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Delaware State Route 48 West
SR 48 commences along E 2nd Street westbound from U.S. 13 Business (Walnut Street) north. Intersecting French Street south, the state route is unmarked along the initial stretch. Photo taken 12/30/18.
The first confirming marker for SR 48 was posted between French Street and U.S. 13 Business (King Street) south in the LOMA district of Wilmington. The assembly was removed with the addition of a fence around the adjacent parking lot by Fall 2016. Photo taken 03/30/04.
U.S. 13 Business follows King Street south to E 2nd Street, where it shifts one block west onto Market Street via Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Photo taken 12/30/18.
U.S. 13 Business overtakes Market Street one block south of SR 48 (2nd Street) ahead of the Wilmington Train Station and bridge across the Christina River. Photo taken 12/30/18.
SR 48 (W 2nd Street) proceeds one block westbound to Shipley Street. Street prefixes in Wilmington change from east to west at Market Street. Photo taken 12/30/18.
SR 48 intersects Orange Street by the Delaware Technical Community College - Wilmington Campus. Photo taken 12/30/18.
Tatnall Street flows south from Downtown Wilmington to intersect SR 48 (W 2nd Street) at the succeeding traffic light. Photo taken 12/30/18.
West Street runs north from the Wilmington Waterfront to SR 48 by Wilmington Fire Station #1. Photo taken 12/30/18.
Washington Street provides the last connection from SR 48 (W 2nd Street) onto adjacent MLK, Jr. Boulevard for the flyover ramps to Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/30/18.
Lowering from the Quaker Hill area, 2nd Street intersects Madison Street at West Center City. Madison Street heads north from Frawley Stadium and the Riverfront to Justison Landing. SR 4 overlays the street for one block between Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (SR 48 east) to end at SR 48 west. Photo taken 12/30/18.
Westbound SR 4 begins at SR 48 (2nd Street) and Monroe Street. Monroe Street leads the route two blocks south to Maryland Avenue. SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) provides the gateway into Wilmington east from Newport and Richardson Park. Photo taken 12/30/18.
A detour shield for I-95 north directed motorists onto forthcoming Adams Street by 2004. By 2007, the north assembly remained without an arrow. Photo taken 12/20/17.
A flyover ramp shuttles motorists from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard west onto I-95 north above the intersection of 2nd and Adams Streets. Adams and Jackson Streets form frontage streets for both the Wilmington Viaduct and the below grade section of I-95 east to Happy Valley. Photo taken 12/30/16.
On-ramps from 2nd Street west and Lancaster Avenue east combine along the Wilmington Viaduct as Interstate 95 south leads toward I-295 and SR 141 near Newport. The ramps represented a temporary beginning of I-95 south from when the freeway initially opened between the Delaware Turnpike and Wilmington. Photo taken 12/30/18.
The I-95 Rehabilitation project from I-495 to the Brandywine River Bridge underway through Summer 2023 reconfigures the on-ramp from SR 48 to I-95 southbound with a extra receiving lane. An additional lane will also be constructed along 2nd Street between Adams and the entrance ramp. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Jackson Street flows south from SR 48 (2nd Street) west through the Hedgeville community to SR 4 (Maryland Avenue). Photo taken 12/30/16.
2nd Street gains elevation through the Hilltop community. An array of street level signals operate at Van Buren Street north. Photo taken 12/30/16.
A one-way street south to Hedgeville and Browntown, Harrison Street represents the last of the Presidential street series along 2nd Street west. Photo taken 12/30/16.
SR 48 (2nd Street) north at Franklin Street. Franklin Street runs north from Kosciuszko Park to Cool Spring. Photo taken 12/30/16.
2nd Street levels out at Broom Street. Broom Street heads south from SR 48 to the St. Elizabeth Area and SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) just outside the Wilmington city limits. Photo taken 12/30/16.
Rodney Street carries two way traffic from Bayard Square and SR 48 (Lancaster Avenue) north to West Hill and Delaware Avenue. Photo taken 12/30/16.
SR 48 (2nd Street) west at Clayton Street. Clayton Street travels one way north to Trolley Square and Brandywine Park. Photo taken 12/30/16.
A trailblazer for SR 2 appears along SR 48 (2nd Street) by Judy Johnson Park. SR 2 is located three blocks ahead. Photo taken 12/30/16.
Dupont Street leads south from 2nd Street to Oak Street and Canby Park. Photo taken 12/30/16.
Approaching the Flats neighborhood on 2nd Street (SR 48) west at Scott Street. Photo taken 12/30/16.
A weather worn shield precedes the couplet of SR 2 along Lincoln Street east and Union Street west on SR 48 (2nd Street) west. Photo taken 12/30/16.
Lincoln Street takes SR 2 east from Canby Park to Little Italy and SR 52 (Pennsylvania Avenue). Photo taken 12/30/16.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 48 west dog legs alongside SR 2 (Union Street) west to connect with Lancaster Avenue north. Photos taken 12/30/16.
SR 2 (Union Street) connects Wilmington with Elsmere and Kirkwood Highway west to Prices Corner and Newark. Lancaster Avenue carries two-way traffic along the remainder of SR 48 through northwest Wilmington. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Confirming marker for SR 48 west posted at Lancaster Avenue and Bancroft Parkway just beyond SR 2 (Union Street). Bancroft Parkway is a landscaped roadway connecting the Union Park Gardens and Flats neighborhoods. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Lancaster Avenue west at Woodlawn Avenue, the Union Park Gardens community and Cathedral Cemetery. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Spanning a CSX Railroad line, SR 48 (Lancaster Avenue) lowers into the intersection with Greenhill Avenue. Greenhill Avenue is an urban collector joining the Greenhill, Wawaset Heights and Highlands neighborhoods in northwest Wilmington. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Lancaster Avenue expands to four lanes beyond Greenhill Avenue. A reassurance marker for SR 48 was formerly posted north of Greenhill Avenue until 2012. Photo taken 03/29/04.
Advancing through the Greenhill neighborhood, SR 48 (Lancaster Avenue) intersects Cleveland Avenue south to Colonial Park and north to Westmoreland and Mack Park. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Separate branches of Dupont Road tie into SR 48 (Lancaster Avenue) at the Wilmington city line. Unmarked on Lancaster Avenue westbound, Dupont Road south into Elsmere is a part of SR 100. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Delaware State Route 48 West Delaware State Route 100 North
SR 48/100 combine for 0.92 miles from the Wilmington city line to SR 141 at Barley Mill Plaza. Prior to 1989, SR 100 turned onto N Dupont Road through Westover Hills to SR 52. A truck restriction was enacted along Dupont Road at that time, resulting in the SR 100 overlaps with SR 48 and 141. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Beyond the Wilmington city line and North Dupont Road (old SR 100), Lancaster Avenue becomes Lancaster Pike. SR 48/100 next cross the Delaware Valley Railroad at-grade. Photo taken 12/20/17.
The succeeding traffic light along SR 48/100 (Lancaster Pike) operates at A Street, entrance to Lancaster Pike Market. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Lancaster Pike intersects the entrance roads for Barley Mill Plaza and Delledonne Corporate Center at this traffic light. Photo taken 12/20/17.
SR 100 separates from SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) and combines with SR 141 (Centre Road) 1.4 miles northeast to Greenville. SR 48 continues west toward Hockessin. Photo taken 12/20/17.
SR 141 (Centre Road) encircles Wilmington and Elsmere southwest to Newport and east across the Tyler McConnell Bridge to Fairfax. The state route crosses SR 48 as a controlled access arterial, with the wide right of way here originally reserved for a grade separation with Lancaster Pike. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Delaware State Route 48 West
A confirming marker is missing for SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) west after SR 100/141 (Centre Road). Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) west at Centerville Road. Centerville Road heads south through Little Falls Centre business park to Prices Corner and north between the high end Stonewold and Sedgely Farms subdivisions to Hoopes Reservoir. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Lancaster Pike continues with four lanes and a grassy median west from Centerville Road. Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 48 makes a sweeping curve west ahead of the Wilmington & Western Railroad grade crossing and a bridge across Red Clay Creek. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Dual turn lanes coincide with a lane drop for Lancaster Pike westbound at Hercules Road. Named after the former Hercules Country Club, Hercules Road connects SR 48 with SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) and Millcreek Road to the west. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Loveville Road extends north from McKennans Church Road and SR 41 across SR 48 (Lancaster PIke) to Old Wilmington Road. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Lancaster Pike merges with SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) at a wye intersection built in the 1950s. Photo taken 12/20/16.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 41 overtakes Lancaster Pike north from SR 48 and the Church Hill subdivision to Hockessin and the Pennsylvania state line. The multi state route leads northwest to Avondale, Cochranville, Christiana and U.S. 30 at Gap. Photos taken 12/23/18.

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