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County Road 565 (Bay Lake Road) spurs south 9.46 miles south from SR 50 in Mascotte to Bay Lake and Van Fleet State Trail at Bayroot Slough. Villa City Road carries the northern branch from SR 50 in Groveland to 7.39 miles to Villa City, Lake Emma and U.S. 27.

Lake County Road 565 - Bay Lake Road North
Bay Lake Road transitions onto South Bay Lake Avenue beyond the Shearwater Estates and Knight Lake Estates subdivisions in the city of Mascotte. The county road proceeds a short distance north to SR 50 (Myers Boulevard). 10/19/17
SR 50 (Myers Boulevard) leads west from CR 565 (Bay Lake Avenue) and Mascotte to Tarrytown, Ridge Manor and the Hernando County seat of Brooksville. SR 50 east connects with the north branch of CR 565 (Villa City Road) in two miles at Groveland. 10/19/17
Lake County Road 565 - Bay Lake Road South
Confirming marker for County Road 565, posted south of SR 50 (West Myers Boulevard) along South Bay Lake Avenue in Mascotte. 10/19/17
Lake County Road 565 - Villa City Road North
Lake County Road 565 (Villa City Road) extends north from SR 50 (Broad Street) and Mt. Pleasant Road to suburban areas of north Groveland. Traffic lights were installed at SR 50 after 2011. 10/18/08
CR 565 northbound enters the unincorporated community of Villa City north of Simon Brown Road. 10/19/17
CR 565 crosses the Palatlakaha River west of Lake Emma and next intersects Lake Emma Road east to SR 19. 10/19/17

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Connect with:
U.S. 27
State Road 50

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