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Lee County Road 867A extends 9.5 miles along portions of Del Prado Boulevard, Cape Coral and College Parkways in Cape Coral and south Fort Myers. Beginning at SR 78 (Pine Island Road) in north Cape Coral, CR 867A follows Del Prado Boulevard 7.3 miles south along a six lane arterial to meet Cape Coral Parkway near Downtown. The county road then proceeds east along Cape Coral Parkway across the Caloosahatchee River to its end at SR 867 (McGregor Boulevard) and College Parkway.

Other than at SR 78 and CR 884 (Veterans Parkway), CR 867A is unsigned along its course through Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

Del Prado Boulevard - South
Del Prado Boulevard south becomes CR 867A south of SR 78 (Pine Island Road). Pine Island Road constitutes the main commercial arterial across north Cape Coral. 05/18/19
SR 78 extends 6.6 miles west along Pine Island Road to CR 884 (Veterans Parkway) and CR 765 (Burnt Store Road). SR 78 east leads to Palmona Park and North Fort Myers. 05/18/19
Lee County Road 867A / Del Prado Boulevard - South
SE 22 Terrace meets Del Prado Boulevard (CR 867A) at this traffic signal opposite the main entrance into Coralwood shopping center. 11/22/12
Del Prado Boulevard advances south to a single point urban interchange (SPUI) with Lee County Road 884 (Veterans Parkway) next. CR 884 extends along Veterans Parkway between SR 78 (Pine Island Road) in west Cape Coral and U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue) in Fort Myers. 11/22/12
CR 884, along with SR 884 (Colonial Boulevard), forms a 37.6 mile arc across Lee County connecting Cape Coral with Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres. CR 884 extends west from CR 867A (Del Prado Boulevard) to western reaches of Cape Coral while CR 884 spans the Calooshatchee River via the Midpoint Memorial Bridge into central Fort Myers. 11/22/12
The SPUI between Del Prado Boulevard and Veterans Parkway was built as part of the overall Midpoint Memorial Bridge project, which connected Fort Myers with Cape Coral half way between two existing crossings. The interchange opened to traffic by fall 1997. 11/22/12
This confirming marker for CR 867A (Del Prado Boulevard) stands ahead of SE 25th Lane. 05/19/18
Southbound motorists next meet SE 26th Street east. The local street hooks north to Everest Parkway opposite a ramp to CR 884 (Veterans Parkway) east. 01/02/07
SE 27th Street leads west from Del Prado Boulevard into residential neighborhood to SE 12th Place, otherwise the local road stems one block east to SE 16th Place. 01/02/07
Del Prado Boulevard crosses the Lido Canal ahead of the signalized intersection with SE 28th Terrace. Numerous commercial strip plazas line the six lane arterial from this point southward. 01/02/07
Cornwallis Parkway stems 0.9 miles east from Del Prado Boulevard (CR 867A) to SE 22nd Place opposite the Caloosahatchee River. 01/02/07
SR 867A south meets SE 32nd Terrace at the next signalized intersection. SE 32nd Terrace forms the northern leg of a loop through residential neighborhoods to the west. 01/02/07
Palaco Grande Parkway extends east to SE 22nd Place at the ensuing traffic signal along southbound CR 867A (Del Prado Boulevard). 01/02/07
SE 36th Street is part of the aforementioned loop formed by SE 32 Terrace, meeting Del Prado Boulevard at this traffic signal. 01/02/07
Savona Parkway travels 0.8 miles east from Del Prado Boulevard to SE 21st Place ahead of the Caloosahatchee River. 01/02/07
Del Prado Boulevard (CR 867A) advances south from Coronado Parkway and SE 40th Terrace to Beach Parkway. Beach Parkway connects Del Prado Boulevard with Jaycee Park along the Caloosahatchee River. 01/02/07
SE 46th Street intersects Del Prado Boulevard ahead of Malaga Canal, linking with Coronado Parkway 0.9 miles to the west. 01/02/07
2 photos
2 photos
This directional guide sign once stood ahead of the traffic signal at SE 47th Terrace but was removed prior to 2011. SE 47th Terrace otherwise travels west into Downtown Cape Coral one block north of Cape Coral Parkway. 01/02/07
Cape Coral Parkway follows SE 47th Terrace in quick succession along Del Prado Boulevard (CR 867A) south. The four lane arterial serves as the primary thoroughfare into Downtown Cape Coral.
CR 867A overlays Cape Coral Parkway east from this point across the Cape Coral Bridge into South Fort Myers. Del Prado Boulevard otherwise continues on a southwest course to El Dorado Parkway. 05/19/18
Lee County Road 867A / Cape Coral Parkway - East
Waikiki Avenue stems southwest from Cape Coral Parkway (Lee County Road 867A) opposite the Veterans Memorial monument. At a height of 55 feet, the monument was built in 1969 in honor military troops past and present. 11/24/12
Cape Coral Parkway bends southeast on the approach to the Cape Coral Bridge. A single span (westbound) opened to traffic March 14, 1964 and served as the initial connection between Downtown Cape Coral and southern reaches of Fort Myers. A second span was built 25 years later. 05/19/18
2 photos
2 photos
Rising to a vertical clearance of 55 feet, the 1989-built span of the Cape Coral Bridge carries motorists across the Caloosahatchee River. The river flows from Lake Hicpochee on a southwesterly course through Glades, Hendry, and Lee counties into San Carlos Bay. 05/19/18
Lee County Road 867A / College Parkway - East
Motorists pass by the westbound toll plaza one quarter mile ahead of a ramp to Caloosa Yacht & Racquet Club Drive and SR 867 (McGregor Boulevard). 05/19/18
CR 867A follows a single lane ramp to a frontage road system ahead of McGregor Boulevard (SR 867). College Parkway (CR 882) continues east from this point to U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue) in south Fort Myers. 05/19/18
A set of flashers control movement between the frontage road and the entrance road to the Magnolia Pointe subdivision. The frontage road briefly serves two way traffic ahead of McGregor Boulevard. 05/19/18
A Texas style U-ramp shuttles motorists to a frontage road with access to Caloosa Yacht & Racquet Club Drive on the north side of the College Parkway viaduct. 05/19/18
McGregor Boulevard travels on a 14.6 mile course from U.S. 41 in Downtown Fort Myers southwest to Punta Rassa Drive ahead of the Sanibel Causeway. SR 867 follows the royal palm tree lined route between Lee County Road 884 (Colonial Boulevard) and SR 865 (San Carlos Boulevard) at Miners Corner. 05/19/18
CR 867A comes to an end as lanes partition for SR 867 (McGregor Boulevard) north and south. McGregor Boulevard travels 5.8 miles northeasterly to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates and southwesterly to Miners Corner and Iona.
College Parkway (CR 882) otherwise advances 2.4 miles east to Florida SouthWestern State College and U.S. 41. 05/19/18
Lee County Road 867A / Del Prado Boulevard - North
CR 867A concludes along Del Prado Boulevard northbound at SR 78 (Pine Island Road). SR 78 travels west across Cape Coral toward Pine Island and east to North Fort Myers. 11/27/16

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