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Delaware State Route 141 North
The first confirming marker for SR 141 north. Basin Road passes by William Penn High School and wetland areas associated with Broad Dyke Canal on the initial stretch north from New Castle. This assembly was removed by 2018. Photo taken 08/03/13.
Successive signals operate at William Penn High on SR 141 (Basin Road) north. The first light also serves Stockton Drive and the Stockton subdivision. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Back to back signals operate at William Penn High on SR 141 (Basin Road) north. The first light also serves Stockton Drive and the Stockton subdivision. Photo taken 12/23/16.
An interchange sequence sign precedes the traffic light with University Avenue along SR 141 (Basin Road) north. Exit 1A connects with U.S. 13 north / U.S. 40 (Dupont Highway) east in a half mile. The subsequent exits are along the Newport Freeway. Photo taken 12/23/18.
University Avenue east provides one of two roads from SR 141 into the Wilmington Manor Gardens subdivision. An apartment complex lies west from the intersection. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Advancing north, drivers continue one quarter mile to a lane drop at Exit 1A for U.S. 13 north / U.S. 40 (Dupont Highway) east to Wilmington and New Jersey. Photo taken 12/23/18.
The SR 141 Basin Road improvement project in 2003-04 rebuilt the arterial north from New Castle to U.S. 13/40 with a new concrete/brick median, curbing and sidewalks. The state route intersects Crippen Drive east to Penn Acres and the entrance to Pencader Shopping Center just ahead of Dupont Highway. Photo taken 12/23/18.
A three quarter cloverleaf interchange joins SR 141 with U.S. 13/40. Exit 1A provides direct access to Dupont Highway northbound to Farnhurst, where U.S. 40 turns east alongside I-295 north to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Photo taken 12/23/18.
U.S. 202 Delaware State Route 141 North
U.S. 202 begins at the exchange with U.S. 13/40. The first shield appeared at the on-ramp from Dupont Highway north. 2017-18 redecking of the Basin Road span here added a sidewalk along the northbound lanes and reduced through lanes from four to two. This assembly was also removed. Photo taken 12/30/16.
Exit 1B previously utilized Delaware and Washington Avenues through the Wilmington Manor community for the movement of SR 141 (Basin Road) north to U.S. 13 south / U.S. 40 (Dupont Highway) west. This SR 141 shield replaced a trailblazer for SR 41. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Changes made by 2004 added a signalized intersection and a truck turnaround at Washington Avenue to accommodate a U-turn for the U.S. 13/40 southbound on-ramp to Dupont Highway. Photo taken 12/30/16.
Washington Avenue arcs east into Wilmington Manor. The street formerly tied into the c/d lanes of Dupont Highway southbound for SR 141 (Basin Road). Photo taken 12/30/16.
Trailblazers remain along Basin Road north for the former truck U-turn area midway between Jay Drive and Commons Boulevard. The forthcoming area closed when the new turnaround was completed at Washington Avenue in 2004. Photo taken 12/23/16.
Continuing north from Jay Drive and the Chelsea Estates community, SR 141 next approaches the north end of SR 37 (Commons Boulevard). Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 37 (Commons Boulevard) heads 1.2 miles west along a four lane parkway through the Corporate Commons business park. The state route joins Airport Road from there along the west side of New Castle County Airport (ILG) en route to SR 273 near Christiana. Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 141 upgrades to a freeway north of Commons Boulevard into a large cloverleaf interchange with I-95. U.S. 202 overlaps with I-95 north from Left Exit 3A on SR 141 to Exit 8 (Concord Pike), while I-495 bypasses Wilmington to the east via Edgemoor and Claymont. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Separate projects from early 2016 to 2019 and from Fall 2019 to Spring 2022 adds a third northbound lane to Newport. This work does not include the planned exit ramp to I-295 north. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Left Exit 3A ramps from both SR 141 roadways combine before merging onto I-95 northbound. 2016-20 construction lengthened the deceleration lane and expanded the loop ramp to two lanes after it combines with the southbound off-ramp. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Delaware State Route 141 North
The entrance ramp from I-295 south to SR 141 adds a short auxiliary lane to Exit 3B for I-95 south. 2016-20 construction realigned the ramp further south to lengthen the weaving area to Exit 3B. Exit 3B joins a c/d roadway ahead of the ten-lane stretch of I-95 to SR 1, Churchmans Crossing and Newark. Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 141 north expands to three lanes across the Christiana River into the town of Newport. A split diamond interchange (Exit 4) lies ahead with SR 4 (Justis / Market Streets). Photo taken 12/20/16.
SR 4 constitutes a four-lane boulevard (Newport Pike) west to the community of Stanton and east to Richardson Park. The state route separates through Downtown Newport below the SR 141 viaduct. The Newport Freeway viaduct and bridge across the Christina River were redecked in 2012. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Northbound at the ramp departure (Exit 4) for SR 4. Routed mostly through suburban or urban areas, SR 4 travels 14 miles overall between west Newark and Browntown in Wilmington. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Exit 4 lowers from SR 141 north to form Marshall Street, an east side frontage street connecting with SR 4 (Justis Street) west. The frontage road system extends north to SR 62 (Boxwood Road). Photo taken 12/30/16.
SR 62 (Boxwood Road) angles northwest 1.2 miles from SR 4 (Maryland Avenue) at Richardson Park to cross paths with the Newport Freeway in a half mile. Photo taken 12/23/16.
SR 141 drops below grade between the Westview and Gordy Estates subdivisions to the split diamond interchange (Exit 5) with SR 62. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Exit 5 rises to adjacent Centerville Road (east side frontage road) ahead of SR 62 (Boxwood Road). SR 62 follows Newport Gap Pike (the historic alignment of SR 41) northwest to SR 2/41 at Prices Corner. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Centerville Road extends north from SR 62 (Boxwood Road) and the shuttered GM plant to Prices Corner as the former alignment of SR 141. SR 62 angles northwest to Belvedere and Marshallton. Photo taken 12/22/16.
The Newport Freeway ends one mile north of SR 62 at a directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 6) with SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway). Photo taken 12/23/16.
SR 141 expands to seven lanes from SR 62 to the c/d roadway (Exits 6A/B) to SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway). An array of sign changes were made in 2015 to reflect the short truncation of SR 41 west to Newport Gap Pike. The change eliminated a redundant overlap leftover from the decades old truncation of SR 41 north from New Castle. Photo taken 12/20/17.
The c/d roadway for SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) separates from SR 141 north as the mainline reduces to one lane. Better known as Kirkwood Highway, SR 2 constitutes the main arterial route linking Newark with Elsmere and Wilmington. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Exit 6A departs for SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) east through the town of Elsmere. The state route enters Wilmington in 2.5 miles, where it separates into a one-way couplet en route to SR 52 (Pennsylvania Avenue). Photo taken 12/20/17.
Exit 6B loops onto SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) west to Prices Corner, the Pike Creek Valley and Newark. The Newport Freeway ends as SR 141 transitions onto a divided four lane boulevard. Photo taken 12/23/16.
The c/d roadway combines with SR 141, bringing the northbound roadway back to two lanes. Prior to the SR 141 improvement project along Centre Road, the westbound entrance ramp from SR 2 ended at a stop sign. Photo taken 06/10/12.
Reconstruction of SR 141 (Centre Road) north from Kirkwood Highway to Faulkland Road was completed on November 9, 2010. Work expanded the roadway with wider travel lanes, full shoulders and a median. Photo taken 06/05/12.
A traffic light was added at Lowry Drive and West Gilpin Drive to provide protected turns into the adjacent Willow Run and Woodland Apartments communities. The west side frontage road also rebuilt while the east side frontage road was replaced with a new alignment of Gilpin Drive and Montgomery Road. Photo taken 06/10/12.
A reassurance marker for SR 141 was added after Gilpin Drive by 2010. Photo taken 06/10/12.
2 photos
2 photos
Curving northward, SR 141 (Centre Road) approaches Faulkand Road, formerly SR 34 east toward Wilmington and west to SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike). Photos taken 06/10/12.
Faulkland Road (old SR 34) winds east to SR 100 (Dupont Road) and west to Brandywine Springs Park and Duncan Road near Delcastle Park. Photo taken 06/10/12.
Confirming marker for SR 141 north of Faulkland Road. A multi use path was added along this stretch by 2007. Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 141 (Centre Road) constitutes a controlled access arterial northward from Faulkand Road to Barley Mill Road. The first of four signals operates at the entrance to the Delle Donne Corporate Center. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Chestnut Run and a frontage road connects SR 141 with the north side of the Delle Donne Corporate Center at the ensuing northbound signal. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Turning more northeasterly, SR 141 (Centre Road) nears the expansive intersection with SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) and SR 100 south. Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 48/100 combine for one mile south along Lancaster Pike to Dupont Road in Wilmington. SR 48 proceeds southeast to the Greenhill and Hilltop neighborhoods of the city before ending at U.S. 13 Business south of Downtown. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Undeveloped tracts allude to former planned interchange with SR 48. SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) leads west through a mixture of upper end subdivisions and forested hills to end at a wye intersection with SR 41 ahead of Hockessin. Photo taken 06/23/12.
Delaware State Route 100 Delaware State Route 141 North
Until 1989, SR 100 followed Dupont Road north from Wilmington through the Westover Hills community to SR 52 (Kennett Pike) and a dogleg north to Montchanin Road. The state route was realigned onto overlaps with SR 48 and SR 141 north to Greenville to move truck traffic away from Westover Hills. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Centre Road becomes Barley Mill Road at the SR 100/141 intersection with Barley Mill Plaza. The western segment of Barley Mill Road heads north and then west to Ashland. Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 100/141 (Barley Mill Road) upgrade to a 0.9-mile long freeway. The limited access highway passes underneath the Brandywine Valley Railroad on the approach to a parclo interchange with SR 52 (Kennett Pike). Photo taken 12/23/18.
Northbound motorists reach the off-ramp for SR 52 (Kennett Pike) south to Wilmington. The state route follows Pennsylvania Avenue, a four lane boulevard, southeast from Highlands and Wawaset in north Wilmington to a couplet through Downtown. Photo taken 12/23/18.
A loop ramp follows at the 1976-built overpass for Kennett Pike to SR 52 north through Greenville. The state route extends north from Centerville to Fairville and Mendenhall as PA 52. Photo taken 12/23/18.
2004-05 construction expanded both the intersection with Montchanin Road and the succeeding stretch of Barley Mill Road east. SR 100 turns north ahead to resume its course to Montchanin and Chester County, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 06/23/12.
Road work in 2004 included the installation of the SR 92 Truck trailblazer ahead of Montchanin Road. SR 92 stems east from SR 100 at Brandywine Creek State Park to the Brandywine Hundred area and U.S. 202. While the truck route is unmarked east of here, it likely follows SR 141 north to U.S. 202, as SR 92 west of U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) consists of a winding rural road. Photo taken 06/23/12.
SR 100 takes a scenic route 4.8 miles north to end at the state line. Pennsylvania 100 continued the multi state route from there to West Chester until 2002. Photo taken 06/23/12.
Delaware State Route 141 North
SR 141 lowers around 50 feet in elevation to the Tyler McConnell Bridge, a third of mile east of SR 100 (Montchanin Road). Photo taken 06/23/12.
Despite several proposals to either widen or replace the Tyler McConnell Bridge with a new four-lane span, the steel-girder bridge remains in operation with just two lanes. Photo taken 06/23/12.
The Tyler McConnell Bridge opened to traffic in December 1952. It crosses high above Brandywine Creek, just south of the historic Hagley Museum. Photo taken 06/23/12.
SR 141 turns northward onto Powder Mill Road from the end of the Tyler McConnell Bridge. The intersection ties into the entrance for the Dupont Experimental Station and New Bridge Road south to the Rising Sun Lane bridge into Wilmington. Photo taken 06/23/12.
SR 141 (Powder Mill Road) expands into a controlled access expressway ahead of Alapocas Drive. Alapocas Drive meanders south to Alapocas Run State Park and Augustine Cutoff outside Wilmington. Photo taken 06/23/12.
The SR 141 expressway passes south of Dupont Country Club and north of A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children to the Rockland Road underpass. Photo taken 06/23/12.
Trailblazers for U.S. 202 and Interstate 95 stand along the SR 141 southward curve ahead of Childrens Drive west and Powder Mill Road east. The state route formerly continued east from here directly to U.S. 202 (Concord Pike). It shifted south to accommodate construction of the AstraZenica campus by 2000, and again onto Route 141 Spur during the Blue Ball projects in 2006. Photo taken 06/23/12.
Powder Mill Road branches east from SR 141 as an unnumbered arterial to U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) at Murphy Road in Fairfax. Childrens Drive links the state route with Rockland Road and A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children to the west. Photo taken 06/23/12.
SR 141 northbound actually travels southeast for the next 0.6 miles to U.S. 202 along Route 141 Spur. Photo taken 12/23/06.
The JP Morgan Chase campus spreads south of Powder Mill Road to two entrances along Route 141 Spur. Photo taken 06/23/12.
The last confirming marker for SR 141 north appears alongside sound barriers separating Route 141 Spur from parallel Rockland Road. Photo taken 06/23/12.
A third lane opens ahead of West Park Drive and the grade separated intersection with U.S. 202 (Concord Pike). A two lane ramp departs ahead for U.S. 202 north to Talleyville and West Chester, Pennsylvania and south to Wilmington. Photo taken 06/23/12.
The southbound off-ramp from U.S. 202 forms West Park Drive beyond SR 141. West Park Drive wraps around the Blue Ball parkland to Augustine Cut Off. Photo taken 06/23/12.
Two lanes arc northeast from the U.S. 202 gore point to SR 261 (Foulk Road) north at Weldin Road. Photo taken 06/23/12.
U.S. 202 leads south directly to Interstate 95 and the 9th Ward Area of Wilmington. North from Blue Ball, Concord Pike constitutes a busy commercial arterial to Concord Mall and Brandywine Town Center. Photo taken 09/27/14.
SR 141 north ends at Weldin Road, opposite the northbound beginning of SR 261 (Foulk Road). Photo taken 12/20/16.
A second end sign stands within the median of SR 141 at Weldin Road. Foulk Road leads SR 261 north to Fairfax and Brandywine Hundred. The state route continues as PA 261 to Booths Corner and U.S. 322. Photo taken 12/20/16.

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