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U.S. 3 F.E. Everett Turnpike North
U.S. 3 north at milepost zero of the F.E. Everett Turnpike. A collector distributor roadway departs just north of the state line for Spit Brook Road (Exit 1). 10/06/14
Welcome to New Hampshire sign posted within the median of U.S. 3 (F.E. Everett Turnpike) as the freeway enters the city of Nashua and Hillsborough County. 10/06/14
An on-ramp from the Middlesex Road connector in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts ties into the c/d roadway to Spit Brook Road. 10/06/14
Spit Brook Road heads east to old U.S. 3 (Daniel Webster Highway) and west to become Dunstable Road through suburban areas of south Nashua. Parallel Daniel Webster Highway (D.W. Highway) comprises a commercial arterial anchored by Pheasant Lane Mall. 10/06/14
Exit 2 consists of a slip ramp onto the north end of the adjacent c/d roadway for the Circumferential Highway east to Daniel Webster Highway and New Hampshire 3A (Lowell Road) in Hudson. The short segment of the Circumferential Highway opened to traffic on November 22, 1999. Planned since the 1960s, the Circumferential Highway was intended to be a full loop around the east side of Hudson from the F.E. Everett Turnpike. The initial portion east to NH 3A took 13 years to complete.1 10/06/14
The Exit 1 c/d roadway passes over Spit Brook Road and approaches a partition with return access to the Everett Turnpike mainline and the Circumferential Highway east to Hudson. The c/d roadway system was constructed as part of the $207-million Everett Turnpike expansion through Nashua completed by 2000.1 10/06/14
The three lane c/d roadway provides two lanes to the Everett Turnpike north into Nashua as U.S. 3 enters the directional T interchange with the Circumferential Highway east. 10/06/14
The Exit 2 slip ramp was built in fall 2000 after motorists complaints about access between Exits 1 and 2.2 The Circumferential Highway ends at New Hampshire 3A currently, but an extension north to New Hampshire 111 (Central Street) through Hudson remains a possibility. 10/06/14
Exit 2 leaves U.S. 3 (F.E. Everett Turnpike) north as the c/d roadway separates. The Circumferential Highway was proposed to return to the turnpike at unbuilt Exit 9 in Merrimack. The bulk of the route was blocked when the Environmental Protection Agency refused to endorse the project in the early 1990s.3 10/06/14
U.S. 3 (Everett Turnpike) squeezes between Long Hill and the retail corridor of adjacent D.W. Highway on the initial approach to the diamond interchange (Exit 4) with East Dunstable Road. 10/06/14
Exit 4 departs from U.S. 3 north as a collector distributor roadway west from the wye interchange (Exit 3 on southbound) with D.W. Highway to East Dunstable Road. D.W. Highway transitions to Main Street north nearby. 10/06/14
The turnpike mainline arcs northwest from East Dunstable Road (Exit 4) to a cloverleaf interchange (Exit 5) with New Hampshire 111 (Hollis / Kinsley Streets) at New Hampshire 111A (Main Dunstable Road) south. East Dunstable Road angles northeast otherwise to Main Street north toward Downtown. 10/06/14
The F.E. Everett Turnpike expands to nine overall lanes between Exit 4 and the c/d roadways at Exit 5. 10/06/14
Exit 5 includes ramps to Main Dunstable Road east, New Hampshire 111 westbound and the Simon Street industrial area east of U.S. 3 and south of the Nashua River. 10/06/14
New Hampshire 111 forms part of a 77.7-mile multi-state route east to North Hampton and south to Concord, Massachusetts. Locally the state route joins Downtown Nashua with Hollis and Pepperall, Massachusetts to the southwest. 10/06/14
Two lanes branch away from U.S. 3 north for Exit 5 and NH 111. NH 111A ties into NH 111 on the west side of Exit 5. The 4.93-mile route loops southwest to Hollis. 10/06/14
Exit 5E departs the c/d roadway for Main Dunstable Road to New Hampshire 111 (Kinsley Street) east. NH 111 separates as a one-way couplet from U.S. 3 east to Main and Spring Streets in Downtown Nashua. 10/06/14
New Hampshire 111 splits with New Hampshire 111A (Main Dunstable Road) immediately west of Exit 5W. The state route rejoins Hollis Street beyond the freeway. 10/06/14
Mainline travelers along U.S. 3 (Everett Turnpike) continue northward one mile across the Nashua River to a diamond interchange (Exit 7) with New Hampshire 130 (Broad Street). 10/06/14
The c/d roadways through Exit 6 was added as part of the multi-year widening of the Turnpike in the 1990s. Ledge Street stems east from Exit 5A and Simon Street. 10/06/14
Upcoming New Hampshire 130 constitutes a 12.7-mile route west to New Hampshire 13 in Brookline and east to New Hampshire 101A in Nashua.
U.S. 3 and the Everett Turnpike part ways in one mile at NH 101A (Amherst Street). 10/06/14
The Everett Turnpike carries ten overall lanes between Exits 5 and 6. 10/06/14
New Hampshire 130 west serves an adjacent retail area before narrowing through the Lincoln Park suburban area of northwest Nashua. 10/06/14
New Hampshire 130 follows Broad Street east to New Hampshire 101A (Amherst Street) east ahead of Holman Stadium. NH 132 north from NH 130 and the Hollis town center leads motorists to Silver Lake State Park. 10/06/14
Two lanes branch away from U.S. 3 (Everett Turnpike) north at the Nashua River for New Hampshire 130 (Broad Street) at Exit 6. 10/06/14
Looking at the Exit 6 separation of traffic for New Hampshire 130 west to Hollis and Brookline and east toward Downtown Nashua. 10/06/14
A cloverleaf interchange (Exits 7E/W) follows the NH 130 overpass with NH 101 (Amherst Street) and the U.S. 3 expressway (Henri A. Burque Highway) leading east to Concord Street. 10/06/14
U.S. 3 stems east from the Exit 7E ramp end at New Hampshire 101A (Amherst Street) 1.4 miles to join the Daniel Webster Highway north into Merrimack. NH 101A concludes a 13.82-mile route southeast from Milford at NH 111 at the Merrimack River in Nashua. 10/06/14
New Hampshire 111A (Amherst Street) comprises a busy commercial arterial northwest from Exit 7W by Nashua Airport - Boire Field (ASH) to south Amherst and the super-two freeway bypass of New Hampshire 101 encircling Milford. 10/06/14

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