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Delaware State Route 15 South
SR 15 branches southwest from SR 71/896 (Summit Bridge Road) along Bethel Church Road. This is the first confirming marker. Photo taken 12/16/17.
Approaching SR 286 (Bethel Church Road) on SR 15 southbound. SR 286 was commissioned in 1993 to link SR 15 (Bethel Church Road) with MD 286 (Bethel Road) and South Chesapeake City, Maryland. Bethel Church Road extends west along the state route from SR 15. Photo taken 12/16/17.
The T-intersection at Bethel Church and Choptank Roads was rebuilt into a roundabout as part of a multiyear improvement project along SR 15 south to Middletown. The 4.8 mile project from Summer 2006 to Spring 2010 expanded Choptank Road to two eleven foot travel lanes with five foot shoulders.1 Photo taken 12/16/17.
The previous intersection of SR 15 and SR 286. SR 286 leads west 1.73 miles to become MD 286. MD 286 runs 2.09 miles west to MD 537 (George Street) in South Chesapeake City. Photo taken 08/10/04.
Continuing south from SR 286, SR 15 (Choptank Road) crosses Back Creek to the Back Creek golf course community. Photo taken 12/26/17.
SR 15 (Choptank Road) southbound at Churchtown Road. Churchtown Road stems westward from Mount Pleasant, where SR 71 and SR 896 meet, to the Maryland state line. The two-lane road becomes MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) en route to St. Augustine and Cayots. Photo taken 12/16/17.
The intersection at SR 15 and Churchtown Road was converted into a roundabout during the 2006-10 rebuild of Choptank Road. Photo taken 12/16/17.
SR 15 (Choptank Road) runs along the east side of the Fox Hunter Crossing subdivision south from Churchtown Road and this reassurance marker. Photo taken 12/16/17.
Old School House Road links SR 15 with SR 71/896 (Summit Bridge Road) ahead of this scene along Choptank Road southbound. Photo taken 12/15/17.
Completed in January 2019, SR 15 parallels the U.S. 301 toll road bypassing Middletown southward from Bohemia Mill Road. Photo taken 12/15/17.
A third roundabout added to SR 15 joins the south end of Choptank Road with Bunker Hill Road and the access road to Appoquinimink High School and Bunker Hill Elementary. Photo taken 12/15/17.
SR 15 turns east from Choptank Road along Bunker Hill Road. This scene looks at the state route before construction of the adjacent school complex. Appoquinimink High School opened in 2008. Photo taken 08/10/04.
Construction underway through January 2019 realigned U.S. 301 onto a limited access toll road around Middletown. SR 15 (Bunker Hill Road) crosses over the highway just east of Choptank Road. Photo taken 12/15/17.
Bunker Hill Road expands with a paved median by the Parkway at South Ridge town home community and Bunker Hill Center to SR 299 at Middletown Warwick Road (old U.S. 301) and West Main Street. Middletown Warwick Road north to SR 71 en route to Mount Pleasant. Photo taken 12/15/17.
SR 299 turns east from Middletown Warwick Road (old U.S. 301) onto Main Street opposite SR 15 (Bunker Hill Road). The state route continues to Downtown Middletown and Odessa. U.S. 301 south connects Middletown and New Castle County, Delaware with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (U.S. 50). Photo taken 12/20/16.
SR 15 accompanies SR 299 (Middletown Warwick Road) south for 1.22 miles to Levels Road. SR 71 north to SR 896 across the Summit Bridge leads motorists 15 miles to Interstate 95 at Newark. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Delaware State Route 15 South Delaware State Route 299 West
SR 15 south & 299 west combine through a commercial strip anchored by several big box retail stores. The two routes overlap for 1.22 miles. Photo taken 12/16/17.
SR 299 advances four miles southwest from Middletown to Warwick. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Annapolis, Maryland lie 54 and 65 miles southwest via the continuation of U.S. 301 through the Eastern Shore. Photo taken 12/16/17.
South Ridge Avenue and Diamond State Boulevard come together at SR 15/299 (Middletown Warwick Road) at the succeeding traffic light. South Ridge Avenue provides one of three entrances to the South Ridge development. Photo taken 12/16/17.
Reassurance markers posted along Middletown Warwick Road west after South Ridge Avenue. Photo taken 12/16/17.
Merrimac Avenue acrs southwest from SR 15 (Bunker Hill Road) through the South Ridge development to cross SR 15/299 south to an Amazon Fulfillment Center and Industrial Road. Photo taken 12/16/17.
SR 15 south and SR 299 west split just west of Merrimac Avenue and this shield assembly. Photo taken 12/16/17.
SR 299 was realigned in 2017 to circumvent the nearby U.S. 301 toll road west to Warwick, Maryland. Levels Road leads SR 15 south from the SR 299 intersection with Middletown Warwick Road to Charles E. Price Memorial Park and the suburban south side of Middletown. Photo taken 12/16/17.
Delaware State Route 15 South
Blackbird Forest Road leads south through Blackbird State Forest to cross paths with SR 15 (Vandyke Greenspring Road). A reassurance shield was posted after their intersection at Prices Corner, but was missing by December 2016. Photo taken 06/17/12.
Vandyke Greenspring Road ventures southeast from Prices Corner toward Alley Mill Road. Alley Mill Road forms a rural bypass for Clayton south to SR 6 (Millington Road) by its west split with SR 15 (Alley Corner Road). Photo taken 12/28/16.
More open farm land appears along Vandyke Greenspring Road (SR 15) east between Alley Corner Road and the settlement of Greenspring. Photo taken 12/28/16.
SR 15 turns south at Green Spring to Clayton while Vandyke Greenspring Road continues east to Duck Creek Road north of Smyrna. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Southbound SR 15 reassurance marker posted along Clayton Greenspring Road, 1.22 miles from the Kent County line. Photo taken 12/28/16.
Clayton Greenspring Road carries SR 15 south parallel to a Norfolk Southern Railroad line to Providence Creek, where both enter the town of Clayton. Photo taken 12/28/16.

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