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County Road 574 in Hernando County, not to be confused with the separate alignment in Hillsborough County, stretches 12.46 miles east from U.S. 19 through Spring Hill to U.S. 41 north of Masaryktown. The entire route carries at least four lanes, with either a center turn lane or landscaped median.

County Road 574 East
Hernando County Road 595 ends opposite the beginning of Hernando County Road 574 and Spring Hill Drive. The westernmost portion of the county road includes a tree lined median from U.S. 19 to the Spring Hill Shoppes plaza. 02/15/14
Pinehurst Drive parallels U.S. 19 (Commercial Way) north from Applegate Drive to intersect the split County Road 574. The road circles eastward to Citrus Lake before crossing Spring Hill Drive a second and third time. 02/15/14
A third reassurance marker for Hernando County Road 574 follows Pinehurst Drive as Spring Hill Drive enters a commercialized stretch. 02/15/14
Traveling east from the south end of County Road 589 (Deltona Boulevard) along Spring Hill Drive. 02/15/14
Waterfall Drive intersects County Road 574 next, leading south from Lake Theresa to County Road 578 (County Line Road). 02/15/14
Spring Hill Drive sees another commercial stretch within the vicinity of Linden Drive. This shield assembly follows the traffic light heading east. 02/15/14
A second shield for CR 574 lies between Linden Drive and Whitewood Avenue. The retail frontage ends and driveways again tie into Spring Hill Drive to CR 585. 02/15/14
Leaving the intersection with Hernando County Road 585 along CR 574 (Spring Hill Drive) east. 02/09/14
A short distance east of CR 585 is a diamond interchange with the Suncoast Parkway. 02/09/14
The Suncoast Parkway extends SR 589 Toll north from the Veterans Expressway in Hillsborough County to U.S. 98 near the Citrus County line. The toll road provides a direct route to Interstate 275 (via SR 60) to Tampa. 02/09/14
Hernando County Road 574 (Spring Hill Drive) east at the southbound on-ramp to Pasco County and Tampa. The Suncoast Parkway was completed in 2001. 02/09/14
Passing under the Suncoast Parkway, drivers approach the northbound on-ramp to SR 589 for Brooksville and Crystal River (via U.S. 98 north). 02/09/14
The Suncoast Parkway sees just one interchange to the north before concluding at U.S. 98 in 14.5 miles. The Suncoast Trail, a multi-use path, parallels the toll road throughout Pasco and Hernando Counties. 02/09/14
Spring Hill Drive emerges from the ramps with SR 589 to pass by Suncoast Crossing shopping center ahead of Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (BKV). 02/09/14
Aerial Way winds south between Suncoast Crossing to Corporate Airpark and Corporate Boulevard to the west of BKV Airport. Spring Park Way ties in from the Springwood Estates subdivision to the north. 02/09/14
BKV Airport Technology Center lines the south side of CR 574 over the next 1.4 miles. A signalized intersection lies along this stretch with the south end of County Road 583 (California Street). 02/17/14
California Street ventures north as CR 583, 4.19 miles to SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) near Wiscon. 02/17/14
County Road 574 remains with four lanes and a painted median to U.S. 41 (Broad Street). 02/09/14
Spring Hill Drive ends at U.S. 41 opposite Highbury Boulevard at the Garden Grove community. U.S. 41 angles southwest to Masarkytown nearby and northeast to the city of Brooksville. 02/09/14
County Road 574 West
Leading west from U.S. 41 (Broad Street), Spring Hill Drive commences with four overall lanes as drivers pass by the first reassurance marker for County Road 574. 02/17/14
Hernando County Road 574 (Spring Hill Drive) travels north of Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (BKV) and meets the south end of County Road 583 (California Street). 02/17/14
California Street carries all 4.19 miles of County Road 583 north to Wiscon and SR 50 west of Brooksville. The two-lane roadway serves a number of subdivisions and a pair of schools. 02/17/14
Reassurance marker posted for County Road 574 as Spring Hill Drive continues alongside Brooksville-Tampa Bay Airport Technology Center. 02/09/14
Aerial Way north and Spring Park Way south come together by the bustling Suncoast crossing shopping center. Aerial Way leads south to the Corporate Airpark area. 02/15/14
A diamond interchange with the Suncoast Parkway follows as Spring Hill Drive curves southwest. 02/15/14
SR 589 winds northward toward the county seat of Brooksville at its next interchange. 02/09/14
Presently the Suncoast Parkway ends at U.S. 98, 14.5 miles to the north. A proposal extends the toll road into Citrus County. 02/09/14
A dual turn lane provides access from CR 574 west onto the Suncoast Parkway south to Pasco County and Tampa. 02/09/14
SR 589 Toll travels three miles south to the County Line by Masaryktown and 44 miles to Tampa via SR 60 east and I-275 north. 02/15/14
Leaving the ramps for SR 589 Toll, County Road 574 drivers see the next reassurance shield. 02/15/14
A commercialized intersection joins Spring Hill Drive (CR 574) with Barclay Avenue north and Anderson Snow Road south (County Road 585). Overall CR 585 totals 7.09 miles from the county line to SR 50 along the east side of Spring Hill. 02/09/14
Hernando County sometimes signs the County Road mainlines with truck banners, to indicate their status as the preferred truck route. County Road 585 south to County Road 578 (County Line Road) is one of these routes. 02/09/14
County Road 574 (Spring Hill Drive) represents the main east-west arterial through unincorporated Spring Hill. The four-lane roadway varies between residential frontage and retail areas to U.S. 19. 02/15/14
Many of the roads through Spring Hill are circuitous, such as Coronado Drive, which forms three quarters of a circle through residential areas north and south of County Road 574. 02/15/14
County signage remains consistent through most of Spring Hill, with reassurance markers posted after most signalized intersections. 02/15/14
Linden Drive starts at County Line Road to the south, bisecting residential areas to Spring Hill Drive (CR 574) at a business district. Forming a q-shaped route, Linden Drive intersects CR 574 twice more over the next several miles. 02/15/14
Continuing west, County Road 574 (Spring Hill Drive) remains five lanes with a center turn lane by a number of additional small strip malls. 02/15/14
Coronado Drive returns to intersect Spring Hill Drive just south of Spring Hill Golf & Country Club. 02/15/14
Hernando County Road 587 (Mariner Boulevard) meets Spring Hill Drive at a busy commercial intersection. CR 587 represents the main north-south arterial through Spring Hill. 02/15/14
Mariner Boulevard winds 7.9 miles north from County Road 578 (County Line Road) to SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard). 02/15/14
Strip malls line both sides of Spring Hill Drive leading away from Mariner Boulevard (CR 574). 02/15/14
Waterfall Drive leads south from Lake Theresa to join County Road 574 (Spring Hill Drive) with County Line Road between Balsam and Oak Lakes. 02/15/14
County Road 589 (Deltona Boulevard) stems northeast 5.31 miles from Spring Hill Drive by Lake Theresa to SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) near the city of Weeki Wachee. 02/15/14
Pushing westward, Spring Hill Drive approaches another retail area along an otherwise residential stretch where driveways directly tie into County Road 574. 02/15/14
Pinehurst Drive loops south from the Citrus Lake area to cross County Road 574 (Spring Hill Drive) twice over the course of one mile. 02/15/14
The western extent of Pinehurst Drive takes the road north from Spring Hill Drive to Citrus Lake and west to meet CR 574 again near U.S. 19. 02/15/14
Kenlake Avenue spurs south from Spring Hill Drive to Hunters Lake Park. 02/15/14
The final portion of Spring Hill Drive partitions with a tree-lined median as County Road 574 prepares to end opposite County Road 595 (Osowaw Boulevard). 02/15/14
Spring Hill Drive sees two lanes for U.S. 19 south to New Port Richey, one lane for County Road 595 west to Aripeka and one lane for U.S. 19 north to Weeki Wachee. 02/15/14
The southern half of U.S. 19 in Hernando County lives up to its name of Commercial Way, with retail along most of the corridor to Weeki Wache. CR 595 west of Spring Hill leads to the coast and Indian Bay. 02/15/14
County Road 574 scenes
2 photos
2 photos
Trailblazers along Sam Pearson Way north at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (BKV) direct motorists onto Aviation Loop Drive for U.S. 19 and 41. Motorists exiting the industrial park are partitioned on separate driveways around this concrete structure that link Aviation Loop Drive with parallel Spring Hill Drive. 02/09/14

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