County Road S-13 overlays a portion of Historic U.S. 395 through northern San Diego County and the city of Fallbrook.

San Diego County S-13 north
San Diego County S-13 splits from California 76 at the intersection with Mission Road. CR S-13 follows Mission Road, which is the original alignment of U.S. 395 before it was moved to parallel the modern Interstate 15 alignment east of here. 06/07/08
Mile marker 9 indicates the distance from the southern terminus of San Diego County S-13, which began at California 78 (Exit 6). CR S-13 proceeds north toward the community of Fallbrook. 06/07/08
San Diego County S-13 (Mission Road) sees a steady stream of traffic on its two lane path north through rural areas en route to Fallbrook. 06/07/08
CR S-13 (Mission Road) passes under San Diego Gas & Electric power lines south of Fallbrook. 06/07/08
Northbound CR S-13 (Mission Road) approaches Green Valley Road, which travels northeast to connect to San Diego County S-15 (Reche Road) east of Fallbrook. 06/07/08
Another Historic U.S. 395 route marker is posted after the Green Valley Road intersection, and CR S-13 is again omitted. 06/07/08
San Diego County S-13 and Historic U.S. 395 enter the community of Fallbrook at the signalized intersection with Winterhaven Road. After this intersection, CR S-13 passes alongside the western side of Fallbrook High School. 06/07/08
Northbound San Diego County S-13 and Historic U.S. 395 meet Olive Hill Road south to Bonsall. 06/07/08
Stage Coach Lane east leads to Fallbrook High School. Stage Coach Lane loops east of downtown Fallbrook and will rejoin Mission Road and CR S-13 east of the central business district. 06/07/08
San Diego County S-13 and Historic U.S. 395 proceed north along Mission Road after the Stage Coach Lane intersection. Another historic route marker for U.S. 395 is posted here, too. It is likely that these signs replaced pentagons for CR S-13, which were in place along Mission Road back in 2002. 06/07/08
CR S-13 & Historic U.S. 395 (Mission Road) intersect Sterling Bridge at this traffic signal. 06/07/08
Mission Road carries four lanes north as it nears the central business district of Fallbrook. 06/07/08
San Diego County S-13 and Historic U.S. 395 split at the intersection of Mission Road and Main Avenue. Historic U.S. 395 follows Main Avenue north into downtown Fallbrook while CR S-13 remains along Mission Road north as a truck bypass. 06/07/08
CR S-13 and Historic U.S. 395 rejoin at the northern Main Avenue and Mission Road intersection beyond downtown Fallbrook. 06/07/08
Proceeding east from Downtown, CR S-13 & Historic U.S. 395 recombine along Mission Avenue ahead of this reassurance marker. 06/07/08
Eastbound San Diego County S-13 (Mission Road) splits with Gumtree Lane. 06/07/08
A San Diego County S-13 route marker appears along eastbound Mission Road after Gumtree Lane. 06/07/08
Stage Coach Lane intersects Mission Road for a second time as it extends north into residential areas. 06/07/08
Another San Diego County S-13 route marker is posted near the intersection with Hamilton Lane. 06/07/08
Eastbound San Diego County S-13 and Historic U.S. 395 meet Live Oak Park Road four miles east of downtown Fallbrook. Live Oak Road arcs southwest back to CR S-15 (Reche Road). 06/07/08
County Road S-13 (Mission Road) makes a series of S-curves east from Live Oak Park Road toward Interstate 15. 06/07/08
San Diego County S-13 curves south to Old Highway 395 and an access road to adjacent Interstate 15. Old Highway 395 parallels the freeway south as San Diego County S-15. Old Highway 395 is the second generation of U.S. 395, after the route was transferred off Mission Road and moved onto a more direct alignment paralleling the I-15 corridor. 06/07/08
A traffic signal was eventually added to the intersection of CR S-13 (Mission Road) and CR S-15 (Old Highway 395) at the access road to I-15, Sterling View Drive and Historic U.S. 395 north to Rainbow. 06/07/08
San Diego County S-13 (Mission Road) concludes at the diamond interchange with Interstate 15. Historic U.S. 395 proceeds across this bridge, then follows Old Highway 395 north to Rainbow Valley Boulevard and the community of Rainbow. 06/07/08
Interstate 15 heads north from Mission Road to Temecula. 06/07/08

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