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County V east of I-43 used to run along Finger Road, but the City of Green Bay joined with Brown County to build a new four-lane road to better serve the I-43 business center. CTH-V is also the recommended exit from I-43 west to Downtown Green Bay. The route traverses the old Town of Preble, that Green Bay annexed in the early 1960s.

County V east
East Mason Street continues a short distance as County V to the intersection with U.S. 141 & Wis 29 (Main Street). County V is the recommended route to I-43 from Downtown Green Bay. Photo taken 05/14/16.
County V becomes a controlled access divided roadway with access only at intersections past Main Street. Pictured here is the East Town Way entrance to East Town Mall. Photo taken 05/14/16.
An Interstate 43 trailblazer is posted at Edgewood Drive. Edgewood Drive provides access to the Preble Park neighborhood to the north and Wilder Park community to the south. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Continuing towards I-43 on County V (Mason Street) east. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Another I-43 trailblazer appears at Alpine Drive. Alpine Drive provides the final access point from Mason Street for the adjacent neighborhoods. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Entering the diamond interchange with Interstate 43 on County V (Mason Street) east. Finger Road, the adjacent and former through route to the town of Humbolt, was cut off by the freeway's construction. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Trailblazers for Wis 54 & 57 are posted for traffic heading towards Algoma and Sturgeon Bay via I-43 north from CTH-V (Mason Street) east. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Challenger Drive is the first entrance to the sprawling I-43 Business Park from CTH-V. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Ontario Drive leads south toward Aurora Hospital and a mix of businesses and residential areas. The road north ties into the McAuliffe Park neighborhood. Photo taken 05/14/16.
County EA (Huron Road) parallels I-43 and travels past a mix of businesses and residential areas in Green Bay and Bellevue. Photo taken 05/14/16.
The right lane becomes a dedicated turn lane as the four lane section of Mason Street is about to end. Photo taken 05/14/16.
County V becomes two lanes after Erie Road. Erie Road north serves a handful of residential streets and Woods Golf Club while south travels through agricultural areas to Willow Road in Bellevue. Photo taken 05/14/16.
County V becomes a rural roadway as if curves towards its original alignment of Finger Road. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Eastbound County V curves into Finger Road as Mason Street ends. Disconnected to the west, Finger Road still runs parallel to County V between I-43 and Erie Road. It now ends at a cul de sac to the left. Photo taken 05/14/16.
Speed limits increase to 55 miles per hour as County V leaves the Green Bay city limits beyond Northview Road. Photo taken 05/14/16.
A half mile further east, CTH-V intersects CTH-QQ. CTH-QQ comprises a rural route north to CTH-N and south to Wis 29. Photo taken 05/14/16.
County V west
County V (Finger Road) enters the city of Green Bay at the intersection with Northview Road. Photo taken 02/22/16.
County V curves away from its old alignment with Finger Road onto East Mason Street. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Shifting a quarter mile south of the old alignment along Finger Road, County V (Mason Street) transitions into a four lane divided roadway at Erie Road. Photo taken 02/22/16.
The next three intersections provide access to the I-43 Business Center. The industrial park area spreads to the south of Mason Street between Erie Road and Interstate 43. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Mason Street forms a controlled access arterial west to East Town Mall. Meeting the trunk highway next is County EA (Huron Road). Photo taken 02/22/16.
County EA (Huron Road) leads motorists north to UW Green Bay and south to the village of Bellevue. A four way stop governs the movements between the two arterials here. Photo taken 02/22/16.
The roadway curves northwest and approaches Ontario Road at the McAuliffe Park neighborhood. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Intersection with Ontario Road and the first westbound signal along CTH-V (Mason Street). Photo taken 02/22/16.
Challenger Drive connects County V with McAuliffe Park to the north and the I-43 Business Center to the south from this signal. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Superior Road south ties into CTH-V (Mason Street) ahead of the diamond interchange with Interstate 43. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Interstate 43 encircles Green Bay north to the Leo Frigo Bridge across the Fox River and Interstate 41 [U.S. 41]. South from Bellevue, I-43 travels to Manitowoc and along Lake Michigan to Milwaukee. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Mason Street separates the Preble Park and Wilder Park communities west from Alpine Drive. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Big box retail appears at the intersection of East Town Drive. Photo taken 02/22/16.
The divided arterial portion of Mason Street ends as CTH-V intersects U.S. 141 & STH-29. U.S. 141 & Wis 29 overlap southeast to Bellevue and northwest to Downtown Green Bay. Photo taken 02/22/16.
County V turns south onto Lime Kiln Road. Mason Street continues west along the Oak Grove community to cross the East River to Joannes Park. Photo taken 02/22/16.
The initial stretch CTH-V along Lime Kiln Road consists of a two-lane urban roadway. Photo taken 02/22/16.
County V expands to four lanes at the intersection of the JBS Meat Packing facility and Kroc Center. Photo taken 02/22/16.
A Canadian National exempt railroad crossing follows along CTH-V (Lime Kiln Road) south. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Motorists along CTH-V (Lime Kiln Road) next enter the village of Bellevue. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Brown County JJ lines Verlin Road east from Lime Kiln Road to a roundabout with U.S. 141 & Wis 29 (Main Street). Manitowoc Road takes the trunk highway east from there to Interstate 43 and Eaton Road. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Allouez Avenue doubles as CTH-O west from CTH-V (Lime Kiln Road) 2.7 miles to Wis 57 (Riverside Drive). Photo taken 02/22/16.
A commercialized stretch of CTH-V precedes the left turn of Lime Kiln Road at CTH-GV (Monroe Road). Photo taken 02/22/16.
County V (Lime Kiln Road) angles southeast toward Kolbs Corner and County GV begins and leads southwest to the Wis 172 freeway and Allouez. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Leading away from CTH-GV (Monroe Road) along CTH-V south. This segment of Lime Kiln Road was reconstructed into a three lane roadway in 2015. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Landmark Boulevard stems west from County V back to County GV (Monroe Road) to service retail development. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Passing under the Wis 172 overpass, CTH-V transitions to a two lane rural roadway. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Motorists along County V enter the town of Ledgeview just south of Bower Creek. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Approaching the rural south end of CTH-V at CTH-G (Dickinson Road) and Kolbs Corner. Photo taken 02/22/16.
County G (Dickinson Road) arcs southeast from Allouez and Ledgeview to Wis 96 at Shirley. County MM ties into Dickinson Road nearby to provide access to I-43 and U.S. 141. Photo taken 02/22/16.

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02/22/16, 05/14/16 by Peter Johnson

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