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Delaware State Route 7 North
SR 7 extends Dupont Highway north from U.S. 13 and SR 72 at Wrangle Hill. Pictured here is the first confirming marker. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Dupont Highway passes under U.S. 13 & SR 1 just north of Corbitt and an at-grade crossing with the Norfolk Southern Railroad. SR 7 reduces to two lanes below the freeway and shifts to Bear Corbitt Road. Photo taken 04/17/04.
Two portions of old Dupont Highway remain to the east as SR 7 (Bear Corbitt Road) advances north to the community of Red Lion and the junction with SR 71 (Red Lion Road). Photo taken 07/31/13.
SR 71 (Red Lion Road) leads northeast to end at U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) at Tybouts Corner. Photo taken 04/17/04.
SR 71 (Red Lion Road) crosses SR 7 (Bear Corbitt Road) at a sharp angle. SR 71 historically was a part of the split routing of U.S. 301. The state route doubled as U.S. 301 South from Tybouts Corner to the Summit Bridge and Mt. Pleasant. Photo taken 07/31/13.
North from SR 71 and Red Lion, SR 7 (Bear Corbitt Road) passes by a number of Bear area subdivisions starting with Country Woods and Garwood Estates. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Entering the commercialized intersection with U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) on SR 7 (Bear Corbitt Road) north in Bear. Eden Square, Glendale Plaza and Governors Square shopping centers occupy three of the four quadrants of the busy junction. New big box retail was built in the northeast quadrant by 2015. Photo taken 07/31/13.
U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) connects Bear with SR 1 north to I-95 just east of SR 7. The US highway forms the main commercial arterial through Bear west to Glasgow and Elkton, Maryland. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Songsmith Drive loops east and west from SR 7 (Bear Christiana Road) at the succeeding traffic light north of U.S. 40. The suburban road serves Governors Square Townhouses and shopping center nearby. Photo taken 06/17/12.
Reassurance marker for SR 7 north posted after U.S. 40 and Songsmith Drive. Photo taken 06/17/12.
Newtown Road stems west from SR 7 (Bear Christiana Road) to Smalleys Dam Road and a premature end at Brookfield Park. The road was originally planned as a through route west to Salem Church Road. Photo taken 06/17/12.
All of SR 7 north to SR 273 (Christiana Bypass) carries four lanes with the completion of the April 2012 to 2014 widening of the route beyond Newtown Road. Pictured here during construction was the intersection with Rivers End Drive west to the Crofton, Woodbridge and Treelane Terrace neighborhoods. Photo taken 06/17/12.
Back to back signals operate along SR 7 at Christiana Meadows and School Bell Road. School Bell Road comprises a through route east to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). Photo taken 06/17/12.
Nearing Christiana, SR 7 meets SR 273, a controlled access arterial encircling the unincorporated community to the south and west. Photo taken 06/17/12.
The Christiana Bypass for SR 273 was constructed in the mid 1980s to move traffic away from Main Street (SR 7). The east-west route joins Christiana with Ogletown, I-95 and Newark to the west and Hares Corner, U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) and New Castle to the east. Photo taken 06/17/12.
Following East Main Street north from SR 273, SR 7 approaches Christiana. The initial stretch passes just west of SR 1 and a park and ride lot. The carpool facility takes the place of a former section of SR 273. Future road work here will add a roundabout between new ramps with the SR 1 freeway and East Main Street. Photo taken 06/23/12.
SR 7 (East Main Street) crosses the Christina River on a 1937-built bridge and enters Christiana. Photo taken 06/23/12.
SR 7 turns north onto Old Baltimore Pike from Main Street within Christiana. West Main Street (former SR 273) extends west as a local route to the Christiana Town Center retail area. Old Baltimore Pike west emerges from Christiana as a three-lane suburban boulevard to Iron Hill and Elkton, Maryland. Photo taken 06/23/12.
The Stanton Christiana Road frontage road ties into SR 7 midway just beyond the SR 1 freeway end. The west service road represents the old alignment of SR 7. The east road leads back to AAA Boulevard the Stanton Campus of Delaware Technical & Community College (DTCC). Photo taken 06/12/12.
Advancing north, SR 7 (Stanton Christiana Road) meets SR 4 (Stanton Ogletown Road) east by the Morgan Christiana Center office park. SR 4 heads west to Christiana Hospital, Ogletown and Newark. Photo taken 06/12/12.
SR 4 & 7 combine for 1.2 miles north to Stanton. SR 4 west travels 7.5 miles to SR 279 (Elkton Road) in south Newark. Photo taken 06/12/12.
Delaware State Route 4 East Delaware State Route 7 North
Mileage sign posted after the merge of SR 4 east & 7 north for the Pike Creek Valley (four miles via SR 7) and Avondale, Pennsylvania (12 miles via SR 7 to PA 41 north). Photo taken 06/16/12.
Stanton Christiana Road emerges from SR 4 east & 7 north as the old alignment for the state route pair to the east. The local road serves Stanton Industrial Park. Photo taken 06/16/12.
Confirming markers for SR 4 & 7 appear ahead of the AMTRAK Northeastern bridge. The controlled access arterial carries six lanes as it curves east by Delaware Park. Photo taken 06/16/12.
An access road links SR 4 & 7 with the north end of Stanton Christiana Road at this signal. Photo taken 06/16/12.
Delaware Park Boulevard returns to SR 4 from Delaware Park Racetrack and Casino at SR 7 north of White Clay Creek. Photo taken 06/16/12.
Telegraph Road arcs northwest from SR 4 & 7 to St. James Church Road and Old Capitol Trail at the Albion and Bretton Woods communities. Old Capitol Trail provides part of a connection to SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) west. Photo taken 06/16/12.
SR 4 partitions into the couplet of Mitch Road east and Main Street west beyond Telegraph Road. SR 7 turns north at the subsequent intersection to follow Limestone Road north from Stanton. Photo taken 12/22/16.
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2 photos
SR 4 (Mitch Road) continues east from SR 7 (Limestone Road) and Stanton to Newport, Richardson Park and Wilmington. Photos taken 12/22/16.
Delaware State Route 7 North
Curving north, motorists intersect the westbound lanes of SR 4 (Main Street) and the southbound ramp from Limestone Road to Mitch Road east. Photo taken 04/03/04.
A traffic signal operates just north of SR 4 (Main Street) at the entrance to Stanton Middle School and Jane Way east to the Windermere subdivision on SR 7 (Limestone Road). Photo taken 12/30/16.
Back to back traffic lights on SR 7 (Limestone Road) precede the CSX Railroad underpass at Tarry Lane east and Laura Drive west. Photo taken 12/30/16.
A U-turn connects northbound SR 7 with apartments and a mobile home park along the west side of Limestone Road ahead of the intersection with Hendry Avenue east to Klair Estates. Photo taken 12/30/16.
Commercialized frontage lines both sides of Limestone Road to the busy intersection with SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway). Photo taken 12/30/16.
SR 2 expands to six lanes from St. James Church Road nearby, east to Prices Corner and SR 141 (Newport Freeway). Photo taken 12/30/16.
Numerous shopping centers and car dealerships appear along Kirkwood Highway east from Limestone Road through the town of Elsmere. The route ends in northwest Wilmington at SR 52 (Pennsylvania Avenue). Photo taken 12/30/16.
Dual turns lanes take motorists onto SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) westbound. A well traveled commuter route, SR 2 ends in Newark at East Main Street (SR 273). Photo taken 12/30/16.
Northbound reassurance shield for SR 7 (Limestone Road) posted after the intersection with SR 72 (Paper Mill Road). The ensuing 1.1 mile section of SR 7 north to Brackenville and Little Baltimore Roads was expanded to four lanes between 2000 and 2003. Photo taken 04/17/04.
Limestone Road continues north into Chester County, Pennsylvania as an unnumbered road to Pennsylvania 41 at Kaolin. Pennsylvania 41 leads northwest from Hockessin, Delaware to Avondale, Cochranville and U.S. 30 at Gap. Photo taken 12/19/01.

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