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Delaware State Route 1D North Delaware State Route 24 West
John J. Williams initially carries four overall lanes from SR 1 (Coastal Highway) to Hudson Way and the north entrance to Rehoboth Mall. Future road work will extend the four lane section of SR 24 south to the split with SR 1D (Plantation Road). Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 1D partitions with SR 24 west for Plantation Road to run along the west side of the Midway and Five Points area. The route formerly overlapped with SR 24 Alternate, though remnant signage is still posted. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Plantation Road provides an alternate route to SR 1 northward to SR 23 south at Belltown. Warrington Road ties into the traffic light with SR 24 from Old Landing Road and the Breezewood subdivision. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Delaware State Route 24 West
SR 24 (Laurel Road) west enters Sandy Fork at Shiloh Church Road. The rural community may be best known as the hometown of professional wrestling's Briscoe Brothers. Photo taken 01/16/17.
4th Street takes SR 24 west from U.S. 13 (Sussex Highway) to Market Street through Laurel. No confirming marker is posted on this stretch. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Entering the town limits of Laurel, speed limits lower to 25 miles per hour as SR 24 makes an S-curve from King Street across Copper Branch. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Fourth Street west ahead of Willow Street. Willow Street crosses Records Pond Dam to the north. Photo taken 01/15/17.
An older shield assembly appears at the curve of SR 24 west from 4th Street to Market Street. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Drivers encounter the first of two traffic lights along Market Street west through Downtown Laurel at Delaware Avenue. Delaware Avenue arcs northeast to U.S. 13 at Sycamore Road. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Central Avenue (historic U.S. 13 Alternate) bisects Downtown Laurel south to Laurel High School and north across Broad Creek to Seaford Road. Photo taken 01/15/17.
SR 24 narrows on the curve leading southwest from Central Avenue to West Street. An at-grade Norfolk Southern Railroad crossing lies ahead. Photo taken 01/15/17.
SR 24 (West Street) west at 6th Street. Beyond the town line, 6th Street becomes Portsville Road en route to the rural community Portsville. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Hastings Drive splits from West Street as SR 24 exits Laurel along Sharptown Road west. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Continuing west, SR 24 (Sharptown Road) passes by the Holly Woods Park subdivision after Little Creek. The remainder of the 6.6 mile drive to Maryland is rural. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Laurel Airport (N06) resides at the corner of SR 24 (Sharptown Road) with Airport Road west and Dickerson Road south. Photo taken 01/15/17.
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2 photos
SR 24 resembles a canopy road leading west from Horsey Church Road to a point just past Old Hickory Road. Photos taken 01/15/17.
A reassurance marker for SR 24 stands west of Old Hickory Road. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Mount Pleasant Road heads north from SR 24 to Portsville, where Shell Bridge Road links the road with the town of Bethel. Photo taken 01/15/17.
SR 24 follows a linear alignment west past Elm Grove Road and this shield assembly. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Approaching Columbia Road on Sharptown Road west. Columbia Road links SR 24 with Columbia and SR 54 south at Packing House Corner. Photo taken 01/15/17.
The last shield for SR 24 west is posted after Columbia Road. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Rider Road converges with a tree lined section of Sharptown Road just ahead of the Maryland state line. Photo taken 01/15/17.
Maryland 348 (Laurel Road) takes over for the ending SR 24 west. The state route curves northwest along a 1.39-mile alignment to Maryland 313 at the Sharptown bypass. Photo taken 01/15/17.

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