SR 9 curves west to the Delaware City refineries to meet Wrangle Hill Road (SR 72) west, Clarks Corner Road south and River Road north. Photo taken 04/04/04.
SR 9 turns north onto River Road as SR 72 begins and leads motorists westward to U.S. 13 and the SR 1 freeway at Wrangle Hill. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Clarks Corner Road angles southwest to Main Street in North St. Georges while Delaware 72 commences a 17.5 mile route northwest toward Glasgow, Bear and the Upper Pike Creek Valley. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Delaware 9 (River Road) cuts across the Delaware City refinery area north from Wrangle Hill Road to Red Lion Creek. Photo taken 08/05/07.
A Delaware 9 reassurance marker appears along side River Road north of Red Lion Creek. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Hamburg Road links Delaware 9 (River Road) with U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) at Tybouts Corner. Trucks headed north to New Castle are advised to use Hamburg Road west and Dupont Highway north in lieu of the ensuing stretch of Delaware 9. Photo taken 08/05/07.
River Road turns more easterly from Hamburg Road between a quarry and the Delaware River at Hamburg Cove. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Federal School Lane connects SR 9 (River Road) with U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) by the Buena Vista State Conference Center. The state route continues by Kirkwood Soccer Complex and Ommelanden Park. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Welcome to New Castle sign posted ahead of Clymer Street. Drivers along Delaware 9 north enter the historic city at the crossing of Army Creek. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 9 shifts onto Seventh Street eastward through the Dobbinsville community of New Castle. A set of flashers hang above the intersection with Center Street. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware 9 turns northwest along Washington Avenue as part of its bypass of New Castle. The former alignment lined Seventh Street, South Street and Sixth Street to the historic district. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Washington Avenue takes SR 9, 0.57 miles north to SR 141 (Basin Road) and SR 273 (Frenchtown Road). SR 141 provides a direct route from New Castle to Interstate 95 near Newport. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Delaware Street leads SR 9 east from Washington Avenue the joint termini of SR 141 and SR 273 along the north side of the New Castle street grid. SR 273 used to run along side SR 9 east to Sixth Street. Most signs for the overlap were removed by 2014. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Chestnut Street curves SR 9 east from Delaware Street to Sixth Street at River Plaza Shopping Center. Delaware Street spurs southeast to Battery Park along the Delaware River. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Delaware 9 rejoins its pre-1987 alignment through New Castle at Chestnut and Sixth Streets. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Chestnut Street extends southeast from Delaware 9 and Sixth Street to Battery Park and the historic ferry landing taking U.S. 40 across the Delaware River to Pennsville, New Jersey. Photo taken 10/03/14.
An end shield for SR 273 remains posted through 2016. The SR 9 and 273 overlap was created by 1987, but was overall redundant. Photo taken 10/03/14.
SR 9 (Sixth Street) crosses Narrow Dyke Canal and expands into a four-lane arterial. Third Street merges with the state route as it turns northward onto Wilmington Road. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Wilmington Road runs through an industrial area to an at-grade crossing with the Norfolk Southern Railroad. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Anchor Mill Road spurs east from this traffic light along SR 9 (Wilmington Road) at Municipal Lane to Twin Spans Business Park. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Beyond the NS line, SR 9 (Wilmington Road) approaches Moores Lane at the Baldton and New Castle Manor communities. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Moores Lane branches west from SR 9 (Wilmington Road) to Boulden Interchange Park, Boulevard Boulevard west to U.S. 13 & 40 (Dupont Highway) and Southgate Industrial Center. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Buttonwood Avenue west and Castle Hill Drive converge at a stoplight with Delaware 9 (Wilmington Road) from the respective Buttonwoods and Castle Hills neighborhoods. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Delaware 9 leaves the New Castle city limits and becomes New Castle Avenue beyond Arbutus Avenue. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Landers Lane angles northwest from Delaware 9 (New Castle Avenue) to the Swanwyck Gardens and Landers Park communities south of Interstate 295. Riverview Drive and Killoran Drive, a north side frontage road, tie into the intersection with Delaware 9 from the Collins Park community to the east. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Stamm Boulevard follows at the succeeding northbound signal to connect Delaware 9 with Crossroads Shopping Center and Swanwyck Estates. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Rodney Drive loops north from Riverview Drive through Collins Park to intersect Delaware 9 next. The adjacent subdivision dates back to 1948. Photo taken 10/03/14.
Cherry Lane stems east from SR 9 (New Castle Avenue) and the I-295 northbound off-ramp to the Delaware War Memorial and Riveredge Industrial Park. Mast arm traffic signals replaced a span wire assembly here between 2000 and 2004. Photo taken 10/03/14.
New Castle Avenue enters a full cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 295 & U.S. 40. The exchange was reconstructed between 1998-2000 with a new bridge deck, pavement and overhead signs. Photo taken 10/03/14.
A collector distributor roadway runs along SR 9 north for the I-295 ramps and the access road to the Delaware River and Bay Authority Administrative (DRBA) offices. Photo taken 10/03/14.
SR 9 northbound at the loop ramp for Interstate 295 south & U.S. 40 west. I-295 south separates with U.S. 40 west at the nearby Farnhurst interchange and merges with I-95 south in 2.5 miles. Photo taken 10/03/14.
SR 9 (New Castle Avenue) leaves the junction with I-295 and the Delaware Memorial Bridge by the older suburbs of Garfield Park and Holloway Terrace. Photo taken 06/02/12.
The landscape of New Castle Avenue becomes more industrial as Delaware 9 lowers to intersect Rogers Road. Rogers Road provides a direct link to U.S. 13 (South Market Street) toward Downtown Wilmington. Photo taken 04/04/04.
SR 9A loops east from SR 9 (New Castle Avenue) on Terminal Avenue to Interstate 495 and the Port of Wilmington, and north back to SR 9 via Christina Avenue. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Vintage mast arm signals along SR 9 (New Castle Avenue) at Eden Park and Claymont Street west. The remnant pedestrian bridge in the distance was eventually demolished. Structures to the west were razed as well. Photo taken 04/04/04.
U.S. 13 & Delaware 9 north
A Street provides the lone east-west through street at Southbridge. A Street connects U.S. 13 & SR 9 with Market Street (U.S. 13 Business) and Christina Avenue (SR 9A). Photo taken 07/31/13.
New Castle Avenue merges onto Heald Street at the intersection with Lobdell Street. U.S. 13 & Delaware 9 (Heald Street) continue north with four lanes from Southbridge to the Christina River and into the East Side neighborhood. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Delaware 9A (Christina Avenue) angles northwest from the Port of Wilmington to end at U.S. 13 & Delaware 9 (Heald Street) at Southbridge.
The SR 9A shield pictured here fell off by 2007. Photo taken 05/15/05.
Delaware 9A forms a two-mile loop from Delaware 9 along Terminal Avenue east to I-495 and the port, and Christina Avenue northwest back to SR 9.
Historically Christina Avenue was once part of a route linking Wilmington with Penns Grove, New Jersey via a ferry crossing. Ferries operated between the two states until 1951, when the Delaware Memorial Bridge opened to traffic. Christina Avenue formerly carried SR 48 eastward from Lancaster Avenue to the ferry until that time. Photo taken 07/31/13.
U.S. 13 & Delaware 9 north curve west from Heald Street across the Christina River onto 4th Street. Photo taken 07/31/13.
A second set of reassurance markers for U.S. 13 & SR 9 appear just ahead of their split at Church Street. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Delaware 9 north
U.S. 13 southbound follows Spruce Street from 11th Street to 4th Street through the East Side community.
All Eagle Flatback signals here were eventually replaced. The mast arm for SR 9 north was replaced with a span wire assembly by 2014. Photo taken 04/04/04.
A Delaware 9 shield assembly stands along 4th Street west ahead of Lombard Street. Lombard Street flows south from the Upper East Side community to Front Street at Wilmington Industrial Park. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Poplar Street is discontinuous at 4th Street. The segment south of this signal is restricted as an access road for the Wilmington Police Department. A parking lot for an adjacent apartment complex ties in from the north. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Delaware 9 and U.S. 13 Business northbound converge at 4th and Walnut Streets by the New Castle County Courthouse. Walnut Street carries the bannered route north with three lanes through the central business district.
This is the only shield for U.S. 13 Business posted along Fourth Street westbound. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Delaware 9 (Fourth Street) northbound at Van Buren Street. The city of Wilmington replaced many of the span-wire supported traffic light assemblies with decorative mast-arm fixtures during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Harrison Street flows southwest from Cool Spring Reservoir to the Hilltop and Hedgeville communities and SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) at Browntown. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Fourth Street rises through the Hilltop neighborhood to next intersect Franklin Street. Franklin Street forms a one-way street north from Browntown and Kosciuszko Park to Delaware Avenue. Photo taken 03/20/04.
The second to last reassurance marker for SR 9 precedes the 4th Street intersection with Clayton Street. Clayton Street leads north to St. Francis Hospital and West Hill. Photo taken 03/20/04.
Dupont Street intersects Delaware 9 one block north of Clayton Street. The southbound only street begins at Lovering Avenue and Brandywine Park and ends at Oak Street and Canby Park. Photo taken 08/05/07.
One of the two remaining Delaware 9 cutouts as of April 2004 was posted on Fourth Street northbound between Dupont and Scott Streets. This assembly was missing by 2007. Photo taken 06/16/00.
Delaware 9 (4th Street) north concludes at the one-way couplet of Delaware 2 (Lincoln Street east / Union Street west). This initial junction shield for Delaware 2 precedes Lincoln Street east into the Little Italy community. Photo taken 03/20/04.
Lincoln Street leads SR 2 east nine blocks to its end at SR 52 (Pennsylvania Avenue). Photo taken 03/20/04.
Westbound SR 2 follows Union Street, one block to the north through the Flats and Union Park Gardens communities. Photo taken 03/20/04.
SR 2 west combines with SR 48 for one block between 2nd and Lancaster Avenues. SR 48 ventures northwest from Wilmington to Hockessin while SR 2 joins Kirkwood Highway west through Elsmere and Prices Corner. Photo taken 03/20/04.
Redevelopment of the northeast corner of 4th and Union Streets claimed the end shield for Delaware 9 posted after Delaware 2. 4th Street extends northwest with four lanes to Greenville Avenue. The street dead ends beyond Ogle Avenue by the Westmoreland community. Photo taken 03/20/04.

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