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Delaware State Route 92 West
The first confirming marker for SR 92 west stands between U.S. 13 (Philadelphia Pike) and Ridge Road across from the Citisteel / Evraz Claymont Steel Inc site. The steel mill was demolished in 2016 to make way for redevelopment. 12/21/16
Ridge Road stems northward from SR 92 (Naamans Road) to Linwood and Chester, Pennsylvania. Ridge Road northeast to 9th Street in Chester was formerly U.S. 13 Alternate. 12/21/16
A right in right out (RIRO) connection joins Naamans Road westbound with SR 491 (Hickman Road) north. Hickman Road becomes PA 491 (Naamans Creek Road) west in 0.3 miles ahead of Ogden. 12/18/17
Midway between Hickman Road and Interstate 95 is the mostly vacant Tri-State Mall. The west entrance to the shopping center is signalized. 12/21/16
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2 photos
A diamond interchange joins SR 92 (Naamans Road) with Interstate 95 at Claymont. Motorists joining the freeway northbound quickly reach the Pennsylvania Welcome Center at Boothwyn. 12/18/17
SR 92 passes over the southbound beginning of Interstate 495 just ahead of the left turn for the southbound on-ramp to I-95 for Wilmington. There is no access to the Wilmington Bypass from Naamans Road. 12/18/17
Trailblazers for U.S. 202, SR 3 and SR 261 line the north side of SR 92 west of I-95 at Northtowne Plaza shopping center. The sign array was erected in 2000 for the reconstruction of I-95 between I-495 and U.S. 202 (Concord Pike). That project involved separate three month shutdowns of each direction of the freeway. 08/04/04
Peachtree Lane north from the Greentree community and Society Drive south converge with SR 92 (Naamans Road) to the immediate west of I-95. Both roads serve a number of apartment complexes. 12/18/17
Reassurance marker posted westbound after Peachtree Lane / Society Drive. 12/18/17
SR 92 spans a CSX Railroad line between Society Drive and Carpenter Station Road. 12/18/17
Carpenter Station Road stems north from Darley Road to meet SR 92 at the succeeding traffic light westbound. Crossing the Pennsylvania state line, Meetinghouse Road extends northward to Boothwyn. 12/18/17
SR 92 (Naamans Road) climbs westward 118 feet in elevation from Carpenter Station Road to SR 3 (Marsh Road) at Hanbys Corner. 12/18/17
Naamans Road passes between the Longview Farms and Ramblewood subdivisions. The signal at Merribrook Road connects SR 92 with both neighborhoods. 12/18/17
Pin Oak Drive follows on SR 92 (Naamans Road) westbound to the Timbers and Afton subdivisions. 12/18/17
Darley Road winds northwest from Ashbourne Hills, Indianfield and Darleywoods communities to end at SR 92 (Naamans Road). The intersection here was expanded to include signals for a Walgreens built on the north side by 2012. 12/18/17
SR 3 concludes a nearly six mile route from Edgemoor along the Delaware River at the forthcoming intersection with SR 92 (Naamans Road). 12/18/17
This small guide sign for SR 3 south was formerly posted along SR 92 west at Marsh Road. A 15-year widening project along Naamans Road wrapped up with intersection work at SR 3 in 2000. 08/04/04
Marsh Road leads SR 3 south toward the Ardens and north Wilmington. Marsh Road north splits with Zebley Road nearby as a local street to the Afton community and the Rock Creek subdivision in Pennsylvania. 12/18/17
The ensuing westbound signal on SR 92 serves Lancashire Elementary across from Ballymeade Drive and the Ballymeade subdivision. 12/20/16
An array of businesses line Naamans Road west to SR 261 (Foulk Road). Cedar Tree Drive south meets SR 92 at the east entrance to F & N Shopping Village in this scene. 12/20/16
SR 261 forms part of a 6.88 mile long multi state route with PA 261 north to Chelsea and south to Fairfax. 12/20/16
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2 photos
SR 92 (Naamans Road) crosses over the South Branch of Naaman Creek west on the approach to SR 261 (Foulk Road). Expansion of this intersection was completed in 2000. 12/20/16, 12/18/17
Foulk Road expands to four lanes south from SR 92 at Ways Corner to a grade separated interchange with U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) and SR 141 at Blue Ball. SR 92 and 261 comprise the main arterial routes through Brandywine Hundred. 12/20/16
Drivers turning north onto MSR 261 will reach U.S. 322 (Conchester Road) in 2.7 miles. PA 261 crosses paths with PA 491 at Booths Corner nearby. 12/18/17
Continuing west from SR 261 (Foulk Road), DelDOT recorded 20,633 vehicles per day (vpd) on SR 92 (Naamans Road) in 2017. 12/18/17
The succeeding traffic light along SR 92 west is with Northgate Road to the Northminster and Channin subdivisions and Mousley Place south to the Naamans Gardens and Beacon Hill neighborhoods. 12/18/17
Ebright Road stems north from SR 92 (Naamans Road) to Winterset Farms, Dartmouth Woods and other suburban areas of north Brandywine Hundred and PA 491 (Naamans Creek Road). Delaware's highest point is located along Ebright Road just ahead of the state line. 12/18/17
SR 92 (Naamans Road) advances west from Ebright Road toward Brandywine Town Center. 12/18/17
Grubb Road converges with Naamans Road west from SR 3, Harvey Road and the Ardens. 12/18/17
Shipley Road connects with SR 92 (Naamans Road) north from Fairfax at the east entrance to the Brandywine Town Center retail complex. 12/18/17
Naamans Road leads SR 92 west by Brandywine Town Center mall to the often congested intersection with U.S. 202 (Concord Pike). U.S. 202 represents the main commercial corridor north of Wilmington as it links the city with West Chester, Pennsylvania. 12/22/12
Agricultural land on the southwest quadrant of the SR 92 (Beaver Valley Road) and U.S. 202 intersection became the site of Wilmington University's Concord Pike campus. Construction on the $11 million, 41-acre site commenced in Spring 2017.1 12/18/17
SR 92 quickly reduces to two lanes west of U.S. 202 before turning south from Beaver Valley Road through the Hurricane Run protected land area. 12/18/17
Ramsey Road leads SR 92 southwest to Thompson Bridge Road ahead of the Woodlawn Preserve. 12/22/16
SR 92 (Thompson Bridge Road) enters Brandywine Creek State Park beyond forthcoming Woodlawn Road. Woodlawn Road leads east by Forbes Athletic Fields to U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) at Brandywine Commons. 12/18/17
Thompson Bridge Road drops into the Brandywine Creek valley along a winding stretch. 12/18/17
Venturing through Brandywine Creek State Park, the scenic drive along SR 92 culminates at Thompson Bridge across Brandywine Creek. 12/22/16
SR 92 (Thompson Bridge Road) increases in elevation again to 308 feet above sea level by the time it reaches Guyencourt Road. 12/22/16
Thompson Bridge Road angles southwest and sinks toward Wilson Run on the final leg of SR 92. 12/22/16
SR 100 follows Montchanin Road northward from Greenville to meet SR 92 at Adams Dam Road in Brandywine Creek State Park. The state route continues north to end at the Pennsylvania state line. 12/22/16
An end shield for SR 92 was added to Thompson Bridge Road west after 2001. The forthcoming intersection with SR 100 was reconstructed in the late 1990s. Adams Dam Road ties in from Rockland to the southeast. 12/22/16
Prior to 2002, SR 100 formed a multi state route with PA 100 north to Chadds Ford and West Chester. The Pennsylvania portion was decommissioned at that time to reduce truck traffic along the route to PA 52. SR 100 south otherwise continues to Montchanin and overlaps with SR 141 and SR 48 to Wilmington and Elsmere. 12/22/16

  1. "Wilmington University Breaking Ground on New Campus This Spring." Wilmington University, news release. March 2, 2017.

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