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Florida State Road 11 is a rural highway linking the Volusia County seat of DeLand with the Flagler County seat of Bunnell. The two-lane route measures 14.32 miles from U.S. 17 north to the Flagler County line, and 15.48 miles from Volusia County to U.S. 1 (State Street) at SR 100 (Moody Boulevard). Historically SR 11 continued 8.2 miles east from Downtown Bunnell along Moody Boulevard to SR A1A at Flagler Beach. This segment was replaced with an extension of SR 100.

Florida State Road 11 North
SR 11 begins at the split with U.S. 17 (Woodland Boulevard) north in north DeLand. The state road joins the Volusia County seat with Bunnell as U.S. 17 heads northwest to DeLeon Springs and Palatka. 03/21/08
Not long after the split with U.S. 17 (Woodland Boulevard), SR 11 leaves the built up areas of DeLand on the 30 mile drive to Bunnell. 03/21/08
Volusia County Road 15A (Spring Garden Avenue) provides a truck bypass route around central DeLand for U.S. 17/92. The county road becomes SR 15A south of U.S. 17 (Woodland Boulevard). 03/21/08
SR 11's first reassurance marker stands along the road beyond the Volusia County Road 15A north end. CR 15A and SR 15A encircle DeLand southward toward Orange City. 03/21/08
Another freeway style guide sign posted for Bunnell on SR 11 north. Bunnell is the Flagler County seat. 03/21/08
SR 11 northbound at the east end of unsigned Volusia County Road 4030 (Arredondo Grant Road). Arredondo Grant Road becomes Spring Garden Ranch Road on the westward drive to U.S. 17 at DeLeon Springs. 03/21/08
Florida State Road 11 South
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SR 11 continues south from Flagler County Road 304 and Cody's Corner on the 23-mile drive to DeLand. 10/15/17
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SR 11 turns along a southwest course to border Relay State Wildlife Management Area. The state road remains very rural along this stretch. 10/15/17
Curving southeast, motorists cross over Little Haw Creek near the Volusia county line. 10/15/17
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SR 11 enters northern Volusia County through a vastly undeveloped area of woods and wetlands. 10/15/17
Approaching the rural intersection with SR 40 on SR 11 south. 10/15/17
SR 40 represents a cross-state highway between U.S. 41 north of Dunnellon and SR A1A on Ormond Beach. Locally the route serves the Barberville and Volusia Speedway area. 10/15/17
SR 40 provides a link to Interstate 95 (Exit 268) at Ormond Beach to the east. 10/15/17
The traffic light with SR 40 is one of only two along SR 11 within Volusia County, with the other traffic light at its southern end with U.S. 17 (Woodland Boulevard). SR 40 travels west from SR 11 to Ocala and U.S. 41, with a county road section continuing to Yankeetown and Inglis in Levy County. 10/15/17
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SR 11 continues 11 miles south from SR 40 into the Volusia County seat of DeLand. 10/19/17
SR 11 maintains a rural setting as it continues south through Volusia County. 10/19/17
Reassurance marker posted ahead of Lake Park Road. Lake Park Road serves the Candace R. Strawn-Lake Dias Park as SR 11 skirts Lake Dias to the east. 10/19/17
SR 11 south passes west of the Tomoka Woods subdivision en route to CR 15A and U.S. 17 to DeLand. 10/19/17
Approaching DeLand, truck traffic is diverted from the center of the city onto the Volusia County Road 15A / SR 15A bypass route. 10/19/17
Travelers bound for U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) east should remain along SR 11 (Perkins Highway) south in lieu of CR 15A. 10/19/17
Volusia County Road 15A (Spring Garden Avenue) constitutes the northern 2.14 miles of the truck bypass between SR 11 (Perkins Highway) and U.S. 17. 10/19/17
Guide sign directing traffic to Orlando via CR 15A south. The sign is mostly directed toward truckers, as SR 11 south to U.S. 17, and any number of routes, will provide a way to the Interstate 4 interchanges east of DeLand. 10/19/17
Volusia County Road 15A splits from SR 11 at an otherwise rural intersection. The county road portion of the truck bypass only carries two lanes while SR 15A carries four overall. 10/19/17
Continuing south from Volusia County Road 15A via SR 11. The character of the road remains somewhat rural with the addition of residential streets. 10/19/17
A second marker stands along SR 11 south of the CR 15A (Spring Garden Avenue) intersection. 10/19/17
Downtown DeLand lies five miles to the south along U.S. 17/92 (Woodland Boulevard). 10/19/17
Following an S-curve, SR 11 makes its final approach to U.S. 17 at a traffic signal. The state road briefly turns west to end at U.S. 17 opposite of Glenwood Road. 10/19/17
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2 photos
Locally, U.S. 17 joins SR 11 with DeLand and Orange City to the south and with DeLeon Springs to the north. SR 11 officially ends here as Glenwood Road continues west to SR 15A (Spring Garden Avenue) and Grand Avenue. 10/19/17

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