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Delaware State Route 2 West
The westbound beginning of SR 2 from SR 52 (Pennsylvania Avenue) along Union Street is unmarked. A vintage confirming marker was posted here until 1993 or so. It was never replaced. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Union Street westbound at 9th Street in the Little Italy neighborhood of Wilmington. Underway from October 30 to November 11, 2017. the Union Street Reconfiguration Project restriped the third travel lane along SR 2 westbound with both a painted green bike lane and back-in, angled parking spaces.1 Photo taken 12/20/17.
8th Street intersects SR 2 (Union Street) north from the West Hill neighborhood. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Union Street runs through the Flats community west from 7th Street. The Flats Redevelopment plan demolished structures over the next three blocks and replaced them with new housing. The project is part of a seven-phase, $100 million plan to construct over 450 residential units.2 Photo taken 12/20/17.
Advancing three blocks south from 7th Street, SR 2 (Union Street) meets the north end of SR 9 (4th Street). The state route travels 58.2 miles south from Wilmington to Dover A.F.B.. Photo taken 12/20/17.
SR 9 (Fourth Street) travels southeast from the Flats through the Hilltop neighborhood to I-95 and Quaker Hill. It combines with U.S. 13 through Southbridge before departing the city en route to New Castle. Photo taken 12/20/17.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 48 parallels SR 9 two blocks to the south along a couplet of 2nd Street north and Lancaster Avenue south. The state route westbound combines with SR 2 along Union Street for one block. Photos taken 12/20/17.
SR 48 westbound turns north onto Lancaster Avenue, where the state route switches to two-way traffic through the Greenhill neighborhood. Lancaster Avenue (SR 48) is a one way street eastbound from SR 2 to Hedgeville and I-95. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Lancaster Avenue north becomes Lancaster Pike outside the Wilmington city limits. The state route extends north with four lanes to Hercules Road, and 5.6 miles overall to SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) near Hockessin. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Confirming marker for SR 2 west posted after the separation with SR 48 (Lancaster Avenue) north. Photo taken 12/20/17.
A SR 2 cutout shield remained in use along Union Street west after SR 48 north. The cutout was one of only three left in the city as of April 2004, and two left as of August 2007. It was replaced by summer 2016. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Linden Street connects SR 2 (Union Street) west with Bayard Middle School and the Union Park Gardens community. Photo taken 12/20/17.
A SR 2 trailblazer appears at the traffic light with Maple Street. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Maple Street heads south to Bayard Square and Kosciuszko Park. Canby Park lies one block ahead. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Union Street west combines with Lincoln Street as a four-lane arterial through Canby Park. Photo taken 12/20/16.
A pedestrian bridge spans SR 2 (Union Street) at the west end of Canby Park. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Prospect Avenue provides the lone access point from SR 2 (Union Street) to the Canby Park Estates neighborhood to the south. The avenue flows south to Rodman Road, with return access provided via a frontage road (New Road) east at this same intersection. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Just across the Elsmere town line, SR 2 separates with New Road and ascends above CSX and Delaware Valley Railroad lines. This span was four-laned in 1985. Photo taken 12/20/16.
The CSX Railroad bridge precedes the junction of SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) with SR 100 (Dupont Road). Photo taken 12/20/16.
A set of beacons flash to alert motorists during the red signal phase for Dupont Road. An overhead assembly previously operated here. Photo taken 12/20/16.
SR 100 (Dupont Road) leads south to end at SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) at Richardson Park. Northward the state route intersects SR 34 (Faulkland Road) ahead of an overlap with SR 48 at the northwest corner of Wilmington. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Dupont Road represents the main north-south arterial through Elsmere. The four-lane highway crosses the CSX Railroad on a viaduct just to the south. The bridge bypassed an older alignment traveling at-grade just to the east. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Ohio Avenue links SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) with adjacent New Road and residential ares along Baltimore Avenue. Photo taken 07/31/13.
New Road returns to SR 2 west at a five point intersection with Linden Avenue north and Sanders Road south. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Continuing west from central Elsmere, Kirkwood Highway intersects Poplar Avenue at this signal servicing Austin Baltz Elementary and the Oak Grove and Oak Hill neighborhoods. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Back to back signals control movements to Wilmington VA Medical Center and Hazel Avenue along SR 2 west at the Elsmere town line. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Maple Avenue stems south from Kirkwood Highway and the west entrance to the VA Medical Center to the Elsmere Gardens neighborhood. Photo taken 07/31/13.
West from Elsmere Shopping Center, SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) intersects Clifton Avenue at the Roselle neighborhood. Photo taken 07/31/13.
SR 2 next approaches Prices Corner and the directional cloverleaf interchange with SR 141 (Newport Freeway). Photo taken 06/05/12.
Motorists headed to SR 141 must make an abrupt turn onto an on-ramp for the Newport Freeway from SR 2 westbound. Photo taken 06/05/12.
SR 141 leads south as a commuter freeway to the town of Newport and Interstates 95 / 295. The Newport Freeway was constructed between 1971 and 1979. Photo taken 06/05/12.
Totaling 11.3 miles overall, SR 141 loops south from Prices Corner to SR 9 at New Castle and northeast to Fairfax and U.S. 202 at Blue Ball. Photo taken 06/05/12.
North from SR 2, SR 141 downgrades from the Newport Freeway onto Centre Road, a divided four lane arterial north to SR 34 at the Delle Donne Corporate Center. Further north, a short freeway section takes the state route to SR 52 at Greenville. Photo taken 06/05/12.
Overpasses spanning Kirkwood Higwhay carry the SR 141 mainline, a c/d roadway and a directional ramp to southbound from SR 2 westbound. The interchange was not fully completed, as there is no direct access from SR 141 (Centre Road) south to Kirkwood Highway west. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Kirkwood Highway passes over Centerville Road ahead of Albertson Boulevard and the left turn to Prices Corner Shopping Center. The big box retail center lies west of Centerville Road (old SR 141) and south of SR 2. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Albertson Boulevard stems north from the main exit of Prices Corner Shopping Center to Greenbank Road and the Albertson Park subdivision. Photo taken 12/22/16.
SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) intersects the south end of SR 41 and the north end of SR 62 just west of Albertson Boulevard at Newport Gap Pike. Photo taken 12/22/16.
SR 41 formerly overlapped with SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) west from SR 141. The concurrency was dropped in 2015 due to redundancy, with references to SR 41 removed from SR 141 and area roads around Newport. Sign changes included an extension of SR 62 north along Newport Gap Pike to SR 2. Photo taken 12/20/17.
SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) angles northwest from Prices Corner to SR 48, where it overtakes Lancaster Pike north through Hockessin. Together with Pennsylvania 41, the 28-mile route connects the Wilmington area with U.S. 30 at Gap for points west including Lancaster and Harrisburg. Photo taken 12/22/16.
Kirkwood Highway expands into a six-lane arterial west from SR 41 and 62 across Red Clay Creek. Photo taken 12/22/16.
2 photos
2 photos
Duncan Road leads south from Kirkwood Highway to Marshallton and north to Delcastle Park. Photo taken 12/22/16. Second photo taken 12/20/17.
Reassurance marker for SR 2 west posted after Duncan Road. Photo taken 12/22/16.
Farrand Drive links SR 2 with the eastern segment of Old Capitol Trail (old SR 2) to Marshallton, and the Kirkwood Gardens subdivision to the north. Photo taken 12/22/16.
A number of shopping centers line SR 2 west through the Pike Creek Valley, including Gordy and Kirkwood Plazas after Farrand Drive. Photo taken 12/22/16.
A signalized turn lane aids traffic from Kirkwood Highway eastbound to Kirkwood Plaza Shopping Center across SR 2 west. The eastern section of Old Capitol Trail ties into SR 2 east opposite this traffic light. Photo taken 08/03/13.
Advancing a short distance west, motorists on Kirkwood Highway enter the congested intersection with SR 7. SR 7 constitutes a busy commuter route south to Stanton, Churchmans Crossing and Christiana. The state route also leads motorists directly to SR 1 south for Dover. Photo taken 12/22/16.
Following Limestone Road, SR 7 winds northwest from SR 2 through the suburbs of Upper Pike Creek Valley toward Hockessin and Kaolin, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 12/22/16.
Griffin Drive curves south from the Limestone Acres subdivision to intersect SR 2 across from St. James Church Road. St. James Church Road links Kirkwood Highway with the western section of Old Capitol Trail. Photo taken 12/22/16.
Kirkwood Highway reduces to four lanes west of St. James Church Road. Milltown Road concludes a 2.9 mile loop southwest from SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) at the ensuing westbound signal of SR 2. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Delaware Park Drive intersects SR 2 to the immediate west of Milltown Road. The four-lane boulevard connects Kirkwood Highway with Old Capitol Trail and the north entrance to Delaware Park Racetrack and Casino. Photo taken 12/20/17.
This reassurance marker for SR 2 west of Delaware Park Boulevard was removed by 2012. Photo taken 07/03/10.
Pike Creek Road arcs northwest around the back side of the Meadowood Community to Upper Pike Creek and Old Coach Roads at White Clay Creek State Park. SR 2 overtakes the original alignment of Capitol Trail from this point westward, with both Capitol Trail and Kirkwood Highway used in reference to the arterial. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Continuing west, SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) passes through the commercialized intersection with Meadowood Drive. A pedestrian bridge connects the two sections of Meadowood and Forest Oak Elementary. Photo taken 06/05/12.
SR 2 dips to cross Pike Creek beyond the signalized entrance to the Green Valley subdivision. Forest land to the northwest falls within White Clay Creek State Park. Photo taken 06/03/12.
Harmony Road leads south from SR 2 (Capitol Trail) as a popular short cut to SR 273 and Interstate 95 near Christiana. The road also serves Harmony Industrial Park and Chrisiana Hospital (via SR 4 east). Photo taken 12/26/16.
Brewster Drive forms the main entrance to the Sycamore Gardens subdivision while servicing Shue Middle School on the south side of SR 2. Photo taken 12/24/17.
Polly Drummond Hill Road south and Red Mill Road north come together at the succeeding westbound signal. Polly Drummond Hill Road passes through White Clay Creek State Park en route to SR 72. Red Mill Road south formerly extended to SR 4 at Ogletown, but mostly acts as a local route to Ruthar Drive now. Photo taken 12/26/16.
A reassurance marker for SR 2 appears west of Red Mill Road. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Westbound at the traffic light with Delaplane Avenue north and a connector to two apartment complexes. The first of two junction shields for SR 72 appears here. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Motorists on Kirkwood Highway west next merge with SR 72 south at Possum Park Road. Photo taken 09/26/14.
SR 72 north follows Possum Park Road to White Clay Creek State Park and Paper Mill Road; the state route ends at SR 7 (Limestone Road) in the Pike Creek Valley. Possum Park Road otherwise provides a route into Chester County, Pennsylvania via connections with Chambers Rock Road through the state park. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Delaware State Route 2 West Delaware State Route 72 South
The final 1.2 miles of SR 2 west overlaps with SR 72 into Newark. Photo taken 06/20/12.
Capitol Trail spans White Clay Creek and enters the Newark city limits. Speed limits reduce to 35 miles per hour. Photo taken 12/26/16.
Anna Way links SR 2 & 72 (Capitol Trail) with Hawthorne Avenue and the Stafford neighborhood. The signal here also serves eastbound trucks using an adjacent turnaround to return to Newark. Photo taken 06/18/12.
The final reassurance marker of SR 2 west at Anna Way. Photo taken 12/26/16.
The forthcoming intersection with Cleveland and Woodlawn Avenues was redesigned in 2015 to added sidewalks and crosswalks, and reconfigure the signals into a split phase arrangement. Photo taken 12/26/16.
A trailblazer for SR 2 east directs trucks to use a turnaround at Woodlawn Avenue. Photo taken 12/26/16.
A well traveled through route across Newark, Cleveland Avenue leads west with four lanes through an auto mall to Chapel Street, and with two lanes from there to SR 896 (New London Road) by the University of Delaware. Photo taken 12/26/16.
A colorful paint scheme on the CSX Railroad bridge acts as a gateway into Downtown Newark as span wire overheads direct traffic to Main Street (SR 273 west) from the continuation of SR 72 south onto Library Avenue. SR 2 was still acknowledged here in 2016. Prior to fall 2014, it continued south with SR 72 to SR 4 west. Photo taken 12/26/16.
Motorists headed to SR 273 west through Downtown Newark branch away from SR 2 east & 72 south. SR 273 partitions into a one-way couplet along Main Street west and Delaware Avenue east across the city. The state route extends northwest from Downtown to become Maryland 273 en route to Rising Sun. Photo taken 10/12/14.
SR 2 ends at the Capitol Trail intersection with SR 273 (East Main Street). SR 273 follows Ogletown Road east toward Christiana and New Castle. The end shield for SR 2 was added to this assembly in 2014. Photo taken 12/26/16.

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