Hillsborough County Road 574 runs through the heart of Historic Ybor City along E 7th Avenue eastward from SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) in the city of Tampa. East of SR 569 (N 39th Street), the route shifts northward onto Broadway Avenue to vacate the city en route to an industrial area north of the Hillsborough River. The easternmost stretch of CR 574 turns north onto Hewitt Street to SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) in Mango.

Signs for CR 574 are limited to assemblies posted along N 22nd Street in Ybor City. The remainder of the route, including the mainline, is unsigned.

A second County Road 574 is posted between Spring Hill and Masaryktown in southern Hernando County.

County Road 574 East
Nuccio Parkway winds north from East 7th Avenue (CR 574) to the couplet of 14th and 15th Streets and south to Nebraska Avenue (SR 45) outside Downtown Tampa. 03/07/07
E 7th Avenue comprises the gateway into Ybor City from the west. 03/07/07
7th Avenue runs across the Ybor City business district eastward from Nuccio Parkway to 22nd Street. Pictured here is the intersection with N 15th Street. 03/07/07
East 7th Avenue approaches North 16th Street south and the south entrance to Centro Ybor. Centro Ybor is a retail complex housing a movie theater, shops and eateries along adjacent East 8th Avenue. 04/15/15
East 7th Avenue at North 17th Street. 03/07/07
Two blocks further east at North 19th Street. 04/15/15
21st and 22nd Streets form a one way couplet south to U.S. 41 Business at SR 60 (Adamo Drive) and north to E 23rd Avenue at College Hill. The pair were formerly a part of SR 585 between E 23rd Avenue and SR 60 (Adamo Drive). 04/15/15
N 22nd Street joins Ybor City with Interstate 4 six blocks to the north. SR 585 followed 22nd Street north to U.S. 41/92 (Hillsborough Avenue) at Seminole Heights. 04/15/15
2 photos
2 photos
Four sets of high overpasses carry the Selmon Connector between Interstate 4 and SR 618 (LeRoy Selmon Expressway) above E 7th Avenue. The Selmon Connector opened in January 2014 as a high speed toll road linking the two routes and Port Tampa Bay. 04/15/15
Beyond the Selmon Connector, CR 574 (East 7th Street) next meets North 34th Street at a signalized intersection. 34th Street heads south to SR 60 and north to College Hill. 04/15/15
SR 569 (N 39th Street) crosses E 7th Street at the subsequent signal to provide a direct route north to U.S. 41 (N 40th Street) and south to nearby SR 60 (Adamo Drive). 04/15/15
A Selmon Expressway trailblazer directs motorists along CR 574 (East 7th Street) onto U.S. 41 (North 50th Street) south to SR 618. Until the mid-2000s, a closer interchange connected SR 569 with the toll road just to the west. 04/15/15
U.S. 41 lines 50th Street north to Melbourne Boulevard and SR 583 by Grant Park and south to Palm River. The US highway serves truck traffic bound for Port Tampa Bay and motorists heading to Temple Terrace by way of SR 583. 04/15/15
Unsigned County Road 574 continues east to overtake the end of Columbus Drive as East Broadway in this scene. 04/15/15
Straddling the Tampa city line, East Broadway intersects Orient Road at this signal. Orient Road heads north to Orient Park and I-4 at Exit 6 and south to SR 60. 04/15/15
Spanning the Tampa Bypass Canal, CR 574 (East Broadway) leaves the Tampa city limits for unincorporated Hillsborough County. 04/15/15
County Road 574 passes underneath U.S. 301 without direct access adjacent to a CSX Railroad line. Tampa East Boulevard connects the two to the southwest. 04/15/15
Falkenburg Road parallels Interstate 75 to the west through an assortment of business and industrial parks north to U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) near Eureka Springs and south to Progress Village. 04/15/15
Two thirds of a mile further east, County Road 574 (East Broadway) passes under Interstate 75 while remaining parallel to the CSX Railroad line. 04/15/15
Williams Road heads north from Broadway Center Boulevard and CR 574 through Mango to U.S. 301 and SR 582 west of Thonotosassa. 04/15/15
Lakewood Drive extends north from Providence Road in west Brandon to Limona and Clay Pit Road in Mango. 04/15/15
CR 574 ends at SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) along a short section of Hewitt Street. Hewitt Street replaced an angled section of Broadway, with CR 574 intersecting SR 574 at a right angle. SR 574 passes through Mango to the west and heads east to Seffner, Dover and Plant City. 04/15/15
County Road 574 West
Leading away from SR 569 (North 39th Street), CR 574 (East 7th Avenue) enters the historic city of Gary ahead of Ybor City with four and then two overall lanes. 04/15/15
34th Street heads south to SR 60 near McKay Bay Nature Park and north to College Hill and U.S. 41/92 (Hillsborough Avenue). 04/15/15
2 photos
2 photos
Large archways frame the passage of E 7th Avenue below the Selmon Connector. The elevated toll road linking Interstate 4 with SR 618 opened to traffic in January 2014. 04/15/15
N 22nd Street intersects CR 574 (E 7th Avenue) along the east side of Historic Ybor City. 22nd Street and adjacent N 21st Street form a one way couplet between U.S. 41 Business and E 23rd Avenue through Ybor City. Formerly SR 585, the pair combine as N 22nd Street west of College Hill to U.S. 41/92 (Hillsborough Avenue) at Seminole Heights. 04/15/15
N 21st Street links Ybor City with the Selmon Expressway (SR 618) just south of SR 60 (Adamo Drive) and U.S. 41 Business. 04/15/15
SR 585 traveled 2.78 miles between U.S. 41/92 and SR 60 and U.S. 41 Business. SR 585 was replaced by the Selmon Connector as the main truck route between Interstate 4 and Port Tampa Bay. 04/15/15
Westbound E 7th Avenue (CR 574) at N 20th Street in Ybor City. A number of shops, restaurants and bars line the street over the next several blocks. 04/15/15
The intersection of E 7th Avenue and N 19th Street. 04/15/15
West CR 574 at 18th Street (Angel Oliva, Sr. Street). 04/15/15
Eastbound E 7th Avenue at N 17th Street. 04/15/15
N 15th Street meets E 7th Avenue three blocks south of Hillsborough Community College and one block north of the Centro Ybor Parking garage 11/07/15
The HART Streetcar Line runs in place of N 13th Street across E 7th Avenue. 11/07/15
Nuccio Parkway runs along the west side of Ybor City Historic District south toawrd SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) and Cass Street near Downtown Tampa and the Channel District. 11/07/15

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