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Charlotte County Road 768 (Jones Loop Road) forms a 7.9 mile long loop east from U.S. 41 and CR 765 (Burnt Store Road) between Punta Gorda and South Punta Gorda Heights. Jones Loop Road connects with Interstate 75 at Exit 161 and Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) via Piper Road.

County Road 768 East
During the 2011-12 closure of CR 765 (Burnt Store Road) at Alligator Creek for a bridge replacement, CR 768 (Jones Loop Road) provided part of a detour route to U.S. 41. Traffic lights were added temporarily at Tamiami Trail. Photo taken 12/26/11.
CR 768 (Jones Loop Road) proceeds east from U.S. 41 to CR 765A (Taylor Road). CR 765 branches north from U.S. 41 at South Punta Gorda Heights 5.27 miles to U.S. 17 in Downtown Punta Gorda. Photo taken 12/26/11.
The first confirming marker for CR 768 east along S Jones Loop Road stands beyond CR 765A. Photo taken 07/09/11.
S Jones Loop Road spans Interstate 75 east of the Blue Heron Pines golf course community. Photo taken 07/09/11.
County Road 768 West
CR 768 passes north of the shuttered off freeway rest area for Interstate 75 between Piper Road and the diamond interchange with I-75. Photo taken 05/19/19.
Interstate 75 travels north from the Fort Myers area to Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte and North Port in Charlotte County. Photo taken 05/19/19.
Interstate 75 joins Southwest Florida with Tampa and St. Petersburg to the north and Fort Lauderdale and Miami to the southeast. Photo taken 05/19/19.
Traffic lights were installed at the southbound ramps with I-75 by 2011. Photo taken 03/26/06.
Overheads along the southbound off-ramp from I-75 to CR 768 (N Jones Loop Road). Photo taken 11/27/14.
An array of motorists services line Mac Drive north of CR 768 and Jones Loop Road west from Knights Drive to CR 765A (Taylor Road). Photo taken 11/27/14.
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2 photos
CR 765A (Taylor Road) angles northwest across CR 768 (N Jones Loop Road) between South Punta Gorda Heights and the city of Punta Gorda. Photos taken 11/24/16.
Indian Springs Cemetery Road stems south from CR 765A (Taylor Road) to CR 768 (N Jones Loop Road) and adjacent retail. Photo taken 11/27/14.
CR 765 (Burnt Store Road) stems one mile south from CR 765A (Taylor Road) to overtake N Jones Loop Road from CR 768 to adjacent U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail). CR 765 continues south along Burnt Store Road from U.S. 41 to Cape Coral. This assembly was removed by 2014. Photo taken 07/09/11.
County Road 768 East
CR 768 (N Jones Loop Road) proceeds east from Indian Cemetery Road to meet CR 765A (Taylor Road) at commercialized intersection. Photo taken 06/08/09.
Painted shields precede the signal with Knights Drive for the adjacent diamond interchange joining CR 768 (N Jones Loop Road) with Interstate 75. Photo taken 06/09/13.
The first of two junction shields for Interstate 75 stands ahead of Knights Drive south and Mac Drive north. Photo taken 11/27/16.
A guide sign for Interstate 75 was added along CR 768 (N Jones Loop Road) at Knights Drive in 2014. A second junction shield follows. Photo taken 11/27/16.
Knights Drive provides a cutoff from CR 765A (Taylor Road) north to CR 768. Mac Drive spurs northward to additional motorists services for I-75 travelers. Photo taken 11/27/16.
The southbound entrance ramp for Interstate 75 to Fort Myers and Naples departs just beyond Knights Drive. Photo taken 11/27/16.
Interstate 75 travels 161 miles south to SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) and SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) at Hialeah in South Florida. Photo taken 11/27/16.
CR 768 (N Jones Loop) east at Interstate 75 prior to the installation of traffic lights with the southbound ramps. Photo taken 03/26/06.
The signals with the northbound I-75 ramps on CR 768 were added by 2011. Photo taken 03/26/06.
CR 768 intersects Piper Road to the immediate east of Interstate 75. Piper Road constitutes a four lane arterial north 3.5 miles to Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) and U.S. 17 (Duncan Road) at Regent Road. Photo taken 05/19/19.
Heading north from CR 768, Interstate 75 next meets U.S. 17 east of Punta Gorda. The freeway turns west at North Port en route to Venice, Sarasota and Bradenton. Photo taken 11/27/16.
The first reassurance shield for CR 768 along N Jones Loop Road eastbound appears at the intersection with Piper Road. Photo taken 05/19/19.
County Road 768 scenes
Piper Road runs south from U.S. 17 to Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) to CR 768 along N Jones Loop Road. Photo taken 05/19/19.
CR 768 (N Jones Loop Road) circles east from Piper Road to a residential street grid than south and west to Acline. Photo taken 05/19/19.
CR 768 west connects with Interstate 75 beyond Piper Road and a former off freeway rest area. Photo taken 05/19/19.

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