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SR 24 Alternate was a 17.7 mile route cobbled together from an assortment of rural highways and overlaps with SR 23 north to Belltown and along SR 1D east to Midway in coastal Sussex County. The route originated from U.S. 113 near Stockley and traveled east across agricultural areas to Zoar and Hollyville before turning north along side SR 23 through growing suburban areas.

The designation was recommended in the Route 24 Planning Study for Speedway and Zoar Roads, as cited on the Project Need display board at the October 20, 2008 public workshop for the Zoar Road, Speedway Road and Bethesda Road Intersection Improvement Project SR 24 Alt was previously posted at its turns and junctions with other state routes in 2012. By 2017, all signs for the route were removed west of SR 23 (Beaver Dam Road). North from Hollymount Road, a few shields for SR 24 Alt remained posted along the overlaps with SR 23 (Beaver Dam Road) and SR 1D (Plantation Road), though mostly on older assemblies.

SR 24 Alternate first appeared on the Official Delaware Highway Map in 2006.
Former Delaware State Route 24 Alternate East
Wood Branch Road provided the connection to SR 24 Alt east from U.S. 113 north by Georgetown Speedway. A trailblazer for SR 24 Alt was previously posted along Speedway Road leading east from this intersection. 01/16/17
Speedway Road led SR 24 Alt east to Zoar Road beyond the intersection with Bethesda Road. 01/16/17
An SR 24 Alt shield assembly was formerly posted after Speedway Road on Zoar Road eastbound. 01/16/17
Zoar Road angles southeast across farm land to intersect Governor Stockley Road. 01/16/17
Zoar Road crosses paths with SR 30 (Gravel Hill Road) at the settlement of Zoar. 01/16/17
The shield for SR 24 Alt east was removed from this array for SR 30. SR 30 travels north-south from Millsboro to Milford. 01/16/17
A set of flashers accompany the four-way stop at Zoar Road and SR 30 (Gravel Hill Road). 01/16/17
The trailblazer for SR 24 Alt east at Zoar was removed after 2008. 01/16/17
SR 24 Alt turned north onto Hollyville Road from the intersection of Zoar Road east with Harmons Hill Road west. 01/16/17
Mast-arm supported traffic lights were added at the crossroads of SR 24 Alt and SR 5 (Harbeson Road) by 2008. The lights remain in flash mode for a four-way stop through 2017. The intersection is otherwise unmarked as SR 5 leads north to Milton and south to Oak Orchard. 01/16/17
Hollymount Road extended SR 24 Alt east from Harbeson Road to SR 23 at Beaver Dam Road. Shields on Hollymount Road for SR 24 Alt were taken down. 01/16/17
Former Delaware State Route 24 Alternate West
Hollymount Road becomes Hollyville Road west of SR 5 (Harbeson Road). SR 24 Alt was previously posted eastbound here, while references to SR 5 were never signed. 01/16/17
Leading away from Harbeson Road, Hollyville Road carried SR 24 Alt southwest to Zoar Road. 01/16/17
Zoar Road extended SR 24 Alt west from Hollyville and Harmons Hill Road to Zoar. The route was well marked at this turn in 2012. 01/16/17
Zoar Road emerges from a forested stretch ahead of Fieldwood Drive and farm land spreading west to Lawson Road. 01/16/17
Approaching SR 30 (Gravel Hill Road), Zoar Road (old SR 24 Alt) passes by the Zoar Estates subdivision. 01/16/17
SR 30 leads south to Millsboro, where it combines with SR 24 southwest. North from Zoar, the state route continues along a rural route to Jefferson Crossroads. A confirming marker for SR 24 Alt once stood to the west. 01/16/17

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