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SR 1B spurs northeast from SR 1 (Coastal Highway) along State Road to SR 1A (Rehoboth Avenue) in the city of Rehoboth Beach. The state route allows motorists bound for the Rehoboth Beach business district to bypass northern reaches of Dewey Beach and Silver Lake Shores from SR 1 to the south.

A split alignment separates movements to Coastal Highway below the SR 1 bridge across Lewes and Rehoboth Canal. SR 1B southbound follows a combination of Roosevelt and Washington Streets to access SR 1 south while northbound branches away from SR 1 from a northbound off-ramp (Old Bay Road).1

Delaware State Route 1B - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 1,747 - Old Bay Road north after SR 1
  • 1,505 - Jefferson Street south ahead of SR 1
  • 2,355 - Old Bay Road to SR 1A (Rehoboth Avenue)
Delaware State Route 1B North - Roosevelt Street
SR 1B north from SR 1 (Coastal Highway) south takes Washington Street to parallel Roosevelt Street west. 01/16/17
Roosevelt Street winds between SR 1 on the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal bridge approach and a Rehoboth Beach public works complex. 01/16/17
Roosevelt Street curves below SR 1 to run alongside Lewes and Rehoboth Canal. The bridges above date back to 1978 for southbound and 1985 for northbound. 01/16/17
The two branches of SR 1B combine just north of Lee Street. 01/16/17
Delaware State Route 1B North - State Road
The off-ramp from SR 1 (Coastal Highway) north to SR 1B (State Road) accommodates two-way traffic for a car dealership located just beyond the gore point. A trailblazer directs motorists from the business back to SR 1 north at Stockley Street Extension. 01/16/17
State Road curves north to meet the SR 1B south at Roosevelt Street. Roosevelt Street passes under the adjacent SR 1 canal bridge to Washington Street and the Rehoboth Manor community. 01/16/17
SR 1B (State Road) angles northeast by the Country Club Estates neighborhood between Hickman Street and Rehoboth Avenue. 01/16/17
SR 1B (State Road) north concludes at SR 1A (Rehoboth Avenue), 0.7 miles west of the Boardwalk and east of SR 1 (Coastal Highway). 01/16/17
Delaware State Route 1B South - State Road
State Road curves southeast from Roosevelt Street to Stockley Street Extension and an on-ramp for SR 1 north to Midway and Five Points. 01/16/17
An older guide sign references the capital city of Dover for SR 1 north at the end of SR 1B. 01/16/17
Delaware State Route 1B South - Roosevelt Street
A branch of SR 1B south splits with State Road to follow Roosevelt Street below the SR 1 bridge over Lewes and Rehoboth Canal. 01/16/17
SR 1B (Roosevelt Street) curves east at the entrance to public works facilities. 01/16/17
Roosevelt Street runs alongside SR 1 (Coastal Highway) east to Washington Street and the Rehoboth Manor community. 01/16/17
SR 1B concludes as Washington Street intersects SR 1 (Coastal Highway) southbound. 01/16/17

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