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County Road S-4 follows a nine mile course from Interstate 15 and Rancho Peñasquitos Boulevard in San Diego to California 67 through the city of Poway.

San Diego County S-4 east
A confirming marker for County Road S-4 was posted along Poway Road, just east of Interstate 15, until 2015 when a sidewalk replacement project removed the assembly. 06/22/02
Poway Road winds through Los Peñasquitos Canyon 2.6 miles east to Pomerado Road (Historic U.S. 395) in the city of Poway. A reassurance shield for CR S-2 appears just beyond the commercialized intersection. 06/25/09
CR S-4 (Poway Road) constitutes the main east-west commercial arterial through Poway. Civic Center Drive ties into the county road from Poway City Hall and Community Park. 06/25/09
Retail shopping centers line all four corners of the Poway Road intersection with Community Road. 06/25/09
Midland Road crosses Poway Road at the subsequent eastbound intersection of CR S-4. Midland Road heads north to Old Poway Park, which is located near the intersection with Aubrey Street. 06/25/09
Poway Road makes a 90-degree turn toward the north after the intersection with Olive Tree Lane. Garden Road continues east from this point, connecting to Sycamore Canyon Road south toward Scripps Poway Parkway and the large open space preserve south of there. A distance sign points the way to Ramona and Lakeside via CR S-4 east and SR 67 north and south, respectively. 06/25/09
This San Diego County S-4 reassurance shield stands along Poway Road after the Garden Road intersection. 06/25/09
Curving northeast, County Road S-4 lowers to intersect the south end of County Road S-5 (Espola Road). 06/25/09
A distance sign along San Diego County S-4 (Poway Road) east references Ramona and Lakeside at 12 miles out, which contradicts the prior distance sign at Garden Road. CR S-5 follows Espola Road northwest three miles to Poway Lake, before connecting to Rancho Bernardo Road and Pomerado Road to its conclusion at Interstate 15. 06/25/09
San Diego County S-4 narrows to two lanes beyond Espola Road. An unique warning sign advises of the possibility of falling rock and flooding over the ensuing stretch. 06/25/09
San Diego County S-4 (Poway Road) gains elevation once more. Open space abounds on both sides of Poway Road, which is quite a contrast from the Poway central business district. 06/25/09
Millards Road and Blue Crystal Trails tie into Poway Road from residential areas to the south as San Diego County S-4 advances east. 06/25/09
Rolling hills peppered with rocky outcroppings make up the landscape along eastbound CR S-4. 06/25/09
Poway Road approaches Miro De Oro Road north to the Poway Equestrian Center. 06/25/09
Milepost 8.5 for CR S-4 along Poway Road between Mina de Oro Road and SR 67. 06/25/09
Forthcoming SR 67 heads south nine miles to Lakeside and northeast nine miles to Ramona. 06/25/09
County Road S-4 ends at SR 67, 16 miles north of El Cajon. 06/25/09
Iron Mountain is one of the peaks rising along the east side of SR 67 at the junction with San Diego County S-4. A trailhead to Iron Mountain originates nearby. 06/25/09

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