This guide covers the Farrington Highway east from Interstate H1 to the end at Kamehameha Highway.

Hawaii Route 9107 East
Heading east from Hawaii 95 (Kalaeloa Boulevard) and the interchange with Interstate H1 toward the Farrington Highway over crossing of the Queen Liliuokalani Freeway on unsigned Hawaii 9107. Ramps will be added ahead as part of the Kapolei Interchange project with an extension of Wakea Street. Phase 1 of this work was scheduled for completion in October 2011; Phase 2 followed in June 2012.1 01/17/11
The 0.68 mile route of Hawaii 9107 concludes at the Farrington Highway intersection with Kamokila Boulevard. Farrington Highway overtakes Kamokila Boulevard eastward to Fort Barrette Road near Interstate H1. 01/17/11
Farrington Highway east
Farrington Highway eastbound between the end of unsigned Hawaii 9107 at Kamokila Boulevard and Fort Barrett Road. Fort Barrette Road leads south to Kalaeloa Airport and north to Makakilo City. 01/17/11
An eastbound on-ramp joins Interstate H1 to Pearl City and Honolulu from Fort Barrette Road east. This ramp is the second opportunity to access Interstate H1 east from Kapolei area roads. 01/17/11
Farrington Highway continues northeast from Fort Barrette Road to Waipahu, becoming Hawaii 7101 near Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road). Fort Barrette Road becomes Makakilo Drive north of the Exit 2 parclo interchange of Interstate H1. 01/17/11
Hawaii Route 99 North
Hawaii 99 (Farrington Highway) passes over Interstate H1 (Exit 8B) and quickly approaches a trumpet interchange with Hawaii 7101 (Farrington Highway) west and Kamehameha Highway north. 01/17/11
Hawaii 7101 continues the Farrington Highway west three miles to Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road) near Honouliuli. 01/17/11
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2 photos
Hawaii 7101 (Farrington Highway) angles southwest through the Waipahu business district as Hawaii 99 resumes along the Kamehameha Highway northward to Waipio. 01/17/11
Hawaii Route 7101 West
Hawaii 7101 (Farrington Highway) leaves an industrial west Waipahu for a parclo interchange with Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road). Hawaii 76 north becomes Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) at the adjacent interchange with Interstate H1 (Exit 5). 01/18/11
Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road) west transitions into Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) north to Village Park, Schofield Barracks and Wahiawa. Hawaii 76 used to travel all of this route. 01/18/11
Hawaii 7101 ends and Hawaii 7110 begins and continues Farrington Highway west from the Fort Weaver Road overpass. Hawaii 7110 constitutes just 0.60 miles of Farrington Highway west from Hawaii 76. 01/18/11
Hawaii Route 7110 West
Approaching the southbound on-ramp to Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road) on Hawaii 7110 (Farrington Highway) west. Hawaii 76 totals 6.64 miles from Interstate H1 south to 'Ewa Beach and Ewa Beach Park. 01/18/11
A remnant shield remains for Hawaii 76 on the old alignment of the state route on Old Fort Weaver Road. The Hawaii 76 expressway to the east, bypassed Old Fort Weaver Road in 1980. 01/18/11
Old Fort Weaver Road meanders west from Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road) around the West Loch Golf Course to Farrington Highway (Hawaii 7110). 01/18/11
The state route portion of Farrington Highway concludes beyond the first intersection with Old Fort Weaver Road at Honouliuli. 01/18/11
Farrington Highway west
A beacon advises caution on Farrington Highway as the two lane road kinks southwest near Honouliuli Gulch. 01/18/11
Entering the Kapolei area, Farrington Highway meets Hawaii 8930 / Kapolei North-South Road (Kualakai Parkway), a 2010-constructed arterial linking Interstate H1 (Exit 3) with Kapolei Parkway. Areas surrounding this traffic light are slated for mixed-use development. 01/18/11


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