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CR 876 is a local thoroughfare that follows a 15.7 mile path between unincorporated South Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres in central Lee County, shifting between four and six lanes throughout its course.

The county road begins at SR 867 (McGregor Boulevard) and Cypress Lake Drive 0.8 miles south of College Parkway (CR 882). CR 876 initially overlays Cypress Lake Drive east to an intersection with U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue). Daniels Parkway continues CR 876 for 10.6 miles to SR 82, meeting Interstate 75 at its midpoint. CR 876 then follows Gunnery Road north for its remainder to CR 884 (Lee Boulevard) in west Lehigh Acres.

The commercial and residential corridor also serves as a northern gateway to Southwest International Airport (RSW) east of Interstate 75.

Lee County Road 876 East
Daniels Parkway (CR 876) advances east from U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) between the Bell Tower and Market Square shopping centers to Bell Tower Drive. 11/26/16
Guide sign posted ahead of the entrance to the rest area that occupies the northeast quadrant of the Interstate 75 / Daniels Parkway (CR 876) exchange. 11/11/08
CR 876 (Daniels Parkway) next meets CR 885 (Treeline Avenue) at a signalized intersection. CR 885 lines I-75 to the east between Colonial Boulevard (CR 884) and Alico Road opposite Ben Hill Griffin Parkway . 11/11/08
CR 885 (Treeline Avenue) travels south along a four lane arterial to Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) and Alico Road near Gulf Coast Town Center. RSW occupies a large swath of land east of Treeline Avenue. 11/11/08
Daniels Parkway advances east from Treeline Avenue to Chamberlin Parkway next. Chamberlin Parkway serves Skyplex Commercial Center, the former main terminal of the airport. 11/11/08
Daniels Parkway is controlled access between Treeline Avenue (CR 885) and Chamberlin Parkway with no cross overs and a frontage road system. Saddle Road lines Daniels Parkway to the south while Chana Court follows the arterial on the north side. 11/11/08
Daniels Parkway (CR 876) east advances to Chamberlin Parkway south. The local road once served as the entrance into Southwest International Airport (RSW) prior to the opening of the Midfield terminal complex to the south. 11/11/08
Chamberlin Parkway extends 1.5 miles south of CR 876 to the Skyplex Commercial Center adjacent to RSW. The intersection was slightly angled until 2012 when the Chamberlin Parkway approach straightened out. 11/11/08
Daniels Parkway (CR 876) bends northeast beyong Chamberlin Parkway to JetBlue Park baseball stadium and Gateway Boulevard.
This sign was removed by 2012 when Daniels Parkway was widened to a six lane facility. 11/11/08
Lee County Road 876 / Gunnery Road - South
CR 876 initially follows Gunnery Road from CR 884 (Lee Boulevard) south along a 2.4-mile path through western Lehigh Acres neighborhoods to SR 82. 07/09/11
Leonard Boulevard and 23rd Street SW meet Gunnery Road at a signalized intersection. 23rd Street SW travels east through the Sunshine neighborhood while Leonard Boulevard arcs northwest into the Westminister neighborhood and the Westminister Golf Club. 07/09/11
Confirming marker for Lee County Road 876 south posted beyond the Leonard Boulevard / 23rd Street SW intersection, as the county road bends southerly toward SR 82. 07/09/11
CR 876 crosses SR 82 ahead at the ensuing traffic signal. SR 82 spokes southeast from Downtown Fort Myers on a 29-mile course to SR 29 north of Immokalee in Collier County. 07/09/11
SR 82 travels northwest to meet Interstate 75 ahead of Ortiz Avenue (CR 865). Traffic bound for Interstate 75 south otherwise continues along CR 876 (Daniels Parkway) west. 07/09/11
A construction project that began August 2017 will expand a 4.5 mile section of SR 82 from two to six lanes. Part of the $55 million project includes converting the intersection into Florida's first continuous flow intersection (CFI). Completion is set for summer 20191
Daniels Parkway continues CR 876 west from this point toward Gateway and Southwest International Airport (RSW). 07/09/11
Lee County Road 876 West
This previous overhead sign ahead of Chamberlin Parkway was removed by 2012 as part of a reconstruction project of the upcoming intersection. Chamberlin Parkway stems south to the Skyplex Commercial Center. 11/11/08
CR 876 (Daniels Parkway) west nears Lee County Road 885 (Treeline Avenue). Treeline Avenue was extended north and south during the 2000s as a local alternative to I-75. The county road now serves interests including Southwest International Airport (RSW) and Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). 11/11/08
Overhead signs partition motorists bound for either Lee County Road 885 (Treeline Avenue) and the forthcoming exchange with Interstate 75. CR 885 extends south to RSW, via the Airport Connector, and north to Colonial Boulevard (CR 884). 11/11/08
Confirming marker for CR 876 (Daniels Parkway) beyond the intersection with SR 739 (Metro Parkway). Daniels Parkway otherwise crosses the Seminole Gulf rail line (CSX) ahead as the six lane arterial continues west to U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue). 11/11/08

  1. SR 82 Road Widening Project from Lee Boulevard to Shawnee Road, Southwest Florida Roads official website.

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