimmee along a generally slow moving route. Photo taken 02/27/16.
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3 photos
3 photos
Vintage shields for U.S. 17/92 at Bay Street and CR 547 (Lee Jackson Highway). This assembly was date stamped 06-07-93. Photo taken 02/27/16. Second photo taken 08/10/13. Third photo taken 01/17/10.
CR 547 and U.S. 17/92 diverge northward to Loughman. U.S. 17/92 continue southwest to their separation at Lake Alfred. Photo taken 02/27/16.
County Road 547 North
Confirming marker northbound on Lee Jackson Highway at Orange Street and Wilson Park in Davenport. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Heading north out of Davenport, CR 547 crosses Horse Creek beyond Locke Road. Photo taken 05/22/20.
CR 547 passes between remaining pastureland and orange groves in this scene north of Crescent Valley Ranch Road. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Ernie Caldwell Road is a newer arterial route constructed linking U.S. 27 north of Haines City with U.S. 17/92 north of Davenport. Photo taken 05/22/20.
The last reassurance marker for CR 547 north stands beyond Ernie Caldwell Boulevard. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Portions of CR 547 between Ernie Caldwell Boulevard and Ronald Reagan Parkway were expanded due to adjacent development. One such stretch is at Catalina Boulevard, entrance to Williams's Preserve. Photo taken 05/22/20.
CR 547 concludes north at Ronald Reagan Parkway across from Old Lake Wilson Road. Ronald Reagan Parkway (CR 54) is a four lane arterial east to SR 538 (Poinciana Parkway) and west to Championsgate and U.S. 27. Photo taken 05/22/20.
County Road 547 West
Bay Street west at the turn of CR 547 west from Lee Jackson Street. Photo taken 05/22/20.
A reassurance marker for CR 547 stands along Bay Street at Wilson Park in Davenport. Photo taken 02/27/16.
Shifting southward onto Davenport Boulevard, CR 547 passes by the Bridgeford Crossing subdivision before crossing wetland areas of Lake Davenport. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Continuing west between several subdivisions built after 2010, CR 547 (Davenport Boulevard) ends at U.S. 27. Photo taken 09/07/16.
U.S. 27 constitutes a suburban arterial north to Four Corners and Clermont and south around Haines City. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Old Kissimmee Road - North
Polk County line monument where Old Kissimmee Road transitions into Old Tampa Highway. Photo taken 01/17/10.
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3 photos
3 photos
Old Tampa Highway narrows with exposed brick north from the county line to CR 532 (Osceola Polk Line Road). Photos taken 01/17/10.

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