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Connecticut Route 3 is a 14.48 mile route which begins at Route 66 in Middletown. It is a secondary, minor arterial road from Middletown up to its interchange with Interstate 91 in Wethersfield. It crosses, but does not have a direct interchange with the Route 9 freeway in Cromwell (access is via Route 372) and with Interstate 91 in Rocky Hill. The last 3.5 miles (5.6 km) of Route 3 from the interchange with I-91 in Wethersfield to East Hartford is a freeway, which was part of cancelled Interstate 491. The Route 3 freeway crosses the Connecticut River on the William H. Putnam Memorial Bridge from Wethersfield into Glastonbury. The freeway has one intermediate exit into Glastonbury.

Route 3 ends at an interchange with the Route 2 freeway just after crossing into East Hartford. The last 0.75 miles (1.21 km) of Route 3 is the merging ramp from Route 3 northbound to Route 2 westbound.

Route 3 North
Connecticut 3 (Maple Avenue) continues on as an expressway beyond this signalized intersection with Elm Street. The expressway elevates in height on its approach to the Putnam Bridge to cross the Connecticut River. Photo taken 06/04/09.
2 photos
2 photos
The speed limit increases to 50 mph as motorists intending on exiting to Interstate 91 are advised that it is a left lane exit. The ramp leads directly to Interstate 91 north for Hartford. Those intending on going south on Interstate 91 towards New Haven must contend with two more intersections at an adjacent diamond interchange. Photos taken 06/04/09.
The exit for Interstate 91 is not numbered, nor are any subsequent off-ramps along the Connecticut 3 expressway. The pull through sign indicates Glastonbury as the control city since Connecticut 3 is where the route ends. Photo taken 06/04/09.
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2 photos
The speed limit increases again to 55 mph as the north and southbound lanes get close together in order to cross the Putnam Bridge. This will be the last indication that motorists are on Connecticut 3. Photos taken 06/04/09.
Shortly after crossing the Connecticut River an overhead sign notes the upcoming junction with Connecticut 2, which marks the northern terminus of Connecticut 3. Photo taken 06/04/09.
The exit for Main Street in Glastonbury is the final exit from Connecticut 3 prior to its northern terminus with Connecticut 2. This exit serves interests to high-end hotels, retail and restaurants. Photo taken 06/04/09.
Connecticut 3 ends in 1/2 mile. The left lane will join Connnecticut 2 west for East Hartford and the right land departs for Connecticut 2 east to Norwich. No additional lanes are provided for this upcoming junction which often results in significant delays during peak travel times.
Rentschler Field, located in East Hartford, is the home stadium for the University of Connecticut football team. The location in East Hartford allows the field to draw upon a greater population base in the Hartford metropolitan area rather than hosting home games at the campus in rural Storrs 19 miles to the east. Photo taken 06/04/09.
Motorists are advised that taking Connecticut 2 west at the upcoming junction is an alternate route to Interstate 84 and to Interstate 91 north. The cars merging onto the expressway can lead to weaving problems if they try to move into the left lane in the short distance between the merge and the two travel lanes splitting up for Connecticut 2 east and west. Photo taken 06/04/09.
2 photos
2 photos
The left lane splits off for Connecticut 2 west for East Hartford and the right lane splits off for Connecticut 2 east for Norwich in a trumpet interchange. It was not until 1987 that Connecticut 3 ended at an interchange with Connecticut 2; previously travelers had to exit and then take local streets to get to Connecticut 2. Photos taken 06/04/09.
Gore point for the interchange with Connecticut 2 and Connecticut 3. There appears to be an absence of a "TO East Connecticut 2", but that sign is on the shoulder of the right lane. Photo taken 06/04/09.

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