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Delaware 896 north
Delaware 896 passes just west of Glasgow Regional Park beyond U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). Photo taken 12/29/17.
Advancing north from Glasgow, Delaware 896 shifts onto South College Avenue at Glasgow Avenue and next intersects Corporate Boulevard west and GBC Drive east at Pencader Corporate Center. Mast arm signal arrays here replaced span wire assemblies in 2017. Photo taken 12/29/17.
SR 896 comprises a controlled access arterial north from Glasgow to Interstate 95 at south Newark. The four-lane highway passes just west of Sunset Lake after Corporate Boulevard. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Four Seasons Parkway winds west from SR 896 (South College Avenue) to the Four Seasons and Thornwood neighborhoods to Old Baltimore Pike. Old Coochs Bridge Road branches northeast from the state route around the back side of Glasgow High School. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Reassurance marker for SR 896 north posted across from Four Seasons Plaza shopping center. Two portions of old South College Avenue were retained along this stretch as frontage roads during the 1994-96 widening of SR 896 to south Newark. Photo taken 12/29/17.
The signalized entrance to Glasgow H.S. doubles as the connection from SR 896 to Cobble Creek Curve east to adjacent town homes and subdivisions. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Old Baltimore Pike crosses paths with SR 896 (South College Avenue) at the subsequent northbound traffic light. The east-west road provides a through route to MD 281 west into Elkton and SR 273 at Christiana. Photo taken 12/29/17.
SR 896 and Old Baltimore Pike intersect to the southeast of Iron Hill. Old Baltimore Pike generally consists of a three-lane suburban boulevard as it leads east to a bevy of subdivisions to Christiana. Photo taken 12/29/17.
An undeveloped stretch precedes Interstate 95 along SR 896 north between Iron Hill and the Christina River. Photo taken 12/20/16.
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins Delaware 896 (South College Avenue) with Interstate 95 just outside the Newark city limits. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Commuters bound for Wilmington depart Delaware 896 north for Interstate 95 (Delaware Turnpike) north. I-95 travels east from Newark to the Delaware Welcome Center Travel Plaza, Christiana Mall, and Newport where it splits with I-295 and I-495. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Future improvements will upgrade the exchange connecting SR 896 with I-95. Originally all traffic headed for I-95 north utilized the loop ramp now serving SR 896 southbound via a left turn. A loop ramp from I-95 north to SR 896 north also tied into South College Avenue where the northbound on-ramp now turns east. Photo taken 12/20/16.
A small guide sign directs drivers from adjacent businesses to turn east onto upcoming Welsh Tract Road to an adjacent turn around to access SR 896 southbound. U-turns are prohibited at Welsh Tract Road otherwise. Photo taken 12/25/12.
Welsh Tract Road stems west from parallel Old Coochs Road to pass over I-95 by Iron Hill en route to Otts Chapel Road. Photo taken 08/06/13.
An overhead directs drivers headed north along South College Avenue to the University of Delaware (UD) football stadium ahead of Chestnut Hill Road. Chestnut Hill Road provides a cutoff east to SR 4, south of the UD sports complex. Photo taken 12/25/12.
A jug handle intersection joins SR 896 (South College Avenue) north with Chestnut Hill Road. Chestnut Hill Road (former SR 4) ventures west across Chestnut Hill to a bevy of subdivisions to Otts Chapel Road. Photo taken 12/25/12.
SR 896 next combines with SR 4 (Christina Parkway) west as part of its bypass of South College Avenue and the UD campus. South College Avenue continues north by the UD sports complex to the main UD campus and Downtown Newark as the former route. Photo taken 12/25/12.
SR 4 overtakes Chestnut Hill Road east en route to Brookside and Ogletown. The suburban route serves commuters east to Christina Hospital and SR 7 at Churchmans Crossing.
Prior to fall 2013, SR 2 overlapped with SR 4 along Christina Parkway west to Elkton Road south as part of its route to the state line. SR 2 and 4 overlapped east to SR 72 (South Chapel Street) as well. Photo taken 12/25/12.
Delaware 4 west & 896 north
Opened to traffic in September 1983, Christina Parkway leads SR 4 & 896 west along a controlled access route to Elkton Road (SR 279). Photo taken 09/26/14.
Science Boulevard connects SR 4 & 896 (Christina Parkway) with the University of Delaware (UD) Science, Technology and Advanced Research Campus. UD purchased the adjacent 272-acre site after the 2008 closure of the Chrysler Assembly Plant. Photo taken 09/26/14.
A lone SR 896 shield remains west of Science Boulevard. It was accompanied by shields for SR 2 and 4 west prior to 2012. Photo taken 09/26/14.
The last SR 4 westbound shield follows what was the second entrance to the Chrysler Assembly Plant. Christina Parkway reduces to two lanes as it rises to cross the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Christina Parkway arcs northward to intersect Elkton Road at Suburban Plaza shopping center. Delaware 896 turns north at the forthcoming intersection to follow Elkton Road and South Main Street toward Downtown Newark. Until Fall 2013, Elkton Road was also a part of Delaware 2 Business. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Lowering from the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor overpass, an end Delaware 4 shield precedes Elkton Road and Suburban Drive north. Although unmarked along Christina Parkway, Delaware 279 begins here and lines Elkton Road west to Maryland 279 and Interstate 95. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Delaware 896 continues northeast along Elkton Road as part of its multi state route north to Strickersville, Pennsylvania. Delaware 279 south and Maryland 279 west lead motorists southwest five miles to Elkton. Photo taken 09/26/14.
Delaware 896 north
Confirming marker for SR 896 north posted as Elkton Road heads northeast between Suburban Plaza and Mayer Park. Photo taken 12/22/17.
Casho Mill Road connects SR 896 (Elkton Road) with Barksdale Road and SR 273 (Nottingham Road) as a residential through road. A mast arm traffic light assembly was installed at the south end of Casho Mill Road by 2001. Later adjustments here allowed drivers from Casho Mill Road south to turn onto Elkton Road north while adding a second turn lane for Casho Mill Road north from SR 896 north. Photo taken 12/15/17.
A reassurance marker for SR 896 stands between Chrysler Avenue and Short Lane by the Binns Newark Homes community. A frontage street lines the east side of Elkton Road on this stretch. Photo taken 12/15/17.
Thorn Lane arcs east from Casho Mill Road to Edna C. Dickey Park and an apartment complex to intersect Elkton Road at Short Lane. Photo taken 12/15/17.
Park Place is an east-west surface street running through the southern reaches of the University of Delaware campus and residential neighborhoods between Elkton Road and South Chapel Street. Photo taken 12/22/17.
Elkton Road becomes South Main Street at the intersection with West Park Place. The name change was made official on January 1, 2013, coinciding with the 2012 redesign of the arterial into a landscaped boulevard with bike lanes. Photo taken 09/29/14.
Delaware 896 north shield assembly posted after West Park Place. Photo taken 12/22/17.
Veterans Drive spurs west to Newark City Hall and Police Department from the first of back to back signals beside the Park & Shop retail plaza. Photo taken 12/22/17.
Apple Road heads north from Phillips Park to West Park Place before crossing Delaware 896 (South Main Street). The road ascends across the CSX Railroad northwest to link South Main Street with Barksdale Road west and Hillside Road east. Photo taken 12/22/17.
South Main Street reduces to two through lanes beyond Apple Road. The subsequent northbound signal is located at Amstel Avenue, a short connector southeast to South College Avenue and the UD campus. Photo taken 09/29/14.
Delaware 896 turns east from South Main Street onto Delaware Avenue as traffic from Delaware 273 east merges from West Main Street. Photo taken 09/29/14.
Delaware 273 east & 896 north
SR 273 east & 896 (West Delaware Avenue) quickly intersect Orchard Road south and the University of Delaware (UD) parking garage service road beyond their merge. Photo taken 09/24/14.
SR 896 continues its circuitous alignment north through Newark to rejoin South College Avenue from SR 273 (Delaware Avenue) east. Delaware Avenue continues east through the UD campus to Academy Street. SR 273 east joins Downtown Newark with SR 2 (Old Capitol Trail) and SR 72 (Library Avenue). Photo taken 09/24/14.
South College Avenue, the former alignment of SR 896, represents a heavily traveled street and arterial south from Delaware Avenue to the UD sports complex, SR 4 and Chestnut Hill Road. Photo taken 09/24/14.
Delaware 896 north
South College Avenue takes SR 896 one block north to SR 273 (West Main Street). Photo taken 12/25/12.
Dual turn lanes connect the end of South College Avenue with SR 273 (West Main Street) west ahead of North College Avenue and the split with New London Road (SR 896 north) and South Main Street (SR 273 east / SR 896 south). Photo taken 12/25/12.
Delaware 273 west & 896 north
North College Avenue extends north from West Main Street through the north side of the UD Campus to Cleveland Avenue and Creek Road into White Clay Creek State Park. Photo taken 06/26/10.
Delaware 896 branches north from Delaware 273 (West Main Street) at the three way split of West Main Street, New London Road and South Main Street. A span wire overhead direct motorists to Interstate 95 along Delaware 896 south to Delaware 279 (Elkton Road) south. Photo taken 09/28/14.
A left turn joins South Main Street and SR 896 south to Elkton Road. Delaware 273 west remains along West Main Street to Nottingham Road and Cecil County, Maryland. The multi state route joins Newark with Rising Sun and U.S. 1 ahead of Conowingo Dam. Photo taken 09/28/14.
Delaware 896 travels north to White Clay Creek State Park and Mechanicsville. Both New London Road and West Main Street cross the CSX Railroad at-grade after their split. Photo taken 09/28/14.
Delaware 896 north
New London Road flows north with a single lane of traffic from West Main Street to Cleveland Avenue. A SR 896 confirming marker precedes the intersection with Church Street. Photo taken 09/28/14.
New London Road carries two-way traffic north from Hillside Road west and Cleveland Avenue east. Hillside Road takes the southbound component of SR 896 to SR 273 (West Main Street) as part of its alignment to South Main Street and Elkton Road. Cleveland Avenue east is a busy commuter street east to SR 2 & 72 (Old Capitol Trail). Photo taken 09/28/14.
A set of flashers caution motorists along Delaware 896 (New London Road) at Corbit Street. Corbit Street rises southwest to link New London Road with Delaware 273 (West Main Street). Photo taken 09/28/14.
Fremont Road south and Country Club Drive east come together at the final traffic light along Delaware 896 north. Fremont Road loops east through the Fairfield Crest subdivision while Country Club Drive arcs west through the Fairfield community. Photo taken 09/28/14.
Delaware 896 becomes more rural through McClellandville and Mechanicsville as it runs along the west side of White Clay Creek State Park. W.S. Carpenter, Jr. Recreation Area lies just east of the state route between Wedgewood and Hopkins Bridge Roads. Photo taken 09/28/14.
Crossing into the northeastern corner of Cecil County, Maryland, SR 896 becomes unsigned MD 896. The end of the outside shoulders along New London Road represents the otherwise unmarked state line. Photo taken 09/28/14.


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