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State Road 45 forms a 300-mile long route between Naples and High Springs along western reaches of the Florida peninsula. The route is vastly unsigned as the companion of U.S. 41 through Fort Myers, North Port, Sarasota, Bradenton, Brooksville and Williston. An exception occurs through Tampa, where SR 45 diverges from U.S. 41 as the counterpart to U.S. 41 Business by Port Tampa Bay and into the central business district. There a 3.17-mile section emerges as a fully signed route along Nebraska Avenue between U.S. 41 Business/SR 60 (Jackson Street / Kennedy Boulevard) and U.S. 41/92 (Hillsborough Avenue). The Tampa section comprises a north-south through road to the west of Ybor City, mostly parallel to Interstate 275.

Florida State Road 45 North
An erroneous trailblazer for U.S. 41 north stands along Nebraska Avenue preceding the intersection with U.S. 41 Business north and SR 60 west (Kennedy Boulevard). SR 45 will meet U.S. 41 in 3.17 miles. Photo taken 09/25/15.
SR 45 branches away from Kennedy Boulevard at Nebraska Avenue. The state road follows Nebraska Avenue north to its merge with U.S. 41 at U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue). Otherwise U.S. 41 Business and SR 60 continue southwest into Downtown Tampa. Photo taken 09/25/15.
A ramp immediately follows Kennedy Boulevard for SR 618 (Lee Roy Selmon Expressway) east along SR 45 north. The Selmon Expressway is a tolled facility linking Downtown Tampa with Interstate 75 and Brandon. Photo taken 09/25/15.
A historical look at the SR 618 eastbound on-ramp from SR 45 with both older trailblazers for the Tampa Crosstown Expressway posted. Photo taken 10/28/06.
State Road 45 (Nebraska Avenue) passes under the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway in advance of Twiggs Street. The downtown street connects Nebraska Avenue with the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park to the west while providing direct access to the Selmon Express Lanes (SR 618A) east to Brandon Parkway. Photo taken 09/25/15.
Nebraska Avenue curves north ahead of Nuccio Parkway to Ybor City and Hillsborough Community College. Photo taken 09/25/15.
Nuccio Parkway travels northeast from SR 45 to reach the west side of the Ybor City district. Cass Street leads west several blocks into the north Central Business District. Photo taken 09/25/15.
Scott Street leads east from alongside I-275 to intersect SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) ahead of a northern turn as 10th Street by Nuccio Park. Photo taken 09/25/15.
Henderson Avenue travels east from underneath Interstate 275 to merge with 7th Avenue (CR 574) east leading into Ybor City. Photo taken 08/12/14.
East 7th Avenue constitutes the main drag through Historic Ybor City east of Nuccio Parkway to 22nd Street. The route doubles as County Road 574, though the route is only acknowledged on SR 585 north. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Palm Avenue follows from the subsequent northbound traffic light through northern areas of Ybor City and the Ybor Campus of Hillsborough Community College. Photo taken 08/12/14.
SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) passes under the Downtown Interchange at the west end of Interstate 4 at I-275. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Columbus Drive parallels the north side of Interstate 4 through the Ybor City area as a one-way couplet with 17th and 18th Avenues. West from Nebraska Avenue, Columbus Drive continues through Tampa Heights and West Tampa to the intersection of U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) and SR 616. Photo taken 11/07/15.
SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) intersects Floribraska and 21st Avenues a quarter mile beyond Columbus Drive. A half diamond interchange lies two blocks to the west with Interstate 275 north. Photo taken 01/17/20.
Floribraska Avenue links SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) with the couplet of U.S. 41 Business (Tampa Street / Florida Avenue) at the Tampa Heights neighborhood. E 21st Avenue extends the street toward College Hill. Photo taken 01/17/20.
The first reassurance marker for SR 45 appears beyond Floribraska Avenue. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Lake Avenue passes under I-275 east from U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) north and SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue). The through street extends east to Belmont Estates and College Hill. Photo taken 08/12/14.
SR 45 expands to four lanes through the intersection with SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard). The junction lies just east of a diamond interchange (Exit 46B) with Interstate 275. Photo taken 09/25/15.
A 23.04-mile route between Drew Park in Tampa and Plant City, SR 574 lines Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard throughout its route. Within Tampa, the busy road joins neighborhoods like West Tampa, College Hill and Grant Park. The state road joins the city with Orient Park and Mango to the east. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Continuing north from SR 574 on Nebraska Avenue, drivers pass by the next shield for SR 45. Photo taken 08/12/14.
A second shield for SR 45 north appears between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Chelsea Street. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Northbound SR 45 at Chelsea Street. Photo taken 09/25/15.
Osborne Avenue passes below I-275 west from Nebraska Avenue and this signal to Hillsborough Magnet High School and U.S. 41 Business. Photo taken 08/12/14.
A half mile north of Osborne Avenue is the SR 45 junction with U.S. 41 and 92 (Hillsborough Avenue). Signs posted along Nebraska Avenue however omit U.S. 41 both for the overlap along U.S. 92 east and the turn onto SR 45 north. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Hillsborough Avenue and I-275 come together at an adjacent parclo interchange at Miami Avenue. The freeway runs between U.S. 41 and U.S. 41 Business northward toward Lutz. Photo taken 08/12/14.
U.S. 92 lines Hillsborough Avenue west to Dale Mabry Highway (SR 580) at Drew Park and east across I-4 en route to Plant City. U.S. 41 overlaps with U.S. 92 east to North 40th Street near Belmont Heights, while rejoining SR 45 north from Seminole Heights to High Springs. Photo taken 08/12/14.
Florida State Road 45 South
A reassurance marker was posted just south of the SR 45 separation from U.S. 41 at Hillsborough Avenue. It was removed by 2014. Photo taken 08/20/06.
SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) runs through the Southeast Seminole Heights neighborhood between Hillsborough Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.
The state road was restriped from four to two lanes by 2011. A center turn lane and bike lanes were added in addition to faux brick medians. Photo taken 05/26/16.
Osborne Avenue passes under adjacent I-275 west of this signal with SR 45 to Hillsborough High School and U.S. 41 Business. Photo taken 05/26/16.
Four blocks further south, motorists along Nebraska Avenue encounter another traffic light at Chelsea Street. Photo taken 05/26/16.
Nearing Ybor Heights, SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) intersects SR 574 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard). Photo taken 05/26/16.
SR 574 leads east through East Tampa to exit the city of Tampa at Grant Park en route to Mango, Seffner, Dover and Plant City. Westward, the state road meets I-275 ahead of Old Seminole and Tampa Heights. Photo taken 05/26/16.
Nebraska Avenue advances southward through Ybor Heights to East 26th Avenue. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Lake Avenue intersects SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) west of College Hill and east of Tampa Heights and an underpass below Interstate 275. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Looking at Nebraska Avenue south at Lake Avenue from when SR 45 was four lanes wide. Note the span wire supported signals, including the rare remaining all yellow traffic lights. Photo taken 08/20/06.
Upcoming Floribraska Avenue connects the VM Ybor neighborhood with Interstate 275 north at a half diamond interchange. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Floribraska Avenue links SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) with U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue / Tampa Street). East 21st Avenue extends the street east to Cuscaden Park and East Tampa. Photo taken 09/05/15.
An SR 45 shield was posted south of Floribraska Avenue at St. Clair Street until 2007. It was not replaced during the streetscaping project of Nebraska Avenue. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Columbus Drive comprises a through street east from SR 45 parallel to Interstate 4 through East Tampa and west to Tampa Heights and MacFarlane Park. Photo taken 07/14/16.
SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) south passes below a series of overpasses associated with the Downtown Interchange. Photo taken 09/05/15.
A high flyover carries drivers from I-275 south onto I-4 east above SR 45 at East 12th Avenue. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Palm Avenue constitutes a four-lane boulevard west to North Boulevard at Ridgewood Park and east to the couplet of 21st and 22nd Streets (SR 585) in Historic Ybor City. Photo taken 09/05/15.
East 7th Avenue bisects the Historic Ybor City business district from SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) to SR 585 (21st and 22nd Streets). The route doubles as unsigned County Road 574 east toward SR 574 at Mango. Photo taken 09/05/15.
An overhead once directed motorists onto East 7th Avenue from Nebraska Avenue south. This assembly was a likely leftover from when East 7th Avenue was Florida Secondary 574. Photo taken 08/20/06.
Henderson Avenue branches southwest from East 7th Avenue to intersects SR 45 at the adjacent southbound signal. Photo taken 09/05/15.
The final reassurance marker for SR 45 south stands beyond Henderson Avenue at Estelle Street. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Scott Street arcs southwest from 7th Avenue and Nuccio Park to intersect Nebraska Avenue. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Nuccio Parkway south and Cass Street east come together at the subsequent southbound traffic light as Nebraska Avenue reaches the Downtown area. Photo taken 09/05/15.
A Tampa Crosstown Expressway once directed motorists to remain along Nebraska Avenue south at the turn off for Twiggs Street. It was removed by August 2006. Photo taken 03/19/06.
Twiggs Street provides a direct route to SR 60 east & U.S. 41 Business south along Channelside Drive north from SR 45 south. SR 45 south otherwise defaults onto the pair westbound at Kennedy Boulevard just ahead. Photo taken 09/05/15.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) passes under the Selmon Expressway before reaching an eastbound on-ramp to Brandon. The nearest westbound on-ramp departs from Brorein Street west of Jefferson Streets to the south. Photo taken 03/19/06. Second photo taken 09/05/15.
U.S. 41 Business is omitted as SR 45 approaches SR 60 west (Kennedy Boulevard). Photo taken 09/05/15.
U.S. 41 Business & SR 60 utilize a one-way couplet through Downtown with eastbound using Jackson Street, one block further south. Photo taken 09/05/15.
SR 618 (Lee Roy Selmon Expressway) winds northeast from Downtown and Channelside to Ybor City while en route to Interstate 75 and Brandon. Photo taken 09/05/15.
Drivers along SR 45 south default onto U.S. 41 Business north & SR 60 (Kennedy Boulevard) west as Nebraska Avenue flows northbound only from Jackson Street. This is the south end of the state road. Photo taken 09/05/15.
SR 45 scenes
Floribraska Avenue east connects I-275 south with SR 45 (Nebraska Avenue) at 21st Avenue. Photo taken 07/14/16.

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