Currently Florida 23 runs for 15.1 miles along Cecil Commerce Center Parkway and Branan Field Road south from Interstate 10 to Florida 21 (Blanding Boulevard) between Middleburg and Lakeside. The state road is part of the Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway between Middleburg and I-10. Future extensions of the route south and east from Middleburg are also part of the First Coast Expressway (First Coast Outer Beltway) linking Florida 21 in Clay County with Interstate 95 in Duval County.

The northernmost stretch of Florida 23 opened between Florida 134 (103rd Street) and I-10 at Exit 350 on October 1, 2009. Constructed over a three year period for $62-million, the at-grade expressway (Cecil Commerce Parkway) carried two lanes from SR 134 to New World Avenue and four lanes from New World Avenue to I-10.1 The road improved access to Cecil Commerce Park, an industrial and business park at the site of former Naval Air Station Cecil Field.

Work continues from September 16, 2013 on the upgrade of the Cecil Commerce Parkway to limited access standards. The $77-million project includes expansion of SR 23 to four lanes, from 103rd Street to New World Avenue, and the addition of interchanges at New World Avenue, SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard) and SR 134. Work also realigned Chaffee Road away from SR 23 to directly connect with Samaritan Way.2 This phase of road work was scheduled through summer 2016.

The second phase of work to upgrade SR 23 focuses on the 7.3-mile segment from Argyle Forest Boulevard south to SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) in Middleburg. $84.8-million in construction between May 2014 and late 2016 2018 adds a second roadway to SR 23, from near Argyle Forest Boulevard south to Blanding Boulevard, and builds a diamond interchange at Argyle Forest Boulevard. This work was preceded by a $13.2 million project to build frontage roads from Oak Leaf Plantation Parkway south to Old Jennings Road.2

Other work along the Branan-Chaffee Expressway included the addition of ramps from Interstate 10 at SR 23 to U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) to enhance access to industrial interests along the US route. This project runs through spring 2018.

Still within the preliminary design phase, the east-west portion of the First Coast Expressway, from SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) east to Interstate 95 in St. Johns County, is currently not scheduled for construction. Right of way acquisition and design work is estimated for a 2020 completion.

Florida 23 north
Trailblazers line Florida 23 northward from Blanding Boulevard through to Interstate 10. This assembly lies 14 miles south of I-10 at the signalized intersection with big box retail both west and east of Branan Field Road. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Old Jennings Road intersects Branan Field Road at this traffic light. The road branches west from Florida 21 (Blanding Boulevard), serving a number of newer residential subdivisions through to an end at Junction Drive. A frontage road system will be constructed north from this intersection along side the new Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Trail Ridge Road spurs west from Branan Field Road to the Two Creeks suburban area. New SR 23 will be constructed along the east side of this intersection. Frontage roads will provide access to Trail Ridge Road west in addition to Texas-style u-turn ramps below the future Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Since replaced, this non-cutout trailblazer for Interstate 10 followed the intersection with Devilwood Street west. The future frontage roads of SR 23 will ties into Oak Leaf Plantation Parkway south ahead before merging onto the Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway at the South Prong of Double Branch. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Kindlewood Drive spurs east from Branan Field Road to the Kindlewood subdivision. This intersection will shift to the north side frontage road. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Branan Field Road kinks eastward ahead of the south end of Oakleaf Plantation Parkway. Since signalized, this intersection will see ramps with the SR 23 frontage road system below the future Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway lanes. Oakleaf Plantation Parkway winds westward from SR 23 through the sprawling Oakleaf Plantation community. Photo taken 12/14/07.
Spanning the South Prong of Double Branch on Branan Field Chaffee Road north. This bridge will be incorporated into the future southbound lanes of Florida 23. Photo taken 12/14/07.
This traffic light with Plantation Oaks Boulevard, which joins Oakleaf Plantation to the west with Oakleaf Village Parkway to the east, was replaced with a new overpass by late September 2010.4 The $8.2-million project was one of three stimulus projects awarded in the Jacksonville area in 2008.5 Photo taken 06/13/08.
Crossing the Duval County and Jacksonville city line along Branan Field Road northbound. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Florida 23 expands to four lanes ahead of the intersection with Oakleaf Plantation Parkway south and Argyle Forest Boulevard east. This at-grade intersection will be replaced by a diamond interchange. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Argyle Forest Boulevard constitutes a four-lane parkway east from SR 23 through a bevy of suburban development to Florida 21 (Blanding Boulevard) at the Argyle Forest community. Photo taken 12/14/07.
A Florida 23 shield appears just north of Argyle Forest Boulevard. The state road expands into a four-lane expressway just ahead. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Future Toll Road shields also accompany Florida 23 northward through to Interstate 10. Photo taken 03/14/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Speed limits increase to 65 miles per hour as Florida 23 winds westward across a portion of the former Naval Air Station Cecil Field. The 1999-closed military base is now a part of Cecil Commerce Park. Photos taken 06/13/08.
A traffic light currently governs the movements between Florida 23 at Florida 134 (103rd Street). Photo taken 03/14/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Florida 134 stretches 11.50 miles east from Florida 228 (Normandy Boulevard) to U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard) at Venetia and Jacksonville Naval Air Station. The state road meets I-295 at Oak Hill. Photo taken 12/14/07. Second photo taken 03/14/10.
103rd Street (SR 134) heads east from Florida 23 to Jacksonville Heights, North Oak Hill and Wesconnett. Westward the currently rural four-lane highway travels to Cecil Commerce Park and New World Avenue, which turns SR 134 north to SR 228. Photo taken 06/13/08.
2 photos
2 photos
Continuing north from 103rd Street, Florida 23 prepares to split with Chaffee Road after this reassurance shield. Photos taken 03/14/10.
The 2009-opened Cecil Commerce Parkway extends SR 23 northwest from Chaffee Road just north of SR 134. Work started in September 2013 realigns Chaffee Road eastward to tie into Samaritan Way, a local road connecting with 103rd Street. Direct access to Chaffee Road will be eliminated. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Florida 23 (Cecil Commerce Parkway) angles northwest toward a planned partial-cloverleaf interchange with Florida 228 (Normandy Boulevard). Photo taken 03/14/10.
Florida 228 comprises a multiple segment route ending east at the Hart Bridge and west at Macclenny. The state road follows Post Street west from Avondale to Normandy Boulevard, west of Murray Hill. Photo taken 03/14/10.
An Interstate 10 trailblazer takes the place of Florida 228 shields as Florida 23 (Cecil Commerce Parkway) enters the signalized intersection with Normandy Boulevard. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Florida 228 leads west to the Florida State College - Cecil Center, the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, Cecil Airport (VQQ) and U.S. 301 at Maxville. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Florida 23 (Cecil Commerce Center Parkway) continues northwest from its intersection with Florida 228 (Normandy Boulevard) toward its northern terminus with Interstate 10 in 3.5 miles. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Another future Toll Florida 23 trailblazer precedes the planned partial-cloverleaf interchange with New World Avenue. Photo taken 03/03/13.
The upcoming intersection with New World Avenue links the state route with Normandy Boulevard and Florida 134 (103rd Street) near the now defunct Cecil Field. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Northbound motorists along SR 23 reach Interstate 10, 2.1 miles north of New World Avenue. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Florida 23 north reaches the signalized intersection with New World Avenue. Presently the local road ends just east of the intersection. Photo taken 03/03/13.
North of New World Avenue Florida 23 becomes a four-lane divided expressway for the remaining two miles. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Motorists are reminded one final time of the future aspirations for Florida 23 prior to the one mile guide sign for Interstate 10. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Florida 23 currently ends at a trumpet interchange with Interstate 10 one mile west of Chaffee Road. Plans are in place for an eventual connection between the state highway and U.S. 90 which parallels the interstate immediately to the north. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Interstate 10 extends 362 miles west from Jacksonville across Florida's panhandle, exiting the state west of Pensacola. Use Interstate 10 east to reach the Jacksonville Beltway (Interstate 295), Interstate 95 and downtown Jacksonville. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Florida 23 arrives at the departure for Interstate 10 east. Continue ahead to reach Interstate 10 west and Lake City. Photo taken 03/03/13.
The 15.1-mile Florida 23 comes to an end as motorists are defaulted onto a loop ramp for Interstate 10 west. Lake City is the crossroads for I-10 and Interstate 75 and lies nearly 50 miles from the northern terminus of Florida 23. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Florida 23 south
Florida 23 south leaves the trumpet interchange with Interstate 10 toward New World Avenue (1.5 miles) and Florida 228 (3 miles). Photo taken 03/03/13.
2 photos
2 photos
Currently several future Toll Florida 23 trailblazers exist along the Florida 23 corridor between Interstate 10 and Argyle Forest Boulevard in south Duval County. Photo taken 03/03/13. Second photo taken 03/14/10.
Another mileage guide sign notifies motorists of the upcoming intersection with New World Avenue in one mile. Middleburg lies 18 miles ahead along Florida 21 southwest of the current southern terminus of Florida 23. Photo taken 03/03/13.
New World Avenue extends south from Florida 23 connecting the future toll expressway with Florida 228 (Normandy Boulevard) and Florida 134 (103rd Street) near the former Cecil Field. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Florida 23 south reaches the signalized intersection with New World Avenue. Presently the local road ends just east of the intersection. Use New World Avenue south to Florida State College Cecil Center and Cecil Airport, located on the grounds of former Cecil Field. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Another future Toll Florida 23 trailblazer greets motorists south of the New World Avenue intersection. Photo taken 03/03/13.
The section between New World Avenue and Florida 134 is currently two-lanes with provisions in place for the upgrade to limited-access when funds are available. Florida 23 will cross Florida 228 next with Florida 134 (103rd Street) 2.5 miles further. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Florida 228 (Normandy Boulevard) stretches between Jacksonville and U.S. 301 in Maxville, all located within Duval County. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Normandy Boulevard spokes southwest from U.S. 17 at the Avondale neighborhood of Jacksonville toward the community of Maxville situated near the southwest corner of Duval County. Photo taken 03/03/13.
2 photos
2 photos
Reassurance shield and Future SR 23 Toll guide signs posted as Cecil Commerce Parkway continues southeast from SR 228 to overtake Chaffee Road. Photos taken 03/14/10.
One mile north of Florida 134 (103rd Street) on Florida 23 south. Construction replaces the forthcoming at-grade intersection with a partial-cloverleaf interchange. A planned diamond interchange follows in five miles with Argyle Forest Boulevard. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Chaffee Road combined with Florida 23 (Cecil Commerce Parkway) south at an at-grade intersection before construction starting in September 2013 realigns the roadway away from SR 23 east to Samaritan Way. Photo taken 03/14/10.
SR 23 replaced the final 0.2 miles of Chaffee Road through to 103rd Street. Chaffee Road ended at SR 134 as the state road straddled the northern boundary of Naval Air Station Cecil Field, a facility closed in 1999. Photo taken 03/14/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Florida 23 expands to a four-lane expressway from Florida 134 (103rd Street) south to Argyle Forest Boulevard. The uninterrupted stretch includes an increase in the speed limit to 65 miles per hour. Photos taken 03/14/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Shifting slightly eastward, Florida 23 (Branan-Chaffee Expressway) skims the northeastern corner of Cecil Commerce Park, the former N.A.S. Cecil Field, just west of several residential subdivisions. Photos taken 03/14/10.
A traffic light lies at the end of the four-lane section of SR 23 south with Argyle Forest Boulevard east and Oakleaf Plantation Parkway west. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Argyle Plantation Boulevard winds west from SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) at Argyle Forest to become Oakleaf Plantation Parkway at SR 23. Oakleaf Plantation provides one of two access points to the sprawling Oakleaf Plantation community west of Florida 23. Photo taken 03/14/10.
Florida 23 scenes
Florida 228 (Normandy Boulevard) continues beyond the Adams Lake subdivision to intersect Florida 23 (Cecil Commerce Center Parkway). SR 23 is the Branan Field-Chaffee Expressway, a future toll road linking Middleburg with Interstate 10 near Whitehouse. Photo taken 03/03/13.
Florida 228 west (Normandy Boulevard) reaches the intersection with Florida 23 (Cecil Commerce Center Parkway). Use Florida 23 north 3.5 miles to access Interstate 10 west of Chaffee Road. Florida 23 continues southeast from Florida 228 another 1.4 miles to Florida 134 (103rd Street) before turning south toward Clay County and Florida 21 (Blanding Boulevard). Photo taken 03/03/13.
Chaffee Road north
Until 2009, Chaffee Road represented the link from Florida 23 to Interstate 10. The two-lane road remains in service for local interests north from Samaritan Way and 103rd Street to Florida 228 (Normandy Boulevard). Unsigned Duval County 115 follows Chaffee Road from SR 228 northward. Photo taken 12/14/07.
Duval County 115C (Chaffee Road) north
Traveling north along Chaffee Road at Falkland Road east, an entrance road to a few subdivisions. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Crystal Springs Road ties into Chaffee Road just south of the half-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 10. Heading east through West Jacksonville, the through road heads to Crystal Springs and Hammond Boulevard, where it becomes Lenox Avenue. Photo taken 12/14/07.
Chaffee Road north reaches the Interstate 10 eastbound on-ramp to Downtown Jacksonville. The forthcoming overpass was replaced during 2010-12 widening of I-10 between SR 23 and I-295. Retention ponds were added within the loop ramps between CR 115C and the freeway below. Photo taken 12/14/07.
A left-hand turn takes motorists from Duval County 115C (Chaffee Road) onto Interstate 10 west for Baldwin, Lake City and Tallahassee. Photo taken 06/13/08.
Duval County 115C comes to an end, 3.22 miles north of SR 228, at U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) and the Whitehouse community. U.S. 90 leads west to Baldwin and east to Marietta. Photo taken 06/13/08.


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