Delaware 279 forms a multi state route with Maryland 279 along the western most mile of Elkton Road in Newark. The arterial provides a gateway into Newark from Interstate 95 and Cecil County to the southwest.

SR 279 was created in fall 2013 as part of a renumbering plan for SR 2 and SR 2 Business in the city of Newark. All of SR 2 Business previously shared alignments with other routes while SR 2 overlapped with SR 72, SR 4 and SR 896 west to Elkton Road. Sign changes completed in 2014 truncated SR 2 east from the Maryland state line to the intersection with SR 273 (East Main Street) and eliminated SR 2 Business completely. Only three assemblies were posted at that time for the new SR 279. It was designated to provide continuity with MD 279 southwest to Elkton.

Delaware 279 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 29,925 - Maryland state line to Otts Chapel Road
  • 14,139 - Otts Chapel Road to SR 4 / SR 896

Delaware 279 north
Welcome to Newark sign posted as Maryland 279 transitions to Delaware 279 along Elkton Road east. Photo taken 09/26/14.
A begin Delaware 279 shield represents the lone reassurance marker posted along Elkton Road east for the state route. Photo taken 09/26/14.
McIntire Drive spurs south from Delaware 279 (Elkton Road) to Newark Interstate Business Park. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Otts Chapel Road stems south from Elkton Road to Iron Hill and Old Baltimore Pike, where it becomes Pleasant Valley Road en route to U.S. 40 at Glasgow. Photo taken 09/26/14.
A traffic light follows along Elkton Road east with Interchange Boulevard and the driveway to a Dupont site. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Delaware 279 (Elkton Road) north approaches the junction with Delaware 4 east & 896 (Christina Parkway) south and Delaware 896 (Elkton Road) north into Newark. Trucks with three or more axles are restricted from Christina Parkway between SR 279 and South College Avenue due to the toll on Interstate 95. Photo taken 09/26/14.
An end shield concludes Delaware 279 north as Elkton Road transitions into Delaware 896 leading toward Downtown Newark. Delaware 4 and 896 combine eastward across AMTRAK's Northeastern Corridor to South College Avenue, which SR 896 south follows to Glasgow. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Delaware 279 south
The lone shield assembly posted along Elkton Road west for SR 279 is the begin assembly posted after SR 4 and 896. Photo taken 09/26/14.
The first of three traffic lights along Elkton Road operates at Interchange Drive and the entrance to a Dupont site. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Otts Chapel Road joins the west side of Newark with the Iron Hill area off Old Baltimore Pike and U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) at Glasgow via Pleasant Hill Road south. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Crossing the West Branch of the Christina River along SR 279 (Elkton Road) west. The final SR 2 reassurance marker was posted here and not replaced in 2014 with a SR 279 shield. Photo taken 09/26/14.
McIntire Drive intersects Delaware 279 (Elkton Road) at Newark Interstate Business Park to the immediate east of the Maryland state line. SR 279 transitions to Maryland 279 at forthcoming Maryland 277 (Fletchwood Road). Photo taken 09/26/14.

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