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Imperial County S-31 north
Imperial County S-31 enters Brawley on Dogwood Road, which changes into Imperial Avenue upon crossing the city limits by Ell Street. Rather than travel due north to Plaza Park at the center of town, CR S-31 dog legs east east on K Street and north five blocks on Eighth Street. CR S-31 meets Old SR 78 (Main Street) just east of the central business district. 10/14/06
Imperial County S-31 north concludes with an end shield posted on 8th Street between G and Main Streets on the east side of Downtown Brawley. 03/26/06
This parking regulations sign was posted on northbound Eighth Street (CR S-31) ahead of Main Street. It was placed by the Auto Club of Southern California, which dates to the early practice of the Automobile Club of Southern California, along with the California State Automobile Association, signing regulatory and guide signs throughout California. 10/14/06
8th Street north transitions into former SR 111 after Main Street. Both SR 78 and 111 were relocated to bypass Brawley along an expressway around the north and east sides of the city. 03/26/06
Imperial County S-31 south
A few vintage, porcelain enamel street signs were posted alongside Eighth Street, one block south of the CR S-31 beginning at Main Street, in Downtown Brawley. 10/14/06
The vintage no U-turn sign at 8th and G Streets was placed by the Automobile Club of Southern California. 10/14/06
Imperial County S-31 is a designated truck route that allows through traffic to avoid Plaza Park at Downtown Brawley. Another old Automobile Club of Southern California sign was posted along Eighth Street south of G Street. 10/14/06
Imperial County S-31 scenes
Removed by 2012, this Automobile Club of Southern California regulatory sign was posted along I Street just west of Imperial County S-31 (Eighth Street). 10/14/06
An Automobile Club of Southern California placed porcelain enamel stop was posted along G Street west at CR S-31 (8th Street) in Brawley, along with a vintage no U-turn sign. A modern stop sign replaced this assembly by 2012. 07/14/02

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