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Delaware State Route 71 North
Summit Bridge Road carries just two lanes from the north side of Middletown to Mount Pleasant. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Glasgow and Newark lie ten and 16 miles ahead respectively via SR 71 (Summit Bridge Road) north to SR 896. The distance to Wilmington references the SR 896 interchange with I-95 north. Photo taken 12/16/17.
Springmill Drive winds westward from SR 71 to Middletown Corporate Center and the Springmill development from a traffic light near the north end of Middletown. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Armstrong Corner Road extends Marl Pit Road west from SR 71 (Summit Bridge Road) to SR 15 (Choptank Road) at this signal. Marl Pit Road arcs east to the Parkside and Brick Mill Park developments. Photo taken 12/29/17.
A dumbbell interchange (Exit 5) will connect the U.S. 301 toll road with SR 71 (Summit Bridge Road) just north of Armstrong Corner and Marl Pit Roads. The U.S. 301 toll road mainline otherwise turns northeast across SR 71 (Summit Bridge Road) en route to SR 1 near the Biddles Corner Toll Plaza. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Entering Mount Pleasant, SR 71 (Summit Bridge Road) merges with SR 896 north at Boyds Corner and Churchtown Roads. Photo taken 12/29/16.
SR 896 (Boyds Corner Road) represents the pre-1993 alignment of U.S. 301 between Mount Pleasant and U.S. 13. Churchtown Road extends west from the route by a number of large lot subdivisions to Maryland 310 and St. Augustine. Photo taken 12/16/17.
SR 71 & 896 north
SR 71 and 896 combine northward from Churchtown Road and expand to four lanes ahead of Summit Airport (EVY) and Summit Bridge. Photo taken 12/29/17.
SR 896 was expanded to four overall lanes from Mount Pleasant to Interstate 95 at south Newark by 1996. U.S. 301 formerly overlapped with the route for seven miles to U.S. 40 at Glasgow.
A signal added here in Spring 2008 serves adjacent service roads for businesses built along both sides of Summit Bridge Road. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Victoria Drive ties into SR 71 & 896 (Summit Bridge Road) from the Summit Pond subdivision opposite the south end of Summit Airport (EVY). Photo taken 12/29/17.
A lone reassurance marker follows as Summit Bridge Road advances north from Beaston Road by Summit Airport. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Old Summit Bridge Road branches north from SR 71 & 896 to the community of Summit Bridge. Old Summit Bridge Road was the alignment of SR 71 and 896 until 1960. Photo taken 12/29/17.
SR 71/896 curve westward from Old Summit Bridge Road to Bethel Church Road (SR 15) on the approach to the Summit Bridge across the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Approaching the north end of SR 15 (Bethel Church Road) on SR 71-896 northbound. The state route parallels Summit Bridge Road to the west from Middletown. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Bethel Church Road leads SR 15 west to a roundabout with SR 286 at Choptank Road. SR 286 stems west from there to MD 286 and Chesapeake City. Photo taken 12/29/17.
An additional section of Bethel Church Road angles west from Old Summit Bridge Road to SR 71 & 896 north across the Summit Bridge. Photo taken 12/20/16.
SR 71 & 896 resume a northward heading from SR 15 onto the Summit Bridge. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Steel support members of the Summit Bridge were repainted from gray to blue in 2012. The span accommodates four overall lanes and partial shoulders that are open to bicyclists. Photo taken 06/10/12.
Maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Summit Bridge is a continuous steel thru truss bridge. Photo taken 12/27/17.
2 photos
2 photos
Spanning the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, together with the approaches, the Summit Bridge comprises a two mile long limited access expressway. Photos taken 12/26/17.
The Summit Bridge was completed in 1960 as part of a 1954 Canal authorization plan. Photo taken 12/26/17.
An overpass separates Chesapeake City Road from SR 71/896 between Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery and the continuation of SR 71 along Red Lion Road. The rural road becomes Maryland 285 west into Chesapeake City. Photo taken 12/26/17.
SR 71 (Red Lion Road) separates with SR 896 (Summit Bridge Road) at the north end of the Summit Bridge expressway. Photo taken 12/26/17.
SR 896 continues northward to Glasgow and Newark while SR 71 turns northeast to Kirkwood and Red Lion. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Delaware State Route 71 North
Northbound SR 71 (Red Lion Road) curves south and east around Lums Pond State Park between SR 896 and Kirkwood. Photo taken 12/26/17.
Chesapeake City Road stems west from SR 71 (Red Lion Road) to Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery and Chesapeake City, Maryland. Photo taken 12/29/17.
SR 71 (Red Lion Road) angles northeast from Red Lion to end within the trumpet interchange joining U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) and SR 1. Photo taken 12/30/16.
An end shield formerly marked the northern terminus of SR 71 at Tybouts Corner. It was removed after 2009. Traffic lights were activated here on October 25, 2007. Photo taken 12/15/99.
U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) separates with SR 1 north to State Road, Hares Corner and Wilmington Manor. The US route combines with SR 1 south to SR 72 at Wrangle Hill. Photo taken 12/30/16.

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12/15/99, 06/10/12, 12/20/16, 12/29/16, 12/30/16, 12/16/17, 12/26/17, 12/27/17, 12/29/17 by AARoads

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