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There are three sections of State Road 10A assigned across northern Florida. A 26.98 mile loop through Pensacola, a 3.47 mile bypass of Downtown Lake City, and a 6.50 mile route between Downtown and Regency in Jacksonville. U.S. 90 carries the mainline of SR 10 from the Alabama state line to St. Nicholas in Jacksonville, with the exception where SR 10 runs concurrent with U.S. 90 Alternate between Beulah and Riverview in Escambia County.

State Road 10A - Pensacola

The Escambia County segment is the underlying state road for U.S. 90, where it dips southward into Pensacola between the ends of U.S. 90 Alternate (Nine Mile Road / Davis Highway). This section is designated for inventory purposes and is not signed in the field. A set of shields however was once mistakingly posted in place of U.S. 90 at the east end of SR 752 (Creighton Road).

State Road 10A - Lake City

SR 10A through Columbia County and Lake City is fully signed as it parallels U.S. 90 to the south. Following Baya Drive, SR 10A comprises a five-lane arterial. Through truck traffic is prohibited from using the route.

State Road 10A - Jacksonville

State Road 10A is an unsigned component of the Arlington Expressway from Downtown Jacksonville to Atlantic Boulevard (SR 10) at Regency. The route overlays unsigned SR 139 from U.S. 1/17 to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway and SR 115 between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway and Southside Boulevard. The freeway from Midtown east to Southside Boulevard is fully signed as SR 115.

The unmarked route pairs with SR 139 along the couplet of State Street west and Union Street east between Ocean Street (U.S. 1) and the Arlington Expressway west end at Liberty Street. The east end of the Arlington Expressway also travels at-grade from Southside Boulevard (SR 115) by Regency Square Mall.

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