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State Road 9B is a 7.4 mile long freeway linking Interstates 95 and 295 at Southside Jacksonville. The state road provides a cutoff to I-295 ahead of Baymeadows and the University of North Florida for commuters. In conjunction with the East Beltway, SR 9B also forms part of a bypass route around Downtown Jacksonville for through traffic along I-95.

State Road 9B was developed as a three phase project starting in summer 2010. The initial phase extended south from Interstate 295 (East Beltway) to U.S. 1 (Philips Highway). This 4.6-mile segment opened to traffic on September 20, 2013 as a local route for U.S. 1 at Greenland in Jacksonville and for the growing Nocatee community in St. Johns County. The second phase lengthened the route another half mile to complete the link with Interstate 95 near the county line. It was constructed between April 2013 and June 13, 2016.1

Construction on the third phase of SR 9B started on September 8, 2015.1 Opened in stages between August 9 and 11, 2018, the extension leads 2.3 miles beyond I-95 to County Road 2209 (St. Johns Parkway), just south of Russell Sampson Road. This $117 million segment includes a single point urban interchange with Peyton Parkway, a new one mile access road linking SR 9B with Race Track Road.2

With SR 9B complete, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) awaits FHWA approval to redesignate the route as Interstate 795.3

Florida State Road 9B North
2 photos
2 photos
SR 9B leads north along a seven mile course from CR 2209 (St. Johns Parkway) in northern St. Johns County to Interstates 95 and 295 in south Duval County. 10/06/18
SR 9B north bends around Durbin Preserve on the drive to Exit 6. The upcoming single point urban interchange (SPUI) connects the freeway with Peyton Parkway. 10/06/18
Two lanes leave for Peyton Parkway to nearby Race Track Road and The Pavilion at Durbin Park lifestyle center. SR 9B otherwise continues ahead to meet Interstate 95 at a directional cloverleaf interchange (Exits 4A-B). 10/06/18
SR 9B bisects the Durbin Park mixed-use development on the half-mile drive to Interstate 95 south (Exit 4B) to Daytona Beach and the southeast coast. 10/06/18
Two lanes prepare to depart for Exit 4A to I-95 north to Downtown Jacksonville ahead as SR 9B enters the exchange. 10/06/18
SR 9B provides direct access to Interstate 295 north in four miles. The East Beltway joins SR 9B with area beaches, as well as providing a bypass of Jacksonville. 10/06/18
Leading north from Interstate 95, SR 9B travels between the Bartram Springs development and the Citigroup corporate campus as motorists pass by a mileage sign highlighting three Jacksonville freeways. 10/06/18
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 2) joins SR 9B with U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) as it parallels a Florida East Coast Railroad line by the community of Bayard. 10/06/18
U.S. 1 joins Nocatee in St. Johns County with Jacksonville as an arterial route north to Deercreek and Greenland. 10/06/18
2 photos
2 photos
Exit 2 loops away from SR 9B north for U.S. 1 (Philips Highway). U.S. 1 parallels I-95 north to San Marco, where the two commingle ahead of Downtown. Southward the route takes a rural course to St. Augustine. 10/06/18
A confirming marker for SR 9B north precedes the crossing over Powers Bay. 06/16/16
A diamond interchange was added to SR 9B by 2015 for new development south of Interstate 295. The future ramp is initially numbered Exit 4, but will be renumbered to Exit 1. 06/16/16
Two miles remain before motorists default onto Interstate 295 (East Beltway) north. Savannah appears here for long distance travelers using the East Beltway to bypass Downtown Jacksonville. 09/22/14
Interstate 295 points of interest include the University of North Florida via SR 202 east, Jaxport Terminals north via SR 105 and JAX Airport via SR 243. 09/22/14
E-Town Parkway will spur east and west of SR 9B temporarily. Long range plans call for the arterial to extend north to R.G. Skinner Parkway alongside Interstate 295. 06/16/16
An interchange sequence sign outlines the forthcoming exits along Interstate 295 north for Deerwood, Baymeadows and the University of North Florida. 06/16/16
SR 9B defaults onto Interstate 295 north at a wye interchange just north of E-Town Parkway. 09/22/14
No end shield or sign otherwise appears as SR 9B merges onto the East Beltway north. 06/16/16
Florida State Road 9B South
A left side ramp takes motorists from Interstate 295 (East Beltway) south onto SR 9B east of the Deercreek community in south Jacksonville. The southbound lanes pass over I-295 north on the one mile approach to E-Town Parkway. 06/16/16
The first confirming shield for SR 9B appears as the freeway departs from the wye interchange with I-295. 06/16/16
The diamond interchange with E-Town Parkway was added to SR 9B in 2014-15 to accommodate new development both west and east of the freeway. 06/16/16
An interchange sequence sign posted at E-Town Parkway references just U.S. 1 (Philips Highway). Exits for Durbin Boulevard and I-95 opened as part of Phase 2 for SR 9B south on June 13, 2016. 06/16/16
The freeway spans Big Davis Creek 1.5 miles north of U.S. 1 (Philps Highway) at milepost 1. Mileposts increase as SR 9B heads south, opposite of the standard convention. 06/16/16
The first in a series of arrow-per-lane (APL) signs references the forthcoming junction with Interstate 95 on SR 9B south by the bridge across Powers Bay. 06/16/16
SR 9B runs along the east side of Bayard, a rural type community, to the off-ramp (Exit 2) for U.S. 1 (Philips Highway). 06/16/16
U.S. 1 (Philips Highway) angles southeast from Greenland and Deercreek in Jacksonville to Nocatee and St. Augustine in St. Johns County. Interstate 95 parallels the freeway northward to San Marco. 06/16/16
Southbound SR 9B enters a folded diamond interchange (Exit 2) with U.S. 1. U.S. 1 parallels a Florida East Coast Railroad line from Jacksonville south to St. Augustine. 06/16/16
Continuing south, SR 9B passes over U.S. 1 and the FEC Railroad ahead of Exit 3 for Flagler Center Boulevard and the Flagler Center business park. Original signs referenced Durbin Boulevard at Exit 3. 06/16/16
An auxiliary lane opens southbound from the U.S. 1 on-ramp to Flagler Center Boulevard (Exit 3) to adjacent Veveras Drive. 06/16/16
Exit 3 consists of just the southbound off-ramp. No ramps are in place along northbound either. 06/16/16
Flagler Center Boulevard joins SR 9B south with Gran Bay Parkway and Old St. Augustine Road. 10/06/18
Traffic along SR 9B south reaches the first of two ramps at the directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 95 in one half mile. SR 9B south to CR 2209 opened to traffic on August 10, 2018. 10/06/18
The northbound on-ramp joins Interstate 95 ahead of Greenland in south Jacksonville. 10/06/18
A two-lane left exit departs from SR 9B south for Interstate 95 southbound to Daytona Beach and Miami. 10/06/18
Confirming marker posted for southbound SR 9B as the freeway spans Race Track Road. 10/06/18
Peyton Parkway joins SR 9B with the Durbin Park mixed-use development and Race Track Road ahead at a single point urban interchange (Exit 6). 10/06/18
SR 9B reduces to two southbound lanes as motorists depart for Peyton Parkway. The Pavilion at Durbin Park lines the northwest quadrant of Exit 6. 10/06/18
The freeway spans Durbin Creek on the half-mile drive to its end at CR 2209. 10/06/18
SR 9B south rises over Russell Sampson Road on the approach to CR 2209 (St. Johns Parkway). The county road extends south from Race Track Road to CR 210 with extensions further south into St. Johns County. 10/06/18
2 photos
2 photos
SR 9B comes to an end as lanes partition for north and southbound CR 2209 (St. Johns Parkway). CR 2209 extends north 1.6 miles to Race Track Road and 1.4 miles south to CR 210. 10/06/18

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  2. "Most of 9B Extension in St. Johns County open; rest will open by Saturday" St. Augustine Record (FL) August 8, 2018.
  3. Email from FDOT District Two inquiring on the status of I-795, dated June 28, 2016.

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