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Sparsely signed, County Road 580 follows a mostly rural route east from Thonotosassa to northern reaches of Plant City in Hillsborough County. The county road follows Thonotsassa Road east from Taylor Road to North Forbes Road, and Sam Allen Road east from there to Wilder Road northeast of Plant City. Park Road 0.6 miles south from Sam Allen Road to SR 553 at Interstate 4 in Plant City is an unsigned leg of CR 580 as well.

Construction (project 257862-3-52-01) started in November 2018 expands the rural two-lane section of Sam Allen Road east from a point just west of SR 39A (Paul Buchman Highway) in Plant City to Wilder Road. Costing $23.2 million, the FDOT project expands two miles of Sam Allen Road into an divided urban arterial with four lanes, bicycle lanes and sidewalks. The expansion will support anticipated development and complete an arterial beltway encircling Plant City. Work runs until Summer 2021.1

Expansion plans for both Sam Allen Road (CR 580) and the north end of Park Road were incorporated in the Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study for SR 39 between I-4 at Plant city and U.S. 301 at Zephyrhills. The study was approved by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on November 17, 2000. The PD&E Study for improvements to CR 580 and Park Road included Sam Allen Road west to SR 39 (Alexander Street) and Park Road south to I-4.

A separate segment of County Road 580 extends east from SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) and SR 583 (56th Street) along Bullard Parkway and Temple Terrace Highway. Only signed at the west end in the city of Temple Terrace, CR 580 spans the Hillsborough River along a 2.52 mile course east to Temple Terrace Highway and Harney Road.

County Road 580 Thonotosassa Road - East
Taylor Road south at the eastbound beginning of CR 580 along Thonotosassa Road. 09/07/16
2 photos
2 photos
Thonotosassa Road (CR 580) runs along the south shore of Lake Thonotosassa to Flint Creek. 09/07/16
CR 580 (Thonotosassa Road) meets McIntosh Road at the community of Antioch. McIntosh Road represents the first of five roads connecting Thonotosassa Road with Interstate 4. 09/07/16
Thonotosassa Road intersects Gallager Road at a four-way stop near Antioch. 09/07/16
East from N Forbes Road, CR 580 is Sam Allen Road. Thonotosassa Road continues east from Forbes Road as unsigned CR 582 to SR 566 at Interstate 4. 09/07/16
Cork Road stems north from Thonotosassa Road (CR 582) to CR 580 (Sam Allen Road) at this set of flashers. 09/07/16
Wallace Branch Road meanders southwest to Thonotosassa Road from Sam Allen Road. Keene Road extends north two miles to Knights Griffin Road. 09/07/16
CR 580 (Sam Allen Road) east at SR 39 (Alexander Street). SR 39 bypasses Plant City to the west. 09/07/16
Four lane construction along Sam Allen Road commences east from SR 39 (Alexander Street). SR 39A (Paul Buchman Highway) crosses CR 580 at the succeeding traffic light. 05/30/20
Park Road south to Interstate 4 at SR 553 is an unsigned leg of CR 580. A trailblazer marks the Plant City truck route for SR 39 following Park Road to J.L. Redman Highway. 05/31/15
The lone reassurance marker for CR 580 on Sam Allen Road appears east of Park Road. 09/10/19
CR 580 ends at the T-intersection joining Sam Allen Road east with Wilder Road. 09/07/16
County Road 580 Sam Allen Road - West
Sam Allen Road intersects Park Road south 0.4 miles west from Wilder Road in Plant City. An unsigned leg of CR 580, Park Road connects CR 580 with SR 553 south at Interstate 4. 09/10/19
Four lane construction along CR 580 (Sam Allen Road) extends two miles west from Park Road to SR 39 (Alexander Street). Work runs through Summer 2021. 05/31/15
SR 39A lines Paul Buchman Highway 2.25 miles north from Wheeler Street and I-4 in Plant City to SR 39 (N Alexander Street). 05/30/20
A confirming marker was posted for CR 580 west of SR 39A in 2020. 05/30/20
Approaching SR 39 (N Alexander Street) on Sam Allen Road west. Alexander Street is part of a four lane bypass taking SR 39 around the west side of Plant City. 05/30/20
State Road 39 travels south from Plant City to SR 60 at Hopewell and north to U.S. 301 in Pasco County. 05/30/20
CR 580 changes from Sam Allen Road to Thonotosassa Road at N Forbes Road (unsigned CR 582). This scene looks at farmland just to the west. 04/26/15
CR 580 (Thonotosassa Road) west at Fritzke Road south to U.S. 92 near Dover and Cooper Road north to Knights Griffin Road. 04/26/15
Four way stop at Gallagher Road. 04/26/15
McIntosh Road intersects CR 580 (Thonotosassa Road) north of I-4 at Antioch. 04/26/15
Thonotosassa Road navigates through a pair of S-curves leading west across Flint Creek. 04/26/15
2 photos
2 photos
CR 580 (Thonotosassa Road) runs alongside Lake Thonotosassa west into the community of Thonotosassa. 04/26/15
CR 580 ends with Thonotosassa Road at Taylor Road. Taylor Road connects the county road with Main Street west and Fort King Highway north to CR 582 (Knights Griffin Road) in 0.4 miles. 04/26/15

  1. "Sam Allen Road widening closer to construction." Plant City Observer (FL), August 11, 2017.

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