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Florida State Road 46 West
SR 46 travels 1.25 miles west from U.S. 1 at Mims to the intersection of Pine Avenue north and Holder Road south. Photo taken 09/29/13.
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2 photos
A diamond interchange connects SR 46 with Interstate 95 west of Australian Way. Photos taken 09/29/13.
FDOT District 5 signage for I-95 generally utilizes Jacksonville in place of Daytona. Photo taken 09/29/13.
Heading north from the Mims area, Interstate 95 travels along a rural course to the west of New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange and the outskirts of Daytona Beach. Photo taken 09/29/13.
Heading west from the intersection with Osceola Road, SR 46 runs along the boundary of Lake Jessup Conservation Area to the St. Johns River. Photo taken 02/29/08.
The Geneva Bridge spanning the St. Johns River and adjacent wetlands along SR 46 was replaced by a higher bridge built to the south in 2008-09. Accommodating two lanes and full shoulders across a 44 foot wide deck, the new span measures 3,742.3 feet in length.1 Photo taken 02/29/08.
Traveling across northern reaches of Lake Jesup, SR 46 lowers from the St. Johns River bridge at Cameron Wight Park & Boat Ramp. Photo taken 02/29/08.
SR 46 briefly enters Volusia County over an island within the St. Johns River. Photo taken 02/29/08.
Approaching the city of Sanford, SR 46 meets SR 415 north and Lake Mary Boulevard south. Photo taken 02/29/08.
SR 415 joins northeast Seminole County with Osteen and Deltona in Volusia County; Lake Mary Boulevard is a 2006-opened arterial linking SR 46 and 415 with Cameron City and Orlando-Sanford International Airport (SFB). Photo taken 02/29/08.
SR 415 travels 18.5 miles overall between SR 46 / Lake Mary Boulevard and SR 44. CR 415 extends the route another 11.4 miles to U.S. 92 in Daytona Beach. A second branch of CR 415 stems west from the state road nearby along Celery Avenue toward central Sanford. Lake Mary Boulevard south and west eventually meets SR 417 (Seminole Expressway) at CR 427 (Ronald Reagan Boulevard). Photo taken 02/29/08.
SR 46 (25th Street) west at Sanford Avenue. Sanford Avenue leads north to Historic Downtown Sanford and south as County Road 425 to Ronald Reagan Boulevard (CR 427). Photo taken 03/21/08.
U.S. 17 North U.S. 92 East Florida State Road 46 West
French Avenue passes four blocks west of Historic Downtown Sanford at 3rd Street. SR 46 dog legs north 1.75 miles from 25th Street to 1st Street along an unmarked concurrency with U.S. 17/92 (French Avenue) in Sanford. Photo taken 09/02/19.
U.S. 17 north, U.S. 92 east and SR 46 west combine along West 1st Street three miles from French Avenue west of Downtown Sanford to Monroe Road. U.S. 17/92 was relocated from the remainder of French Avenue north and Seminole Boulevard along Lake Monroe in 2018. Photo taken 09/02/19.
Resuming a westward heading, SR 46 (1st Street) continues from Sanford to Wekiva Parkway (SR 429) and Lake County. Photo taken 09/02/19.
Confirming markers for U.S. 17/92 and SR 46 posted westbound along 1st Street beyond French Avenue in Sanford. Photo taken 09/02/19.
1st Street spans a CSX Railroad line ahead of the intersection with Airport Boulevard south and the entrance to Sunrail Sanford station. Airport Road is unsigned CR 425 south to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Photo taken 09/02/19.
Opened to traffic in 2008, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard replaced CR 425 along Airport Boulevard as the main route leading south from SR 46 to SR 417 (Seminole Expressway). Photo taken 09/02/19.
Central Park Drive north connects with U.S. 17/92 and SR 46 from Sanford Central Park opposite Old England Loop at the ensuing traffic light. Photo taken 09/02/19.
U.S. 17/92 part ways with SR 46 west at County Road 15 (Upsala Road) south and Monroe Road. U.S. 17/92 overtook the northern leg of CR 15 to I-4 and Seminole Boulevard at Lake Monroe. Photo taken 09/02/19.
SR 46 leads west toward Interstate 4 along a commercialized stretch in west Sanford. U.S. 17 north & U.S. 92 west follow Monroe Road 1.4 miles to Interstate 4 ahead of DeBary in Volusia County. Photo taken 09/02/19.
Florida State Road 46 West
Leading away from CR 15 (Upsala Road) south and U.S. 17/92 (Monroe Road) north on SR 46 westbound. Photo taken 09/02/19.
Rinehart Road (unsigned CR 431B) intersects the six-lane arterial along SR 46 north from retail areas east of Seminole Towne Center mall and an exchange with SR 417 (Seminole Expressway). Photo taken 09/03/17.
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2 photos
A parclo interchange joins SR 46 with Interstate 4 west of the approaching signal with Towne Center Boulevard. Photo taken 09/02/19. Second photo taken 09/03/17.
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A fourth lane opens along SR 46 west for Interstate 4 eastbound to DeBary, Orange City, Deltona, DeLand and Daytona Beach. Photos taken 09/02/19.
A loop ramp follows from SR 46 west to Interstate 4 westbound to Altamonte Springs, Maitland and Orlando. Photo taken 09/02/19.
Oregon Street south and Wayside Drive east come together at a traffic light with SR 46 to the immediate west of Interstate 4. Oregon Street provides a through route north to Orange Boulevard (CR 431); Wayside Drive stems southwest to International Parkway. Photo taken 09/02/19.
International Parkway takes a winding course southward from SR 46 at Terracina Drive to Lake Mary Boulevard. The arterial serves a crop of business parks and office complexes west of the Interstate 4 corridor through Heathrow. A new ramp with SR 417 opened from the parkway in 2012. Photo taken 09/02/19.
Lake Forest Boulevard ties into SR 46 just west of International Parkway as the lone entrance road for the Lake Forest community. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Westbound at the intersection with Orange Boulevard (unsigned CR 431). Orange Boulevard arcs northeast around the Lake Forest community and other suburban development to U.S. 17/92 (Monroe Road) at Lake Monroe. Southward CR 431 extends 1.75 miles to H.E. Thomas, Jr. Parkway (CR 46A) east to Lake Mary. Photo taken 09/02/19.
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2 photos
Started in May 2018, construction for Wekiva Parkway - Section 7A overlays SR 46 west from Orange Avenue. A wye interchange will connect SR 46 with the toll road (SR 429) here while a frontage road system replaces SR 46 west beyond Center Road. Photos taken 09/02/19.
Lake Markham Road (unsigned CR 46A) travels south from SR 46 and Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park to Markham Road at Markham Woods county park.
A roundabout will be constructed with the Wekiva Parkway frontage road system here below the SR 429 mainline. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Osprey Hammock Trail ties into SR 46 from the Estates at Wekiva Park subdivision at what will be another roundabout along the SR 429 frontage road system. The ensuing six miles of SR 46 are a part of Florida Black Bear habitat. Photo taken 09/03/17.
The roundabout with Osprey Hammock Trail will also link with Wekiva Park Drive north into Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park. Photo taken 09/03/17.
SR 46 continues across the Wekiva River into Lake County. Wekiva Parkway Section 6 construction will remove this section of roadway. It will be replaced with a new service road built along the south side of the elevated toll road. Photo taken 09/02/19.
SR 46 traverses conservation areas in eastern Lake County, including Seminole State Forest. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Wekiva Parkway Section 6 construction builds a viaduct system along the north side of SR 46 by Rock Springs Run Reserve. The elevated roadway provides one of several wildlife crossings along the future toll road. Photo taken 09/02/19.
Rock Springs Run State Reserve lies south of SR 46. The access road to the parkland is sometimes referenced as CR 433 on maps, though no signs are posted for the route in the field. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Lake County Road 46A formerly branched northwest from SR 46 westbound. This segment of SR 46 will be incorporated into Deerwood Farms Road, a south side service road for the Wekiva Parkway. Associated work demolished CR 46A through Seminole State Forest, severing the link here with SR 44 at Seminole Springs. Photo taken 09/03/17.
CR 46A comprised a 5.59 mile rural highway leading northwest from SR 46 to SR 44 by Seminole Springs. SR 44 continues west from CR 46A toward the outskirts of both Eustis and Mount Dora.
Section 5 construction for Wekiva Parkway realigned CR 46A southward to tie into SR 46, 3.6 miles to the west. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Reassurance marker for SR 46 west, posted after the former split with CR 46A. This section of SR 46 will end at an access road leading north to Service Road Number 2 (north side frontage road for SR 429) and Sleepy Bear Lane (old CR 46A). Photo taken 09/02/19.
SR 46 bends back to the southwest and meets the end of SR 429 (Wekiva Parkway). A diamond interchange nearby will replace this at-grade intersection during Section 5 work through Summer late 2019. Photo taken 09/02/19.
Wekiva Parkway Section 4A opened to traffic on January 20, 2016. Providing a 2.8 mile bypass of Mt. Plymouth, the initial section of Wekiva Parkway connected SR 46 with CR 435 (Mt. Plymouth Road) at a temporary at-grade connection. Photo taken 09/02/19.
SR 429 was completed south from CR 435 (Mt. Plymouth Road) to Kelly Park Road on March 31, 2018. Collectively with the Apopka Expressway and Western Beltway, SR 429 wraps around the west side of Apopka and Orlando southward to I-4 in northern Osceola County. Photo taken 09/02/19.
The new north side frontage road for Wekiva Parkway will extend west to intersect with the realignment of CR 46A just north of the ramps with SR 429. Photo taken 02/27/16.
Entering the community of Mt. Plymouth along SR 46 west. Mt. Plymouth consists of a network of streets built around the Mount Plymouth Golf Club, a 140-acre course that closed in 2007.2 Photo taken 02/27/16.
SR 46 will be decommissioned between CR 46A and the Mt. Dora Connector (SR 453) and renamed Sorrento Avenue. Passing through Mt. Plymouth, Sorrento Avenue intersects CR 435 (Niles Street) south. Photo taken 02/27/16.
Lake County Road 435 follows Niles Street, Westchester Avenue, Tulare Street, and Glencoe Avenue as it meanders southward to the Orange County line. Photo taken 02/27/16.
CR 435 (Niles Street) travels 1.67 miles from Mt. Plymouth to northern annexations of Apopka in Orange County. Following Mt. Plymouth Road, CR 435 heads 2.7 miles from the county line to Rock Springs Road and Kelly Park; Rock Springs Road continues the drive southward toward Downtown Apopka. Photo taken 02/27/16.
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2 photos
Another seven miles separate Mt. Plymouth from Mt. Dora along SR 46 westbound. Photos taken 02/27/16.
Lake County Road 437 ties into SR 46 (Sorrento Avenue) from East Lake Community Park. Photo taken 02/27/16.
Lake County Road 437 ventures 4.75 miles north to Lake County Road 44A, meeting SR 44 midway. An implied overlap carries CR 437 south to Averil Street along SR 46 (Sorrento Avenue) west. Photo taken 02/27/16.
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2 photos
SR 46 enters unincorporated Sorrento on the half mile leg between County Road 437 north and south. Photos taken 09/03/17.
Lake County Road 437 resumes a southward heading from SR 46 (Sorrento Avenue) to Orange County. CR 437 follows Plymouth-Sorrento Road from the county line to Apopka and U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail). Photo taken 09/03/17.
County Road 437 (Averil Street) travels 1.498 miles south from Sorrento to the Orange County line, where it passes under the systems interchange connecting SR 429 (Wekiva Parkway) with SR 453 (Mt. Dora Connector). Photo taken 09/03/17.
SR 46 advances west through the Sorrento street grid before shifting southward along side an abandoned Seaboard Coast Line railroad. Photo taken 09/03/17.
Approaching the Mt. Dora Connector (SR 453) south on SR 46 (Sorrento Avenue) westbound. SR 453 south to SR 429 leads motorists to Apopka and I-4 in Osceola County to Tampa. Photo taken 03/31/18.
The Mt. Dora Connector (SR 453) branches 3.4 miles northwest from SR 429 (Wekiva Parkway) to link with Sorrento Avenue at a partial trumpet interchange. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Both the Mt. Dora Connector and Wekiva Parkway utilizes all electronic toll (AET) collection. Toll gantries collect fares between respective interchanges along both expressways. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Round Lake Road intersects SR 46 just west of the Mt. Dora Connector. Wekiva Parkway Section 3A construction widens SR 46 west 1.4 miles from here to east of Vista View lane. Work started on October 30, 2017 and will finish in spring 2020. Photo taken 03/31/18.
SR 46 enters the Mt. Dora city limits at Round Lake Road. The state road advances west through rural areas to the Summerbrooke community. Photo taken 02/27/16.
SR 46 west at Vista View. Section 3B construction for Wekiva Parkway expands the remainder of the state road west from here to U.S. 441 into a six-lane arterial. Photo taken 02/27/16.
SR 46 curves southwest from Sabastian Street and the Summerbrooke neighborhood to conclude at U.S. 441. Photo taken 02/27/16.
U.S. 441 circumvents the city of Mount Dora along an arterial bypass west to Eustis, Taveras and Leesburg. Photo taken 02/27/16.
U.S. 441 enters Mt. Dora from Tangerine and Zellwood in unincorporated Orange County. Following Orange Blossom Trail, the US route travels southeast to Apopka and Orlando. Photo taken 02/27/16.
Section 3B construction through spring 2020 replaces the diamond interchange joining SR 46 with U.S. 441 with an at-grade intersection and a new flyover from U.S. 441 south to SR 46 east. The previous exchange dated to 1961. Photo taken 02/27/16.
The southbound on-ramp to U.S. 441 doubles as a truck route for interests to Downtown Mt. Dora via CR 500A (Old U.S. 441) north. SR 46 downgrades to County Road 46 (1st Avenue) through neighborhood areas west to Highland Street. Photo taken 02/27/16.
Lake County Road 46 West
Lake County Road 46 extends west 0.603 miles to Old CR 441 (South Highland Street) southeast of Downtown Mt. Dora. Photo taken 02/29/08.
1st Avenue (CR 46) west at Highland Street. Old CR 441 south becomes Orange County Road 500A ahead of its merge with U.S. 441 near Tangerine. Old CR 441 north navigates along a slow-moving route through Downtown Mt. Dora, emerging along the north shore of Lake Dora west toward Tavares. Photo taken 02/29/08.

  1. SR-46 over Lake Jesup, Seminole County, Florida.
  2. "Overgrown former golf courses hit with maintenance requirement." Orlando Sentinel (FL), May 7, 2015.

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