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Delaware State Route 5 ventures north from Oak Orchard to Milton and SR 1 in eastern Sussex County. The state route serves growing suburban areas off Indian River Bay, with overlaps along SR 24 (John J. Williams Highway) east and SR 23 (Indian Mission Road) north. Beyond the split with SR 23, SR 5 shifts west to the settlements of Andersons Corner and Harbeson before reaching the town of Milton. SR 5 Alternate provides a truck bypass around the west side of Milton while SR 5 follows Federal and Union Streets through the business district. The state route concludes at a rural intersection with SR 1 (Coastal Highway) near Waples Pond.

The alignment of State Route 5 remains unchanged since the 1938 Official Delaware Highway Map. SR 23 was added along side SR 5 by 1994, though the concurrency is poorly posted.

Delaware State Route 5 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 2,318 - River Road (Road 312) to SR 24
  • 18,735 - Oak Orchard Road to Indian Mission Road (SR 23)
  • 5,069 - SR 24 to Hollyville Road
  • 6,088 - Shingle Point Road to south Milton limits
  • 3,392 - SR 16 to SR 1
Delaware State Route 5 North
SR 5 begins as Oak Orchard Road leads northwest from River Road through the Orchard Manor community. 01/16/17
Posted north of Cerise Lane, the first shield for SR 5 references the route as traveling westbound. 01/16/17
SR 5 travels 1.99 miles north from Oak Orchard to merge with SR 24 (John J. Williams Highway) east. SR 24 west follows the northern periphery of Indian River to Millsboro with traffic counts exceeding 30,000 vehicles per day. 01/16/17
Delaware State Route 5 North Delaware State Route 24 East
SR 5 north / SR 24 east overlap for 1.57 miles by a mixture of commercial strip centers and residential subdivisions. SR 24 is omitted from signage along the stretch. 01/16/17
Autumn Road south and Bay Farm Road west come together at this traffic light along John J. Williams Highway north. Bay Farm Road angles southeast to Long Neck Shores and The Peninsula golf course community. 01/16/17
Advancing north, SR 5 parts ways with SR 24 to combine with SR 23 (Indian Mission Road) north toward Fairmont. SR 23 spurs southeast 5.47 miles along Long Neck to end at Masseys Landing. 01/16/17
Entering the commercialized intersection with SR 5/23 (Indian Mission Road) north and SR 23 (Long Neck Road) south on SR 24 (John J. Williams Highway). SR 24 continues northeast to Angola and Midway. 01/16/17
Delaware State Route 5 Delaware State Route 23 North
SR 23 combines with SR 5 north along Indian Mission Road between SR 24 and Beaver Dam Road. Signs posted along the overlap omitted SR 23 by 2015. 01/16/17
SR 5/23 (Indian Mission Road) progress north from Harmons Hill Road by this reassurance marker. 01/16/17
SR 23 branches north onto Beaver Dam Road to Hollymount and Belltown while SR 5 continues to Andersons Corner, Harbeson and Milton. 01/16/17
Delaware State Route 5 North
SR 5 (Harbeson Road) north next crosses paths with former SR 24 Alt. The bannered route followed Hollyville Road west and Hollymount Road east as part of its route between Zoar and Midway. Signs for SR 24 Alt were removed here by 2017. 01/16/17
Mast-arm supported traffic lights were added at Harbeson and Hollyville Roads by 2008. Remaining in flash mode, the intersection was converted to a four-way stop by 2012. 01/16/17
Harbeson Road winds northwest from Hollymount Road to Andersons Corner through forest and farm land. 01/16/17
Entering the community of Harbeson, SR 5 approaches U.S. 9/SR 404 (Lewes Georgetown Highway). Harbeson is home to a poultry plant. 01/16/17
U.S. 9 and SR 404 overlap east to SR 1 at Five Points and west to Downtown Georgetown. Together with MD 404, SR 404 is the preferred east-west route for through traffic between the Delaware beaches and Baltimore-Washington via U.S. 50. 01/16/17
Leaving Harbeson, SR 5 passes by the Beaver Creek subdivision before resuming across open farm land to Round Pole Branch. 01/16/17
Motorists on SR 5 north reach the southern outskirts of Milton by the Heritage Creek and Cannery Village developments. A rural intersection follows with SR 5 Alt (Sand Hill Road) west. 01/16/17
SR 5 Alt, signed here with an added truck banner, circumvents Milton west along a combination of Sand Hill Road, SR 30 and SR 16. 01/16/17
Delaware State Route 5 South
SR 5 branches southwest along Union Street Extension from SR 1 near Waples Pond. 06/18/12
Nearing the Milton town line, SR 5 (Union Street Extension) shifts west at Morrison Avenue Extension. 06/18/12
Trucks headed south to Harbeson via SR 5 are advised to use SR 5 Alt to bypass Downtown Milton. The truck route follows SR 16 west, SR 30 south and Sand Hill Road east along a nearly four mile loop. 06/18/12
Cedar Creek Road winds southeast from SR 30 (Isaacs Road) to end at SR 5 (Union Street Extension) just ahead of both SR 5 Alternate south and SR 16 (Milton Ellendale Highway). 06/18/12
SR 16 (Broadkill Road) leads east from Milton to SR 1 (Coastal Highway) and Broadkill Beach on Delaware Bay. Westward beyond SR 5 Alt, the state route travels 4.8 miles to Ellendale and 14 miles to Greenwood. 06/18/12
Union Street lowers toward the Broadkill River and the Milton Historic District. 06/18/12
SR 5 (Union Street) crosses the Broadkill River on a 24.9 foot long bridge built in 1993.1 06/18/12
Federal Street takes SR 5 south from Union Street and Downtown Milton. 06/18/12
Heading south from Milton, SR 5 follows Harbeson Road to U.S. 9/SR 404. U.S. 9 travels nearly 31 miles across Sussex County, from U.S. 13 at Laurel to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry across Delaware Bay. 06/18/12
Although not displayed here, SR 404 overlaps with U.S. 9 east to SR 1 at Five Points and west to SR 18 in Georgetown. 06/18/12
Speed limits reduce to 25 miles per hour along SR 5 through Harbeson. A poultry plant is located on the west side of the state route in a quarter mile. 01/16/17
Delaware State Route 5 Delaware State Route 23 South
Indian Mission Road travels south by the Independence development toward Harmons Hill Road. The SR 5/23 overlap is not acknowledged in this direction. 01/16/17
Previously a rural crossroads, SR 5/23 (Indian Mission Road) south at Cannon Road south is now set between the Pelican Point and Stonewater Creek developments. 01/16/17
Indian Mission Road south enters the commercialized intersection with SR 24 (John J. Williams Highway). Omitted from this assembly is the southern turn of SR 5 alongside SR 24 for the 1.6 mile overlap to Oak Orchard Road. 01/16/17
Delaware State Route 5 South
The final reassurance marker for SR 5 stands just south of SR 24 (John J. Williams Highway). 01/16/17
SR 5 (Oak Orchard Road) passes between Driftwood Village and the Crossings at Oak Orchard manufactured home communities midway to Oak Orchard. 01/16/17
Speed limits reduce to 25 miles per hour as SR 5 reaches Oak Orchard. 01/16/17
Delaware Avenue stems northeast into the Orchard Manor community as SR 5 ends. 01/16/17
Indian River Bay comes into view as SR 5 concludes at River Road. River Road straddles the Indian River west to Riverdale and the Warwick Park neighborhood. 01/16/17

  1. Red Bridge,

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