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Delaware State Route 24 East
Maryland 348 (Laurel Road) curves southeast from the town of Sharptown to become SR 24 (Sharptown Road). The first eastbound shield for SR 24 appears at the split with Rider Road. Photo taken 03/23/03.
SR 24 continues east from U.S. 13 (Sussex Highway) along Laurel Road. The rural highway connects Laurel with Trap Pond State Park in four miles and Millsboro in 14 miles. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 24 (Laurel Road) passes through the community of Sandy Fork at Shiloh Church Road. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Continuing south, SR 24 (Laurel Road) runs across agricultural and forest land north of James Branch Nature Preserve over a three mile course. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Crossing Gordon Branch, drivers pass by this reassurance marker for SR 24. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Eastbound SR 24 reaches the settlement of Pepper and Trap Pond Road south. Trap Pond State Park lies a short distance to the south. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Reassurance marker posted after the intersection with Little Hill Road on SR 24 east. Little Hill Road branches southward from Laurel Road to run along the east side of Trap Pond State Park. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Whaleys Road meanders north from Whitesville, Pepperbox and Trap Pond State Park to intersect SR 24 at Whaleys Crossroads. East Trap Pond Road extends north from the junction to Hitchens Crossroads, Jones Crossroads (SR 20) and U.S. 113 in Georgetown. Photo taken 01/16/17.
2.3 miles further east along Laurel Road, SR 24 intersects Lowes Crossing Road south to Gumboro at the settlement of Lowes Crossroads. Photo taken 01/16/17.
A 2.8 mile straight away on SR 24 east concludes as the state route meets SR 30 (Millsboro Highway). SR 30 combines with SR 24 northward from the Maryland state line and Gumboro. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 30 connects with SR 26 (Nine Foot Road) east at Shaft Ox Corner, 0.92 miles to the south. SR 26 proceeds east from there to Dagsboro and ultimately Bethany Beach. SR 24 & 30 otherwise share a 5.81 mile concurrency north to U.S. 113 at Millsboro. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 24 & 30 east
Advancing north toward the settlement of Mission, SR 24 & 30 overlap for 5.81 miles to Millsboro. Photo taken 01/15/17.
A staggered intersection joins SR 24 & 30 (Millsboro Highway) with Conaway Road north and Mission Road south. Conaway Road travels north from Mission to SR 20 at Workmans Corners. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Millsboro Highway makes a straight away north across farm land between Mission and Phillips Hill. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Another set of shields for SR 24 & 30 east appear after Millsboro Highway intersects Careys Camp Road. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Motorists along SR 24 & 30 east reach the community of Phillips Hill at Revel and Phillips Hill Roads. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Several rural subdivisions spread to the east and north as SR 24 & 30 near the west side of Millsboro. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Eastbound shield assembly for SR 24 & 30 posted after Lewis Road north and Mumford Road south and just ahead of the Millsboro town line. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Passing just south of the Plantation Lake I subdivision, SR 24 & 30 curve east along Laurel Road to U.S. 113 in Millsboro. Photo taken 01/15/17.
U.S. 113 represents the primary highway through the interior of Sussex County south to Dagsboro and the Ocean City, Maryland vicinity and north to Milford. Photo taken 01/15/17.
U.S. 113 (Dupont Boulevard) travels west of Downtown Millsboro along a commercial arterial. Beyond Millsboro, the four lane divided highway becomes rural both south to Selbyville and north to Georgetown. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Prior to 2004, U.S. 113 extended north to Dover. The route south ends at U.S. 13 in Pocomoke City, Maryland. Photo taken 01/15/17.
SR 24 & 30 turn northeast onto Washington Street from U.S. 113 (Dupont Highway) to Downtown Millsboro. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Main Street north separates from Washington Street to form a one-way couplet through Downtown Millsboro. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Northbound SR 24 & 30 (Main Street) north at the traffic light with State Street. State Street follows the Indian River southeast to Iron Branch Road and west to nearby W.B. Atkins Memorial Park. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Main and Washington Streets combine ahead of the Indian River. SR 24 & 30 span the waterway on a 1981-bridge. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Beyond the Indian River and Millsboro, SR 30 splits with SR 24 (John J. Williams Highway) and travels north to Zoar and Milford. Photo taken 06/18/12.
SR 24 veers east from SR 30 (Gravel Hill Road) along John J. Williams Highway to Angola and Midway. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Delaware State Route 24 East
A set of flashers advise caution as SR 24 (John J. Williams Highway) slows through the vicinity of the Mountaire Farms poultry plant. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 24 expands to include a continuous center turn lane between the two sides of the Mountaire Farms poultry plant. Photo taken 01/16/17.
A pedestrian bridge spans SR 24 from the main parking area of the Mountaire Farms Millsboro complex just ahead of Longwood Pond and Swan Creek. Photo taken 01/16/17.
A trailblazer directs motorists eastward along SR 24 after Swan Creek to the Cape May Lewes Ferry. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Progressing east, SR 24 (John J. Williams Highway) passes through the rural community of Warwick before making an S-curve and turning northeast through increasingly suburban areas to SR 5 (Oak Orchard Road). Photo taken 01/16/17.
No shields are posted for the spur of SR 5 (Oak Orchard Road) south to the Oak Orchard community off Indian River. Mt. Joy Road stems northwest from the traffic light west to SR 30 and Mt. Joy. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Delaware State Route 5 North Delaware State Route 24 East
SR 5 north & 24 east overlap for 1.57 miles by a mixture of commercial strip centers and residential subdivisions. SR 24 is omitted from signage along the stretch. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Autumn Road south and Bay Farm Road west come together at this traffic light along John J. Williams Highway north. Bay Farm Road angles southeast to Long Neck Shores and The Peninsula golf course community. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Advancing north, SR 5 parts ways with SR 24 to combine with SR 23 (Indian Mission Road) north toward Fairmont. SR 23 spurs southeast 5.47 miles along Long Neck to end at Masseys Landing. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Entering the commercialized intersection with SR 5 & 23 (Indian Mission Road) north and SR 23 (Long Neck Road) south on SR 24 (John J. Williams Highway). SR 24 continues northeast to Angola and Midway. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Delaware State Route 24 East
Continuing northeast along John J. Williams Highway, SR 24 is unmarked from SR 23 to the Baywoods golf course community. An overpass carries golf carts about the state route ahead of Greens Way. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 24 veers east across Pine Water Neck to the community of Angola and intersection with Hollymount Road west and Sloan Road east. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Motorists along SR 24 east cross Burton Pond just to the west of the Angola by the Bay community. A traffic light follows with Angola Road east and Robinsonville Road north. Angola Road serves an array of communities spreading eastward along Angola Neck toward Rehoboth Bay. Photo taken 01/16/17.
A reassurance shield for SR 24 east appears at Angola Road as John J. Williams Highway parallels a wooded area along Sarah Run. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Camp Arrowhead Road stems south from SR 24 and Fairfield Road, the entrance to the Fox Hollow subdivision, to Marshtown and Burton Point at the southern tip of Angola Neck. Photo taken 01/16/17.
East from Camp Arrowhead, drivers pass by another shield for SR 24 and approach Love Creek. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Built in 1992, the Eugene D. Bookhammer Bridge carries SR 24 across Love Creek. Love Creek flows south to the open waters of Rehoboth Bay nearby. Photo taken 01/16/17.
The signalized intersection along SR 24 for Beacon Middle School doubles as the main access point for the new Love Creek Elementary School under construction in 2017. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Remaining agricultural areas await development as SR 24 advances northeast to SR 1D (Plantation Road). Photo taken 01/16/17.
Unmarked at the traffic light with Plantation Road north and Warrington Road south, SR 1D turns north from SR 24 (John J. Williams Highway) to SR 23 at Belltown. Plantation Road was also formerly a part of SR 24 Alt. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Delaware State Route 1D South Delaware State Route 24 East
SR 24 reassurance marker posted after the merge with SR 1D south. John J. Williams Highway expands with a center turn lane to Bryn Mawr Drive and the Maplewood subdivision. Photo taken 01/16/17.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 1D south combines with SR 24 (John Williams Parkway) east for a 0.72 mile overlap to their joint terminus at SR 1 (Coastal Highway). A pair of end shields were posted for the two routes; a replacement made by 2008 combined the assembly. Photo taken 02/18/02. Second photo taken 01/16/17.
Construction in 2016-17 for a new Royal Farms gas station at the southwest corner of SR 24 at Coastal Highway removed both sign assemblies for SR 1. Coastal Highway heads northwest toward Lewes and Five Points and south to Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach. Photo taken 01/16/17.

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