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Florida State Road 10A Florida State Road 139 East
Union Street extends beyond the south end of U.S. 23 and turn of U.S. 17 north onto U.S. 1 as both unsigned SR 10A & 139 to the Arlington Expressway. Photo taken 12/30/06.
A sign bridge directs eastbound motorists two blocks from Newnan Street to the freeway beginning at Liberty Street. Photo taken 12/30/06.
Liberty Street heads north into the Springfield neighborhood and south through eastern reaches of Downtown to the Hart Bridge Expressway. Union Street separates to the right and ends in one block at Washington Street. Photo taken 07/04/06.
Arlington Expressway elevates and crosses over Washington Street and Hogans Creek just east of Liberty Street. Photo taken 07/04/06.
A four-lane viaduct follows as the freeway lines up along side Beaver Street. Photo taken 12/30/06.
East side ramps along Arlington Expressway join SR 10A with Beaver Street at A. Philip Randolph Boulevard and the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. Photo taken 12/30/06.
A. Philip Randolph Boulevard connects Arlington Expressway with Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena and the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville (home of the AAA Baseball Jacksonville Suns). The boulevard north leads to residential areas of Midtown. Photo taken 12/30/06.
A directional cloverleaf interchange quickly follows with Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway (SR 115) north and Gator Boulevard south to EverBank Field (home of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars). M.L. King, Jr. Parkway combines with U.S. 1 Alternate as a freeway encircling Springfield north to I-95 at Brentwood. Photo taken 07/04/06.
SR 115 south loops onto Arlington Expressway from the ending M.L. King, Jr. Parkway. The state road is unsigned from I-95 southward to Arlington Expressway. Photo taken 12/30/06.
Florida State Road 10A East
SR 10A extends Arlington Expressway 0.75 miles east from SR 115 as an unsigned route between Regency Square Mall and Regency Court Shopping Center. Photo taken 07/04/06.
A U-turn ramp provides access for the north side Arlington Expressway service road and Mill Creek Road back to Alderman Park. Arlington Expressway otherwise defaults onto SR 10 (Atlantic Boulevard) at a wye intersection ahead. Photo taken 07/04/06.
Arlington Expressway east at Swelo Road south and the west entrance to Regency Square Mall.
A $7 million project commenced in January 2016 to address safety concerns along SR 10 and SR 10A between Swelo Road and Monument Road, east of the mall. The Arlington Expressway eastbound will be rebuilt and the forthcoming intersection with Atlantic Boulevard will be expanded with additional turn lanes. Work runs through early 2017.1 Photo taken 07/04/06.
The east entrance to Regency Square Mall ties into the east end of SR 10A, where SR 10 overtakes Arlington Expressway from Atlantic Boulevard. The trailblazer for SR 113 (Southside Connector) was removed once the flyover opened from SR 115 south. Photo taken 07/04/06.
Florida State Road 10A West
Arlington Expressway (SR 10A) initially travels at-grade from Atlantic Boulevard (SR 10) west to the Southside Connector (SR 113) overpass. A traffic light operates at the west entrance to Regency Square Mall and Regency Court shopping center. Photo taken 09/22/14.
Overpasses and flyovers carry motorists between Southside Boulevard, Southside Connector (SR 113) and Arlington Expressway (SR 10A) as SR 115 turns westward toward Downtown Jacksonville. A right in and right out turn follows for Mill Creek Road north to Arlingwood and the westbound service road to Alderman Park. Photo taken 09/22/14.
Florida State Road 10A Florida State Road 139 West
Arlington Expressway extends west as solely SR 10A from M.L. King, Jr. Parkway (SR 115 north) to the Jacksonville Fairgrounds and Downtown. Photo taken 06/14/08.
A right in, right out ramp configuration ties in the westbound lanes of Arlington Expressway with Albert Street. Albert Street leads motorists back to A. Philip Randolph Boulevard, with runs south to the Fairgrounds, Veterans Memorial Arena and the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville (home of the Jacksonville Suns AAA Baseball team). Photo taken 06/14/08.
High rises from Downtown Jacksonville come into view as Arlington Expressway elevates on a viaduct parallel to Hogans Creek. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Arlington Expressway lowers to end at the intersection of Liberty and State Streets. Photo taken 06/14/08.
A slip ramp connects with parallel Union Street for Liberty Street north to the Springfield neighborhood. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Unsigned SR 10A overtakes State Street west from Liberty Street for the next three blocks. Liberty Street heads south to the St. Johns Riverfront. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Market Street runs south to St. Johns Cathedral and north into Springfield. Photo taken 06/14/08.
State Street advances west with three lanes to Newnan Street. Photo taken 06/14/08.
SR 10A west ends at State and Ocean Streets, where U.S. 1 & 17 north turn west one block to combine with two-way Main Street across Hogans Creek.
Main Street flows south as U.S. 1 two blocks to Beaver Street, where U.S. 90 merges for an overlap through Downtown. SR 228 runs in tandem with U.S. 1 to Monroe Street, which takes the route east to the Hart Bridge Expressway. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Trailblazers direct traffic to remain on State Street west for I-95. U.S. 17 south, U.S. 23 north and SR 228 west line State Street 11 blocks to Interstate 95. Photo taken 06/14/08.

  1. "FDOT project plans to reduce crashes, congestion on Arlington Expressway/Atlantic Boulevard interchange." Florida Times Union (Jacksonville, FL), January 28, 2016.

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