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Imperial County S-32 north
CR S-32 enters the city of Holtville along Orchard Road. Following Cedar Avenue, the county road intersected 4th Street by this trailblazer. The assembly was removed with the addition of a sidewalk by 2015. 10/14/06
Imperial County S-32 south
Removed by 2012, a porcelain enamel sign formerly welcomed visitors to Holt Park along CR S-32 (Holt Avenue) in Downtown Holtville. The park is home to City Hall. 10/14/06
A faded pentagon directed Imperial County S-32 west from Holt Avenue onto its two block overlap with SR 115 (old U.S. 80 / 5th Street). It was removed by 2012. 03/26/06, 10/14/06
Imperial County S-32 scenes
4th Street branches one block east from SR 115 to intersect Imperial County S-32 (Cedar Avenue) in Holtville. The intersection was previously marked with this pentagon. 10/14/06

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03/26/06, 10/14/06 by AARoads

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