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Hendry County Road 830 travels 4.38 miles east along North Felda Loop Road, from SR 29 at Felda to Alico-Felda Grove Airport. County Road 830A joins SR 29 with CR 830 further south along a 2.04 mile course.

County Road 830 East
Turning south at Weatherbee Road in Felda, CR 830 meets the east end of CR 830A. 11/29/19
The lone confirming marker for Hendry County Road 830 in either direction stands south of CR 830A. 11/29/19
CR 830 curves east onto its final stretch a half mile south of CR 830A. 11/29/19
2 photos
2 photos
Hendry County Road 830 concludes at a dead end just beyond Mark White Road north. 11/29/19
County Road 830 West
County Road 830 westbound commences from the start of pavement ahead of Mark White Road. 11/29/19
CR 830 makes a 90 degree turn northward ahead of Neely Davis Road to the Charlton Strip grass runway. 11/29/19
CR 830A provides a cutoff west to SR 29 south from CR 830 north. 11/29/19
CR 830 (N Felda Loop Road) resumes a westward course from Weatherbee Road. 11/29/19
A set of flashers accompany the stop sign at State Road 29 and the west end of CR 830. 11/29/19
County Road 830A East
County Road 830A is unmarked eastbound from SR 29 at Heritage Road. 11/29/19
The east end of County Road 830A at CR 830 (N Felda Loop Road). 11/29/19
County Road 830A West
A reassurance marker for Hendry County Road 830A appears just west of CR 830. 11/29/19

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