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State Road 10 travels across the width of North Florida between the Perdido River near Beulah and Jacksonville Beach, four blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. Traveling 394.5 miles, SR 10 represents the hidden counterpart of U.S. 90 for the bulk of the route between the Alabama state line and St. Nicholas in Jacksonville. An exception occurs in Pensacola, where SR 10 follows U.S. 90 Alternate along Nine Mile Road and Davis Highway to the north while SR 10A lines the U.S. 90 loop south to Warrington and Downtown Pensacola.

East from U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) through east Jacksonville, SR 10 follows U.S. 90 Alternate along Atlantic Boulevard to Southside Boulevard. There U.S. 90 Alternate turns south along side SR 115 back to U.S. 90, while SR 10 emerges as a fully signed route for the remainder of Atlantic Boulevard east to Jacksonville Beach.

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State Road 10 - Atlantic Boulevard

Construction to both expand Atlantic Boulevard and add medians to the arterial commenced in summer 1996 between then SR 9A (Jacksonville beltway) and San Pablo Road. The two year, $2 million project1 ran through October 1999.2

Further east, the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard (SR 10) and Mayport Road (SR A1A/101) was upgraded as part of a lengthy project taken over by the Jacksonville Transportation Agency (JTA) from FDOT in 1993. The first phase added a flyover from SR 10 east to SR A1A/101 north. The second phase added the off-ramp taking SR A1A north from SR 10 (Atlantic Boulevard) west. Funding for right of way was made available from a 1992 bond issue and design work for the new ramps commenced in 1996.3

The new ramps at Atlantic and Mayport were not universally supported, leading to delays and putting the project six months behind schedule by May 1999. City governments of both Atlantic and Neptune Beaches opposed the plan, following opposition from area residents. City officials cited quality of life issues and the overall need for proposed 46 foot high flyover. Nonetheless, JTA planned to move forward with construction of the $10 million ramp in fall 1999.4

The Metropolitan Planning Organization followed JTA's lead and approved a five-year plan on June 10, 1999 including the interchange for Atlantic Boulevard and Mayport Road.5 A JTA public hearing on the $11 million project in July 1999 received generally positive feedback from residents, business proponents and officials at Mayport Naval Station.6 With momentum in favor of the project, work finally started on January 10, 2000, with the removal of the raised median on the overpass taking Atlantic Boulevard over Mayport Road.7

Construction progress on the Atlantic Boulevard eastbound flyover to Mayport Road north advanced the time table from a December 2002 completion to March of that year. The 70 foot high ramp finally opened on March 20, 2002, following a ribbon cutting ceremony held by the JTA. Costs totaled $12 million, with bonuses paid to the contractor for early completion. Adjacent work expanded the Intracoastal Waterway span on SR 10 to six overall lanes.8

Another interchange added along Atlantic Boulevard improved safety and traffic congestion at the intersection with Kernan Boulevard at East Arlington. The overpass at Kernan Boulevard was included in the Better Jacksonville Plan, a half-cent sales tax increase enacted in 2000.9 The project was debated as to whether or not it would hurt area businesses. Opposition led to a proposal, the second in 2007, calling for using U-turn ramps and traffic lights in a configuration similar to a "Michigan Left", in place of the planned overpass. It was voted down by the Jacksonville City Council on September 11, 2007.10

The $45 million project finally kicked off on March 9, 2009.11 The first overpass carrying SR 10 over Kernan Boulevard opened in December 2009 with two-way traffic and four overall lanes. The eastbound bridge opened on October 5, 2010, bringing Atlantic Boulevard to six lanes. Sidewalk and road work under the new overpass continued through the end of December 2010.12

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