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Delaware State Route 4 West
SR 4 west begins from SR 48 (2nd Street) west at Monroe Street. Monroe Street intersects the eastbound direction of SR 48 at Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. 12/22/12
The first confirming marker for SR 4 west is this cutout posted after SR 48 (MLK Boulevard) east. Monroe Street passes by the DART bus yard to Chestnut Street and Maryland Avenue. 12/30/16
The SR 4 assembly on Monroe Street is the last known cutout shield for any state route posted in the state. A cutout for SR 2 on Union Street was replaced by 2016. 12/22/12
Monroe Street ends by Justison Landing as SR 4 turns west onto Maryland Avenue. 12/22/12
With the advent of SR 4 traffic, Maryland Avenue westbound quickly intersects Elm Street. Elm Street provides a connector to Adams Street north. 12/30/16
Adams Street constitutes an east side frontage street for I-95 to on-ramps at 2nd Street (SR 48 west) and 10th Street. 12/30/16
The off-ramp from I-95 (Exit 6) north descends from the Wilmington Viaduct to form the northbound beginning of Adams Street at Maryland Avenue. There are no other direct ramps between the freeway and SR 4 here. 12/30/16
Continuing west from below Interstate 95, Adams Street enters the Hedgeville community. A confirming marker appears at Chandler Street. 12/30/16
SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) angles between the Hedgeville and Browntown street grids to the city line. Maple Street branches northwest from the signal here to Kosciuszko Park and Bayard Middle School. 12/30/16
Another reassurance marker appears as Jackson Street ties into Maryland Avenue from the northeast. Jackson Street is the west side frontage street for I-95 south from Happy Valley to Lancaster Avenue (SR 48 east). 12/30/16
Beech Street connects SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) with the Riverfront and Daniel S. Frawley Stadium. 12/30/16
Van Buren Street south and Lower Oak Street north come together as Maryland Avenue climbs out of the Christina River valley. Maryland Avenue is striped for four lanes, but with on-street parking permitted during non peak hours. 12/30/16
Stroud Street stems southeast from SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) at Pulaski Park to Eddie Michaels Playground in Browntown. 12/30/16
The succeeding traffic light on westbound SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) operates at Banning Street north and 5th Avenue south, just ahead of Franklin Street. Banning Street leads to St. Elizabeth High School and Canby Park. 12/30/16
Maryland Avenue westbound leaves the city of Wilmington as it reaches the five-way intersection with Broom Street north and Latimer Drive south and Latimer Place west at the Cleland Heights community. 12/28/12
SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) leaves Wilmington at the merge with Broom Street south. The four-lane boulevard next intersects Alban Drive south into the Latimer Estates community and McGovern Terrace north. 12/30/16
Clayton Road forms a local street north through Cleland Heights to Canby Park from the ensuing westbound signal. 12/30/16
SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) lowers to cross a tributary of the Christina River by southern reaches of Canby Park West. The junction shield for SR 100 appears well ahead of the intersection with the state route north on Race Street at Germay Industrial Park. 12/30/16
Climbing westward, SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) intersects SR 100 (Race Street) north at the second traffic light ahead. SR 100 commences a nearly nine mile route to Elsmere, north Wilmington, Greenville and Montchanin at Richardson Park. The route is unmarked in the eastbound direction of SR 4. 12/30/16
Brookside Drive stems south through an industrial park to the Ashley subdivision from the signal preceding SR 100. 12/30/16
Race Street carries SR 100 north to Atlantic Avenue, where it merges with Dupont Road. Dupont Road forms a four-lane arterial north to Howard Street and the viaduct over the CSX Railroad to SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) in the town of Elsmere. 12/30/16
Lorewood Avenue and Winston Avenue branch west from a shared intersection with SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) into the Richardson Park / Elmhurst street grid. 12/20/16
Maryland Avenue continues west through the Richardson Park commercial strip to intersect Elmhurst Place west and Summit Avenue east. 12/20/16
Champlain Avenue heads west through he Bellemoor and Boxwood neighborhoods west from SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) and Reamer Avenue. 12/20/16
The traffic light with Grier Avenue serves Richardson Park Elementary and the Idela and Middleboro Manor subdivisions east of SR 4. 12/20/16
SR 62 (Boxwood Road) branches west from SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) to SR 141 (Newport Freeway) by the shuttered GM Auto Assembly Plant. The state route follows Newport Gap Pike (old SR 41) north from Belvedere to SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) at Prices Corner. 12/20/16
Middleboro Road extends east from SR 4 and SR 62 (Boxwood Road) as an unsigned leg of SR 62 to Banning Park and Boxwood Industrial Center. 12/20/16
Newport Pike takes over for Maryland Avenue as the name of SR 4 west from SR 62 (Boxwood Road). The four-lane boulevard runs between Banning Park and the Woodcrest community to Fallon Avenue. 12/30/16
Troy Avenue angles northwest from Newport Pike through the Woodcrest community toward Conrad Middle School. 12/20/17
Becker Avenue south and Forest Drive north from Fore Brook Glen come together at the subsequent westbound signal along SR 4 (Newport Pike). 12/20/17
SR 4 (Newport Pike) rises along a hill to intersect Latimer Street north and Larch Avenue south at the Lyndalia and Newport Heights neighborhoods. 12/20/17
Drivers along westbound SR 4 (Newport Pike) enter the town of Newport at Cedar Street. 12/30/16
SR 4 splits between the one-way couplet of Justis Street (westbound) and Main Street (eastbound) through Newport business district. The state route crosses paths with the Newport Freeway (SR 141) on the six block stretch. 12/30/16
The viaduct taking SR 141 through Newport was completed in 1979. The Newport Freeway leads north to SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) at Prices Corner, where SR 141 down grades to a surface boulevard (Centre Road) en route to SR 34 (Faulkland Road). 12/30/16
A split diamond interchange joins SR 4 (Justin / Market Streets) with SR 141 (Newport Freeway) via the frontage street system of Marshall and James Streets. 12/20/17
James Street extends Newport Gap Pike south through Newport to Old Airport Road. The southbound service road intersects SR 4 (Market Street) east in one block adjacent to the SR 141 on-ramp to I-95, I-295 and I-495. 12/30/16
SR 141 overall ventures south from Newport to New Castle along Basin Road and north mostly along a varying four-lane expressway or controlled access arterial to Greenville and Fairfax. 12/30/16
Justis Street combines with Market Street as SR 4 (Newport Pike) leaves the town limits of Newport. The succeeding westbound signal operates at Westmont Avenue south to the Silview community and State Street north to Tuxedo Park. 12/30/16
Hershey Run Drive south and MacArthur Dive north converge at the following westbound traffic light on Newport Pike. 12/30/16
Glen Bernie Drive south ties into SR 4 (Newport Pike) at the signalized entrance to First State Plaza shopping center. 12/30/16
Rothwell Drive connects with SR 4 from the Glen Bernie Estates subdivision across from First State Boulevard south into First State Industrial Park. 12/30/16
Stanton Road extends south from Greenbank Road at Marshallton to Kiamensi Road and the couplet of SR 4 (Newport Pike west / Mitch Road east) at Stanton. 12/30/16
SR 4 (Newport Pike) westbound becomes Main Street to the merge with SR 7 south in Stanton. SR 7 (Limestone Road) constitutes the main arterial route north through the Pike Creek Valley to the state line near PA 41 at Kaolin. 07/31/13
Delaware State Route 4 West Delaware State Route 7 South
A 2017-installed mileage sign for Christiana and Dover stands along Main Street after the merge of SR 4 west / SR 7 south. 12/21/17
Main Street west combines with Mitch Road east ahead of the SR 4/7 intersection with Telegraph Road. Telegraph Road comprises a local through route in conjunction with Old Capitol Trail or St. James Church Road north to SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway). 12/21/17
SR 4/7 expand into a six-lane, controlled access arterial south ahead of Delaware Park Boulevard. 12/21/17
Delaware Park Boulevard loops west through Delaware Park to SR 4 and SR 58 near Christiana Hospital. Delaware Park is home to thoroughbred racing, a casino with slot machine gambling and an 18 hole golf course. 12/30/16
A lone confirming marker for SR 4 stands at the bridge across White Clay Creek. The Stanton bypass was constructed in the 1980s to replace a narrow and flood prone stretch of Stanton Christiana Road to the east. 09/27/14
The first of two connectors linking SR 4/7 with their old alignment along Stanton Christiana Road ties into the six-lane bypass south of White Clay Creek. A concrete arch bridge remains in use for a multi use path along the old alignment nearby. 12/21/17
Shields for SR 7 south / SR 4 west stand ahead of the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor underpass. These were posted in 2017. 12/21/17
SR 7 continues south from the forthcoming split with SR 4 west to a parclo interchange with SR 58 (Churchmans Road). Exit 166 represents the north end of SR 1 leading south to Dover, Milford and the Delaware Beaches. 12/21/17
The Stanton Bypass directly overlaid the original SR 4 alignment along Ogletown Stanton Road to the west of its merge with SR 7. The six-lane arterial overtakes Stanton Christiana Road south from Stanton Industrial Park through Churchmans Crossing. 12/30/16
SR 4/7 split at the ensuing intersection with Stanton Ogletown Road west and the entrance to Morgan Christiana Center 09/27/14
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2 photos
SR 4 resumes a westward course as a four-lane arterial to Christiana Hospital, Ogletown and south Newark. SR 7 combines with SR 1 in 0.4 miles ahead of the junction with Interstate 95 and Christiana. 12/30/16
Delaware State Route 4 West
SR 4 advances west from SR 7 by an array of office parks toward Christiana Hospital. 12/29/18
Twin C Lane links with a residential area along Stanton Ogletown Road (old SR 4) north from SR 4 at Centurian Drive. 12/29/18
The pre-1980s alignment of SR 4, Ogletown Stanton Road converges with SR 4 across from Old Churchmans Road. 12/29/18
Continuing through Churchmans Crossing, SR 4 (Stanton Ogletown Road) next meets SR 58 (Churchmans Road) at Delaware Park Boulevard. 12/29/18
SR 58 constitutes a well traveled arterial route linking Christiana Hospital with I-95 and SR 1. 12/29/18
Delaware Route 58 (Churchmans Road) runs 3.86 miles east from SR 4 to SR 273 near Hares Corner. 12/29/18
Hygeia Drive ties into SR 4 from Omega Professional Center across from the north entrance to Christiana Hospital. 12/24/17
Reassurance marker posted west of Hygeia Drive. SR 4 continues by Christiana Hospital to the Rutherford subdivision and Westgate Corporate Center. 12/24/17
Commuter traffic joins Stanton Ogletown Road from Samoset Drive, the lone entrance to Westgate Corporate Center. 12/24/17
SR 4 (Stanton Ogletown Road) advances west to the commercialized intersection with Harmony Road. 12/24/17
Harmony Road links SR 4 with SR 273 (Christiana Road) at I-95 through the Hillside Heights and Tanglewood communities. Leading north across AMTRAK's Northeast Corridor, Harmony Road comprises a controlled access two-lane roadway to SR 2 (Capitol Trail). 12/24/17
Leading west from Harmony Road, SR 4 passes south of the Harmony Woods community to Ogletown. 12/22/20
Prides Crossing arcs west from Allandale Drive to connect SR 4 with Red Mill Road north. Red Mill Road formerly intersected the state route directly, but was severed due to construction of the interchange with SR 273 in 1997. 12/22/20
A pedestrian bridge spans SR 4 west of this reassurance marker at Prides Crossing. The state route passes by the former MBNA complex here. 12/22/20
A parclo interchange joins SR 4 (Ogletown Road) with SR 273 beyond the former MBNA complex. 12/22/20
A loop ramp takes traffic from SR 273 west onto SR 4 at Christiana Road ahead. Completion of the new SR 273 alignment in 1997 bypassed Ogletown Road, removing a short and congested overlap with SR 4. 12/22/20
SR 4 (Ogletown Road) west next intersects Salem Church Road south and ramps to SR 273. SR 273 constitutes a multi state route with MD 273 west from Newark to Rising Sun and east to Christiana and New Castle. 12/22/20
Salem Church Road extends south from SR 273 and Ogletown Road to Old Baltimore Pike and suburban areas along the U.S. 40 corridor. 12/22/20
2 photos
2 photos
Motorists turning right split into a ramp for SR 273 (Christiana Road) east to Interstate 95 and a signalized left turn for SR 273 west toward Downtown Newark. 12/22/20, 12/29/17
West from Salem Church Road, SR 4 follows Chestnut Hill Road. 12/26/17
Augusta Drive arcs north through Chestnut Hills Estates to Ogletown Road (old SR 273) from the subsequent westbound signal on SR 4. 12/26/17
Chestnut Hill Road intersects Brennen Drive north to George V. Kirk Middle School and Pearson Drive south at the Todd Estates community. 12/26/17
Old Newark Road provides a local through route north from SR 4 (Chestnut Hill Road) around the Brookside Park community to Marrows Road. 12/26/17
A signalized U-turn links Old Newark Road south with SR 4 (Chestnut Hill Road) east to Ogletown. 12/26/17
Gender Road spurs south from a stoplight with Chestnut Hill Road to the Breezewood subdivision and Gauger-Cobbs Middle School. 12/26/17
A reassurance marker for SR 4 west stands after Gender Road. 12/26/17
Entering the commercialized intersection with Marrows Road north to Newark and Marrows Road Extension south to Chestnut Hill Plaza shopping center and the Scottfield subdivision. 06/04/12
A J-turn intersection connections SR 4 (Chestnut Hill Road) with North and South Kingston Road at the Brookside Park community. 12/26/17
Continuing west through Brookside Park, SR 4 (Chestnut Hill Road) approaches SR 72 (South Chapel Street). Prior to Fall 2013, SR 72 north doubled as SR 2 to SR 273 (Ogletown Road). 12/26/17
SR 72 runs north to Library Avenue through east Newark. The state route combines with SR 2 along Capitol Trail as part of its route north to the Upper Pike Creek Valley. 12/26/17
Confirming marker for SR 4 west posted between SR 72 and the at-grade crossing with a Norfolk Southern Railroad line. 12/22/17
SR 4 straddles the Newark city limits west from the NS Railroad along the Robscott Manor community. 12/22/17
Robscott Turn links Chestnut Hill Road with Robscott Manor to the south. Undeveloped land owned by the University of Delaware spreads to the north. 12/22/17
SR 4 partitions with Old Chestnut Hill Road beyond upcoming Sincock Lane north to the University of Delaware (UD) sports complex. 12/22/17
Bob Carpenter Center, home of UD Blue Hens Basketball, resides to the northeast of the SR 4 (Chestnut Hill Road) intersection with SR 896 south and South College Avenue north. 12/22/17
SR 896 follows South College Avenue south to Interstate 95 and Glasgow. The state route north combines with SR 4 (Christina Parkway) west as part of its bypass of Newark. 12/22/17
South College Avenue represents the main route north to the UD campus and Downtown Newark from the south. SR 896 was realigned from the arterial north of SR 4 in 1988. SR 896 is part of a 55.2 mile long multi state route south to Boyds Corner and north to Smoketown, Pennsylvania. 09/26/14
Delaware State Route 4 West Delaware State Route 896 North
Opened to traffic in September 1983, Christina Parkway leads SR 4/896 west along a controlled access route to Elkton Road (SR 279). 09/26/14
Science Boulevard connects SR 4/896 (Christina Parkway) with the University of Delaware (UD) Science, Technology and Advanced Research Campus. UD purchased the adjacent 272-acre site after the 2008 closure of the Chrysler Assembly Plant. 09/26/14
A lone SR 896 shield remains west of Science Boulevard. It was accompanied by shields for SR 2/4 west prior to 2012. 09/26/14
The last SR 4 westbound shield follows what was the second entrance to the Chrysler Assembly Plant. Christina Parkway reduces to two lanes as it rises to cross the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor. 09/26/14
Christina Parkway arcs northward to intersect Elkton Road at Suburban Plaza shopping center. SR 896 turns north at the forthcoming intersection to follow Elkton Road and South Main Street toward Downtown Newark. Until Fall 2013, Elkton Road was also a part of SR 2 Business. 09/26/14
Lowering from the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor overpass, an end SR 4 shield precedes Elkton Road and Suburban Drive north. Although unmarked along Christina Parkway, SR 279 begins here and lines Elkton Road west to MD 279 and Interstate 95. 09/26/14
SR 896 continues northeast along Elkton Road as part of its multi state route north to Strickersville, Pennsylvania. SR 279 south and MD 279 west lead motorists southwest five miles to Elkton. 09/26/14

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