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The lone entry for County Road 577 runs north from State Road 54 in eastern areas of Wesley Chapel to the city of San Antonio, St. Joseph, Lake Iola and County Road 41 (Blanton Road) near the Hernando County line. CR 577 follows Curley Road / Curley Street 10.48 miles north from SR 54 to County Road 578 (St. Joe Road). The route dog legs west along St. Joe Road for 0.505 miles before resuming a northward heading along Lake Iola Road. Lake Iola Road navigates through a pair of 90 degree turns en route to Lake Iola and CR 41 between Moody and Middle Lakes. Pasco County Road 577 totals 15.527 miles in length.

Pasco County Road 577 North
Curley Road resumes a northward course from CR 579A (Prospect Road). 02/20/17
Crossing the San Antonio city line, northbound CR 577 transitions onto Curley Street. 02/20/17
CR 577 (Curley Street) meets SR 52 at the south end of the San Antonio street grid. 02/20/17
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2 photos
SR 52 travels 27 miles west to U.S. 19 at Bayonet Point and six miles east to Dade City. 02/20/17
Confirming marker posted north of SR 52 in San Antonio. 02/20/17
Leaving San Antonio, CR 577 (Curley Road) resumes through rural areas northwest of Clear Lake. 02/20/17
CR 577 (Curley Road) next intersects CR 578A (Darby Road) west and Darby Trail east. 02/20/17
CR 578 ALT parallels CR 578 to the south between CR 577 (Curley Road) and CR 581 (Bellamy Brothers Road) at Darby. 02/20/17
Pasco County Road 577 South
CR 577 (Lake Iola Road) branches southwest from CR 41 (Blanton Road). 01/20/20
The rural settlement of Saint Joseph lies east of I-75 along CR 577 (Lake Iola Road). 01/20/20
Lake Iola Road leads CR 577 south to CR 578 (Saint Joe Road). CR 578 extends five miles east into Dade City. 01/20/20
CR 577 overlaps with CR 578 (St. Joe Road) east for 0.51 miles between Scharber Road and Jessamine Road. 01/20/20
Pasco County Road 577 South Pasco County Road 578 East
CR 577/578 confirming markers posted eat of Lake Iola Road north and Scharber Road south. 01/20/20
CR 577 resumes a southward course along Curley Road three miles to San Antonio. CR 578 remains east along St. Joe Road to CR 41 (21st Street) in Dade City. 01/20/20
Pasco County Road 577 South
CR 577 is initially unmarked along Curley Road. Curley Road dog legs a quarter mile east to Old St. Joe Road. 01/20/20
CR 577 (Curley Road) turns southward again at Old St. Joe Road. 01/20/20
The wye intersection at Curley and St. Joe Roads was rebuilt as a convention T-intersection by 2019. 01/20/20
CR 577 (Curley Road) intersects the east end of CR 578A (Darby Road) at Darby Trail. 01/20/20
CR 578A runs 5.3 miles west to CR 581 (Bellamy Brothers Road) at the rural community of Darby. 01/20/20
CR 577 (Curley Road) proceeds south into the city of San Antonio. 01/20/20
Curley Street leads CR 577 south to the San Antonio business district and SR 52. 01/20/20
State Road 52 stretches across nearly the width of Pasco County 27 miles west to U.S. 19 at Bayonet Point and six miles east to U.S. 98/301 in Dade City. 01/20/20
Locally SR 52 joins San Antonio with adjacent Saint Leo to the east and Interstate 75 to the west. 01/20/20
The future realignment of State Road 52 will cross CR 577 (Curley Road) south of San Antonio. Land clearing for the four lane highway was underway in early 2020. 01/20/20
County Road 579A curves southeast from Curley Road along Prospect Road southwest of Karney Lake. 01/20/20
CR 579A (Prospect Road) comprises a 1.89 mile link between CR 577 (Curley Road) and CR 579 (Handcart Road). 01/20/20
Curley Road curves a quarter mile southwest from CR 579A (Prospect Road) across Bayou Branch. 01/20/20
CR 577 angles southwest from Elam Road into a growing area of suburban development. Overpass Road, a an arterial route planned to connect with Interstate 75 to the west, intersects Curley Road at a traffic light added after 2016. 01/20/20
Entering the Wesley Chapel area, CR 577 (Curley Road) concludes at SR 54 (Wesley Chapel Boulevard). 01/20/20

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