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County G is the only east-west roadway that crosses De Pere. It begins in Hobart and becomes a four lane road after County EB in Ashwaubenon. After entering De Pere, it meets I-41 and provides the main interchange for Downtown De Pere. It then continues east and meets Wis 32, where they both continue through Downtown West De Pere, and across the only Fox River Crossing in the city. It then travels across Downtown East De Pere, through newer developments as a three lane road into Ledgeview. Past County V and MM, County G becomes a north south road through rural Brown County and ends at US 10 in Manitowoc County.

Brown County G east
County G begins in Hobart at County GE. The two lane highway starts out rural, crossing Dutchman Creek adjacent to agricultural areas. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Development increases along CTH-G eastward as the trunk highway reaches the village of Ashwaubenon ahead of CTH-EB. Ashwaubenon Sports Complex and Cornerstone Community Center reside to the northwest of the approaching intersection. Photo taken 03/13/16.
County G turns north with County EB (Packerland Drive). County G formerly continued straight onto Fernando Drive east until 2015, when it was rerouted onto West Main Avenue and County EB. It was most likely to route CTH-G onto a four lane road through the Ashwaubenon Business Park. Photo taken 03/13/16.
A 0.3-mile overlap with CTH-EB (Packerland Drive) concludes as County G turns onto Main Avenue east through the Ashwaubenon Business Park on a four lane boulevard. Photo taken 03/13/16.
The divided section of Main Avenue ends at Sand Acres Drive. A block east is Fernando Drive, which is the old alignment of County G where it used to turn east onto Main Avenue. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Next along CTH-G (Main Avenue) is the intersection with Ridge Road. The signal here was installed in 2014. Horizontal trombone mounted signals were very common in Wisconsin, but it is very rare to see new ones installed. Photo taken 03/13/16.
The surface switches to concrete as County G lowers toward Interstate 41 and the Fox River. The Niagara Escarpment rises in the distance. The escarpment is a cliff and rock formation that stretches east to Niagara Falls. The falls drop off of this same formation. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Crossing Ashwaubenon Creek, CTH-G (Main Avenue) nears the parclo interchange with Interstate 41. Photo taken 03/13/16.
A roundabout joins Main Avenue with the southbound on-ramp for I-41 and Mid Valley Drive south. Mid Valley Drive is the west frontage road for I-41.
This is the first interchange that references Milwaukee as a control city from the north end of I-41. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Crossing underneath three I-41 bridges on CTH-G east. The first is the south on ramp from Ashland Avenue and County G. The next two are the I-41 mainline overpasses. Following the spans are the north side ramps for Interstate 41. This is the last time Green Bay appears as a control city heading north on I-41. Photo taken 03/13/16.
De Pere entrance sign after I-41. County G is the main gateway into De Pere from the freeway. The stretch between Interstate 41 and Wis 32 was Spur Wis 32 until the mid 2000s. Wis 32 references were removed from I-41 then and the road was turned back to local control. Photo taken 03/13/16.
A series of four straight signals commences along Main Avenue east at Lawrence Drive. Lawrence Drive is the east frontage road for I-41 leading south until County F. Beyond CTH-F, the road diverges from I-41 for a few miles south before swooping west to an interchange with I-41 and at CTH-S. Photo taken 03/13/16.
A rare County G reassurance sign appears as Main Avenue approaches 10th Street. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Commercialized frontage extends east along Main Avenue to 9th Street. 9th Street forms a minor arterial that runs through mainly residential areas. It ends to the north at the Ashland Avenue ramps to Interstate 41. That intersection was converted to a right in right out after a roundabout with Wis 32 was constructed further east. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Eastbound County G (Main Avenue) at Wis 32 (8th Street). Wis 32 south joins County G past this intersection for a mainly hidden concurrency with the state trunk highway. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Beyond the roundabout with Wis 32 and 57 (Broadway), County G curves northeast to a traffic signal with George Street, where it turns east along side County X. Photo taken 03/13/16.
CTH G & X turn east onto George Street from Wisconsin Street north. George Street west was the old alignment of the De Pere bridge. The curve between Broadway and George Street was constructed so CTH-G could tie into the new bridge. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Heading east along George Street from Downtown De Pere. Photo taken 03/13/16.
George Street leaves the business district and bisects residential areas from Erie Street east to Webster Avenue. Photo taken 03/13/16.
County G and X separate at Webster Avenue as George Street ends. CTH-X turns north onto a four-lane divided boulevard into Allouez. Webster Avenue extends north all the way into Green Bay. Photo taken 03/13/16.
County G continues south on Webster Avenue by Legion Park. The streets in Green Bay were named after presidents until Webster Avenue. When it was named, people in the are were so sure that Daniel Webster would become president that the street was named after him. William Henry Harrison became president instead, and the tradition of naming streets after presidents on consecutive streets was discontinued. Photo taken 03/13/16.
0.3 miles south of George Street, Webster Avenue ends at Chicago Street as County G resumes an eastern trajectory. Chicago Street west ends at Merrill Street just before a signalized intersection with Wis 32/57. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Chicago Street leads County G east through mainly residential areas and by De Pere High School. Photo taken 03/13/16.
As the Niagara Escarpment again comes into view, County G (Chicago Street) expands to include a center turn lane by De Pere High School. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Entering the roundabout with Libal Street along CTH-G (Chicago Street) east. This is the first of four within a mile. Libal Street runs north into Allouez and Green Bay, where it becomes Baird Street. Photo taken 03/13/16.
East River Drive stems north from the subsequent roundabout to a number of residential subdivisions and a town home community to Allouez. Photo taken 03/13/16.
CTH-G crosses the East River Bridge by Ledgeview Park. The East River is the second largest river in the area. It derives its name by flowing mainly east of the Fox River. It flows south to north, and turns west to flow into the Fox River about two miles from the mouth at Green Bay. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Now within the town of Ledgeview, County GV (Monroe Road) next approaches County G (Chicago Street) east. Photo taken 03/13/16.
The roundabout with County GV replaced a four-way stop sign in 2012. The cross roads are a center of commercial activity, as north-south CTH-GV was expanded into an arterial linking Allouez to the north. The trunk highway south is proposed to extend west to a new bridge across the Fox River in south De Pere. Photo taken 03/13/16.
County G (Dickinson Road) advances east through a developing area of Ledgeview. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Traveling up Scray Hill, which is part of the Niagara Escarpment, on CTH-G east. Photo taken 03/13/16.
County G (Dickinson Road) rises to 782 feet above sea level at the intersection with Dollar Lane on Scray Hill. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Just north of Scray Hill are new residential developments off Dollar Road. CTH-G east ascends another 50 feet in elevation over the ensuing mile. Photo taken 03/13/16.
County G east reaches the settlement of Kolbs Corners. Photo taken 03/13/16.
Back to back intersections at Kolbs Corners join CTH-G east with CTH-V (Lime Kiln Road) and CTH-MM (Dutchman Road) east. Photo taken 03/13/16.
County MM leads to I-43 and the beginning of US 141. After this intersection, County G curves south into rural Brown County. It meets County W in Wayside, which is old Wis 32. County G is a straighter and more direct than the old Wis 32 alignment between De Pere and Wayside, which is probably another reason why the route was turned to local control. Photo taken 03/13/16.

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03/13/16 by Peter Johnson

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