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CTH-JJ travels 11.6 miles east from CTH-GV (Lime Kiln Road) in the village of Bellevue to CTH-P in the town of Eaton.

County JJ west
County JJ (Eaton Road) west enters the Village of Bellevue. The eastern section is mainly rural. In 2003, the town became a village to protect its borders from annexation from neighboring municipalities. Photo taken 05/14/16.
County JJ continues as a rural two lane roadway toward Erie Road. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Advancing west toward County EA (Huron Road), development appears as County JJ (Eaton Road) nears the outer suburbs of Bellevue. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Entering the roundabout with County EA on County JJ west. CTH-EA runs along the eastern periphery of the Green Bay suburbs from Wis 29 north to the Wis 54 & 57 freeway by UW Green Bay. Photo taken 05/14/16.
County JJ (Eaton Road) expands into a three lane roadway beyond Huron Road. A number of subdivisions line the road as it progresses westward. Photo taken 05/14/16.
A roundabout joins County JJ with Ontario Road in suburban east Bellevue. Ontario Road north leads to I-43 Industrial Park and McAuliffe Park in Green Bay. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Numerous subdivisions line the remainder of County JJ to Manitowoc Road. A lone tract of farm land remains on the north side, with stubs built for future development. Photo taken 05/14/16.
County JJ turns from Eaton Road west onto Manitowoc Road north towards Interstate 43. 3M lights were installed on Manitowoc Road due to the close proximity with the I-43 interchange. Photo taken 05/14/16.
A folded diamond interchange connects Manitowoc Road with Interstate 43 just south of the Bellevue and Green Bay city line. I-43 north encircles central Green Bay to Interstate 41, U.S. 41 & 141 at Howard. Photo taken 05/14/16.
South I-43 also leads to Wis 172, the main east west freeway through the Green Bay metro area. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Beyond the adjacent exchange with Wis 172, Interstate 43 curves southeastward along the former alignment of U.S. 141 toward Manitowoc, Sheboygan and Milwaukee. Photo taken 05/14/16.
West from Interstate 43, County JJ transitions to Verlin Road after Manitowoc Road splits to the north for the Wilder Park neighborhood of Green Bay. The trunk highway next approaches U.S. 141 & Wis 29 (Main Street). Photo taken 05/14/16.
Roundabout green sign advises traffic which leg to use for U.S. 141 & Wis 29 north into Green Bay and southeast through Bellevue. Since there is not an interchange with Interstate 43 for the two highways, County JJ connects them with I-43. Photo taken 05/14/16.
A roundabout replaced the previous traffic signal at Main Street due to high crash rates. Photo taken 05/14/16.
County JJ continues along Verlin Road as a two lane roadway. The road was previously three lanes wide until Bellevue restriped it to accommodate bicycle lanes. Photo taken 05/14/16.
County JJ west concludes at County V (Lime Kiln Road). CTH-V runs south to Ledgeview and north to the Starlite neighborhood of Green Bay. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Verlin Road continues beyond Lime Kiln Road by a number of industrial businesses and apartment complexes to end at County XX (Bellevue Street). Photo taken 05/14/16.

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05/14/16 by Peter Johnson

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